As I’ve mentioned previously, Halloween is my favorite holiday. One of the biggest reasons that is true is because I love Halloween decorations and making things look creepy. So I was very excited to learn a few weeks ago that there was a Halloween decorating contest going on at work this month. Each department was to decorate their area and then we will all be voting on which one is decorated the best. Below are a few random cell phone shots I took last night of some of the other departments near my area. They’ve all been doing some really cool things.

Now I have all sorts of decorations that would be perfect for bringing in to work, but since I work 3rd shift with only 2 other people here at that time, I don’t have much interaction with the rest of my team. So I emailed everyone 2 weeks back and asked them if they had a theme in mind and what type of stuff they would like me to bring in for them to use. I never got a response from anyone. And here’s a picture of how my department looks right now. They make me really sad.

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