When I first read Angelya’s post about IntPiPoMo, I knew it was a brilliant idea. I hoped it would catch on and other people would participate. I wished I could participate, since I am such a screenshot addict, but I was several days late reading her post and I misunderstood it to be a daily screenshot post every day in November. I knew I was already behind and I knew there were other things going on in my life that would likely cause me to be unable to publish daily posts, so I knew I couldn’t participate. Luckily, this week some Twitter conversations kindly informed me I was silly and I had read the IntPiPoMo rules completely wrong. It is simply 50 screenshots posted during November. It does not require a daily post. I still have plenty of time to participate.

The premise is, a picture is worth a thousand words so 50 screenshots would equal 50,000 words – the same as the amount of words required for NaNoWriMo. While posting 50 screenshots isn’t anywhere near as difficult as writing 50k words, it doesn’t mean I’m taking it any less serious. Today I begin my IntPiPoMo journey by chronicling a story told in-game by Lady Sylvanas. I hope you enjoy.

Comments on: "Screenshot Saturday: Extended IntPiPoMo Edition" (5)

  1. Nice! In one post you have managed to get in 22 screenshots following a nice story. I am guessing it is something unique to the Undead class. Always enjoy the rich Lore that is told within the game as well as by other writers with a passion for WoW.

    Looking forward to your next 28 screenshots over the next 20 days. I highly recommend checking out the other #IntPiPoMo writers and post on Twitter your latest shots.

    Keep it up and welcome.

  2. Sylvanas… what a badass! You didn’t read wrong, IntPiPoMo was originally posting an image each day, but it was changed a couple of days later once the 50k “words” idea came along. I’m glad you’ve decided to join in 🙂

  3. Ah nice, just recently played out this brilliant quest myself. Though I didn’t manage to catch everything which was said, so thanks for that 🙂

    – Jamin

  4. Hey Elfi, oh you have just been given a thumbs up for that ss’ing that quest line – I made a post on it too when I first did it, because I LOVE Sylvanas and that quest chain was pretty awesome in terms of lore. Welcome to IntPiPoMo and look forrward to reading and viewing more pretty pics 🙂

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