This is my Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving post. It was a great idea for an event and I really enjoyed participating.

What I decided to do is write a poem, but the thing about my poems is … when I write them, I hear them in my head and they all have a specific cadence to them. I’m always worried that a reader may not find the same cadence I find in them, and then the rhyme won’t sound the same to the reader as it does to me. So I’ve taken the liberty of making a recording of me reading it the way I hear it in my head. Or something. And just in case it’s not easy enough to understand what I’m saying, I have included the entire poem below the recording. But I do recommend you listen to it before reading it, if at all possible.

My Thanksgiving Poem

This is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the author of a blog called Elfi’s World.

It wasn’t by rhyming for a living, that’s for sure
Although I really can rhyme and soon you’ll concur
In fact, maybe I’ll just make this whole post a poem
And school you on rhythm while I talk about Gnomes

It’s Thanksgiving today and I’m doing my part
To be grateful for others and spill my heart
There are so many bloggers who I’m thankful for
Who have inspired my writing and who I simply adore

I’m thankful for Amber and her Friday Flow Charts
I’m thankful for Vid and all of her arts
There’s Miri and Jamin and Rades and Cynwise
With their lore and their humor and their pretty blue eyes (I’m assuming)

I love Windsoar, Angelya, and Restokin too
And so many others like Rhii, Zinn and Beru.
I can’t name them all, there’s too many to name
But I can’t forget Zel cause that’d be a shame.

But my favorite blogger is the one called Alas
Even though she pretends to be such an ass
I know it’s not true, I can see through her act
I love all her posts and that is trufax.

So to all of these people and to so many more
I give you my thanks for your words, wisdom and lore
Reading your blogs has brought me such joy
And that wraps this rhyme up, see you later home boys.

Comments on: "Thank You WoW Bloggers – I Love You All" (27)

  1. Aw so nice Elfi! 😀 Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Hello Elfi! Thanks for joining the event hon, and its great that you did a recording of your voice to what the poem should sound, though I suggest putting links to your post to whom you thank for, that way they can be ping back to your blog and build traffic in your blog as well. Thanks! Great poem and I enjoyed it! Good Luck with your entry! and HAppy Thankslinking! =)

  3. Haha, fantastic! Had my housemate beatbox whilst I sang/rapped/loudly-said the words 😀

    • This comment caused me to bust out laughing during dinner and then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to explain what I was laughing about to my non-nerd, non-internet using family. I’m pretty sure they still don’t understand what a blog is and why I do it.

  4. Ah, this sure did bring a smile to my face 🙂

    Thank you Elfi, keep up to wonderful blog.


    – Jamin

    • Ah, the Fresh Prince. I knew that was a reference almost everyone would get. Thanks for the comments, as usual. ❤

  5. Thanks, Elfi! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. LOL. I had the conflicting rhyme between Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Night Before Christmas. Loved your creativity and the added bonus of hearing you read to us. It is nice for those of us that have a hard time with words and sounding out the right syLAbles.

  7. That was an amazing poem, nicely done.

  8. Elfi I know exactly what you mean about worrying people won’t get the rhyming and rhythm right for your poem, but uploading my voice reading is too complex for me 🙂 Great poem and really well done. I love poetry 🙂

    • Lol, just because this is technically a poem doesn’t mean what I do is poetry. But thanks for the comment just the same.

  9. kissmyalas said:

    ❤ Elfi.

    Another FANTASTIC poem, and so very sweet! I do love that you read it for us. I got such a giggle out of hearing it the way you intended, with all the asides and inflection.

  10. I really enjoyed your poem, and what a great idea to let us hear it spoken by the author, thanks.

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  12. The voice recording is great.
    Nice Work!

  13. Awesome poem! Thanks for reading it aloud too, that makes it extra special 😀 I hope your had a great Thanksgiving ❤

  14. It *would* be a shame, indeed, to forget Zel! I’m glad that she & Alas introduced me to you.

    … also, is it wrong that “Thank you WoW Bloggers — I love you all!” makes me think of the Animaniacs/Pinky&TheBrain “Cheese Roll Call” song, where Pinky sings, “welcome cheeses, I want to eat you all!”?

  15. […] Elfi – I have been in love with following your weekly adventures through your Saturday Screenshot updates since I found your blog. You always have so much fun and energy that it’s inspiring. You help me to remember what it is about this game that made me fall in love with it, and give me a constant reminder that sometimes stopping to smell the roses can, in fact, be more rewarding than slaying all of those internet dragons. If we could bottle even an ounce of your energy and joy to pass around, WoW would be a better place for having done so! Thank you for sharing your adventures, they are a much-needed reminder the fun can be found anywhere, you just have to know where to look. […]

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  17. This was great, Elfi. Thanks for the mention! This was a really fun read. 😀

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