I’m a simple elf. I don’t ask for much. I am completely happy wandering around Azeroth and questing all the things. I don’t have a long list of complaints about the game like a lot of others do. But in my 4 years of playing I have discovered there are a few minor things that I would love to see changed. And I think they could be easily accomplished. So here’s my list of demands.

1. I want to know if you’re any closer to solving the tabard storage issue that was talked about at the first of the year. I haven’t heard anything on that in quite a while. Couldn’t there just be another tab added after mounts and pets to store all my tabards the same way those are stored and let me look through them and change them whenever I wanted? I wear the Loremaster title proudly, but I don’t think I ever even tried on my Loremaster tabard. It’s in my bank, likely crumpled and dusty. And it’s not in there alone.

2. I want to be able to change the color of my eyes. On my main Night Elf character I am wearing mostly blue gear, sporting blue hair that matches my gear, and I have bright white, glowing eyes. Um, I would like blue eyes please. In fact, I would like blue eyes on all of my characters. Why can’t I change my eye color? My blood elf is so pretty and dainty and delicate … and has bright green eyes. I don’t want green eyes. Guess what color I want my blood elf to have? Okay, I was gonna say blue but actually I think it might be neat to have red eyes on her. Because the horde are evil.

3. I want red hair. Not the mostly natural type of red that is available now, but red red. Like, fire engine red. Yes! That would be so freaking awesome, I don’t think you even understand. I know I just told you my main was wearing mostly blue gear, but she has wanted fire engine red hair since the day I created her. I was so excited when the barber shop was implemented, I ran straight there and plopped myself down in the barber chair … and then wept softly as I realized I still couldn’t have red hair. And if my blood elf had red hair, it would match the red eyes I would give her. Because the horde are evil.

4. I want some sort of reminder that mail is about to expire on an alt I have forgotten to log into for a while. I don’t know how that would be implemented, but I trust any ideas you might have on how to accomplish this. See, I’m a casual player and sometimes I forget to check all the mail all the time. To quote one of my idols, Marvin the Martian, this makes me very angry. Sure, I’m angry at myself because I do realize forgetting to check mail is totally my fault. But still, I insist you figure out how to prevent me from forgetting.

5. I want my character’s birthday (date of creation) to be recognized. Maybe on that day each year I could get some fireworks and a chocolate cake in the mail which I could use to throw myself a little celebration. Yes, I realize there are eleventy tree fiddy millions of characters … but I don’t give a rat’s ass about them. I just want this for my character. Screw those other people.

6. I want an invisible cape like Harry Potter had. Yes, as a night elf I have shadowmeld, but if I had an invisible cape I could hide one of my favorite friends or guildies under it. Or possible two if they are gnomes. And then we could sneak around Stormwind and wreak havoc on all the morons.. I mean, multitudes of people and laugh big belly laughs at them when they accuse the innocent person at the mailbox of poking them.

7. I want a stocking full of fruit, chocolate and coal in my mailbox on the first day of the Feast of Winter Veil. I have nothing further to say on this matter.

And there you have it. I have poured my heart out to you about some little things you could do to make me so much happier than I already am. These are my demands and if they are not taken seriously, well that’s cool. I still have much love for ya, Blizzard.

Comments on: "Okay Blizzard, Here’s My List Of Demands" (10)

  1. Okay, there’s a lore reason for the green eyes. Comes from sucking on fel magic crystals or something. Your mom WARNED you, but NOOoooooo…

  2. I can’t reply to your reply, but that’s very interesting. I should really spend more time reading the lore surrounding the game. Although I do follow Rades’ blog, so I do learn a lot that way.

  3. Altoholic will warn you if you have mail expiring on another toon. No, it’s not Blizz, but an addon, but it does do that….

  4. Lore reasons aside (hmm, High Elves, Night Elves, and Orcs all have lore behind different eye colors), it WOULD be very cool to be able to customize eye color, or have different hair options. More choices!! The mail thing would be so useful, and you know, I’d never considered the birthday idea, but that WOULD be very cool! I really want that now. Great idea! 😀

  5. Alt mail! Character birthdays! Sign me up!!

    • Lol. What’s funny is the main purpose for this post was just because I have always wanted the hair and eye thing. But that didn’t make a long enough post, so I added in a few more serious type ideas … and then I just went goofy and made stuff up.

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