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Okay Blizzard, Here’s My List Of Demands

I’m a simple elf. I don’t ask for much. I am completely happy wandering around Azeroth and questing all the things. I don’t have a long list of complaints about the game like a lot of others do. But in my 4 years of playing I have discovered there are a few minor things that I would love to see changed. And I think they could be easily accomplished. So here’s my list of demands.

1. I want to know if you’re any closer to solving the tabard storage issue that was talked about at the first of the year. I haven’t heard anything on that in quite a while. Couldn’t there just be another tab added after mounts and pets to store all my tabards the same way those are stored and let me look through them and change them whenever I wanted? I wear the Loremaster title proudly, but I don’t think I ever even tried on my Loremaster tabard. It’s in my bank, likely crumpled and dusty. And it’s not in there alone.

2. I want to be able to change the color of my eyes. On my main Night Elf character I am wearing mostly blue gear, sporting blue hair that matches my gear, and I have bright white, glowing eyes. Um, I would like blue eyes please. In fact, I would like blue eyes on all of my characters. Why can’t I change my eye color? My blood elf is so pretty and dainty and delicate … and has bright green eyes. I don’t want green eyes. Guess what color I want my blood elf to have? Okay, I was gonna say blue but actually I think it might be neat to have red eyes on her. Because the horde are evil.

3. I want red hair. Not the mostly natural type of red that is available now, but red red. Like, fire engine red. Yes! That would be so freaking awesome, I don’t think you even understand. I know I just told you my main was wearing mostly blue gear, but she has wanted fire engine red hair since the day I created her. I was so excited when the barber shop was implemented, I ran straight there and plopped myself down in the barber chair … and then wept softly as I realized I still couldn’t have red hair. And if my blood elf had red hair, it would match the red eyes I would give her. Because the horde are evil.

4. I want some sort of reminder that mail is about to expire on an alt I have forgotten to log into for a while. I don’t know how that would be implemented, but I trust any ideas you might have on how to accomplish this. See, I’m a casual player and sometimes I forget to check all the mail all the time. To quote one of my idols, Marvin the Martian, this makes me very angry. Sure, I’m angry at myself because I do realize forgetting to check mail is totally my fault. But still, I insist you figure out how to prevent me from forgetting.

5. I want my character’s birthday (date of creation) to be recognized. Maybe on that day each year I could get some fireworks and a chocolate cake in the mail which I could use to throw myself a little celebration. Yes, I realize there are eleventy tree fiddy millions of characters … but I don’t give a rat’s ass about them. I just want this for my character. Screw those other people.

6. I want an invisible cape like Harry Potter had. Yes, as a night elf I have shadowmeld, but if I had an invisible cape I could hide one of my favorite friends or guildies under it. Or possible two if they are gnomes. And then we could sneak around Stormwind and wreak havoc on all the morons.. I mean, multitudes of people and laugh big belly laughs at them when they accuse the innocent person at the mailbox of poking them.

7. I want a stocking full of fruit, chocolate and coal in my mailbox on the first day of the Feast of Winter Veil. I have nothing further to say on this matter.

And there you have it. I have poured my heart out to you about some little things you could do to make me so much happier than I already am. These are my demands and if they are not taken seriously, well that’s cool. I still have much love for ya, Blizzard.

Screenshot Saturday: Extended IntPiPoMo Edition

When I first read Angelya’s post about IntPiPoMo, I knew it was a brilliant idea. I hoped it would catch on and other people would participate. I wished I could participate, since I am such a screenshot addict, but I was several days late reading her post and I misunderstood it to be a daily screenshot post every day in November. I knew I was already behind and I knew there were other things going on in my life that would likely cause me to be unable to publish daily posts, so I knew I couldn’t participate. Luckily, this week some Twitter conversations kindly informed me I was silly and I had read the IntPiPoMo rules completely wrong. It is simply 50 screenshots posted during November. It does not require a daily post. I still have plenty of time to participate.

The premise is, a picture is worth a thousand words so 50 screenshots would equal 50,000 words – the same as the amount of words required for NaNoWriMo. While posting 50 screenshots isn’t anywhere near as difficult as writing 50k words, it doesn’t mean I’m taking it any less serious. Today I begin my IntPiPoMo journey by chronicling a story told in-game by Lady Sylvanas. I hope you enjoy.

Temporary Family Leave

Just a heads up that due to a death in the family, I will be absent here this week. I thank you all in advance for all of the thoughts and well-wishes, there’s no need to leave any comments here. I just happen to be at the age where my grandparents are failing fast. The older I get, the older they get. It can’t be helped.

The One Where I Ramble On About Flowers

In 2 months I will celebrate my 4th year in World of Warcraft and I’m totally excited about that. I wish I had been around since Vanilla, but I’m grateful that I started during BC.  However, anyone who knows me in game will know that I really haven’t accomplished as much in 4 years as most players do. I have 1 level 85. My next highest character is a level 77 Worgen, so as you can see that’s only been during the last year. There are still raids and dungeons pre-Cata that I’ve never completed. Some I’ve never even stepped foot in. I only have 7040 achievement points, so you can see I don’t spend my time achieving all the things. I still don’t even have the achievement for completing 2500 daily quests. I have not ran enough pugs to earn the puppy. I only have 22 exalted reputations. And the list goes on and on.

So I bet you’re wondering just what the hell I do with all my time. Trust me, sometimes I wonder myself. I don’t really know how to explain it, it’s kind of like a instant onset of ADD when I log in. I’m VERY attached to a few people I play with and enjoy all of my guildies in general, so I spend a lot of time just standing around and chatting. I spend a lot of time flying to the wrong place and having to backtrack because I am too concerned about guild chat to pay attention to what I’m doing. I spend a lot of time farming herbs because I’m addicted to the AH. Of course, I’m also addicted to mount and pet collecting, so I spend a lot of the money I make on those types of silly things. And of course, I take a whole hell of a lot of screenshots.

But even aside from the specific things I mentioned above, I’m just like a kid in a candy store in-game. I just look around wide-eyed at everything, even though I’ve seen it all before. I actually stop to smell the flowers before I pick them. Which finally brings me to the point of this post. I love being an herbalist. Sure it’s an easy way to make easy money, and now it even gains you experience, but that’s not why I enjoy it so much. I just like the fact that there are pretty, sparkly things all around me no matter where I’m at. Yep, I’m pretty silly.  Always have been.

My 3 Favorite In-Game Herbs/Flowers Based Solely On How Pretty They Are To Me:

1. Gromsblood – Found in Felwood, Blasted Lands, Desolace and Ashenvale.

2. Frost Lotus – usually obtained as an extra herb while gathering other Northrend herbs, but actual Frost Lotus nodes can be found in Wintergrasp and The Conservatory of Life.

3. Mana Thistle – found in Terokkar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley, and Isle of Quel’Danas.

So yeah, there you go. Those pretty flowers are just one of many things that keeps me distracted. What about you guys? Do any of you have any special attachments to herbs or anything similar? Are there other people out there who’ve been playing for years and thoroughly enjoy it, yet don’t have a huge list of accomplishments to show for it?

Fun With Twitter: #iwasanoob

I have no idea how it started or who used the hash tag #iwasanoob the first time that day, but on Friday, Oct. 28, my Twitter feed blew up with hilarious confessions of World of Warcraft noobiness. And these weren’t just tweets from players who are currently new to the game; some of the biggest names in the WoW community were sharing tales of foolishness and folly. I happened to be out of town that day and had nothing but my phone for internet access, so the #iwasanoob ball had been rolling for approximately 1 hour before I noticed it. But once I did discover the hashtag was trending, I knew right away I needed to try and preserve some of the fun.

You guys, I USED A PEN AND PAPER AND WROTE A BUNCH OF THOSE TWEETS DOWN. PHYSICALLY. WROTE. THEM. DOWN. My hand was cramping up so bad by the time I got the .. first one written out. But I pushed on, I hung in there. I was so proud of myself. I had limited resources, yet I tried my damnedest to capture as much of the fun as I could. Would you believe I wrote down a little over 300 tweets before I finally stopped? I did it all for you internet. I wanted to preserve the fun and post them all here to live on forever. But finally, the reality of what I was doing and how it was completely pointless began to sink in as more and more tweets hashtagged #iwasanoob just kept on rolling by. I was never gonna be able to keep up. And I was running out of paper, patience, and the ability to grip my pen.

So yeah, last Friday was the most awesome trending I had ever witnessed on Twitter. I had all these sweet visions of typing up the ones I had copied down and compiling them into an epic blog post to share with the community. People would love me and be amazed that I had the foresight to do such an amazing thing. Until I realized that not only was I fighting a losing battle, but an unnecessary one. As I’m sure you are all already aware of, you can just go to and search for #iwasanoob and look through them there.

But since I did go through all the trouble, I am going to share some of my favorites from Friday afternoon here. In random order.

WoWInsider – I didn’t know about bandages until level 50. #iWasANoob

xvkarbear – I didn’t know about autorun until level 80. #iWasANoob

peapod82 – @WoWInsider I didn’t know when mailing that you could just right click to attach an item(s). 3 yrs later I figured it out! #iWasANoob

Meadhbh – I thought you used the soulstone on someone after they were dead. #IWasANoob

hutchzillious – Didnt spend a talent point till I was lvl34 on my first toon (warlock) #iwasanoob

madsushi – @WoWInsider I bought +1 to healing bracers because I thought they were +1 skills, like in Diablo 2. #iWasANoob

HipsterAssassin – @WoWInsider Spent 25 levels of my first toon in WoW looking at the ground cuz I didn’t know to click and drag to move the camera #iwasanoob

mbuhtz – @WowInsider Until I was in the mid-40s, I thought hunters were supposed to melee with their pets. #iWasANoob

ryanfesko – I didn’t know you could start over with talents, so I deleted 2 lv 30 paladins before sticking with my Ret. #IWasANoob

EmberDione – I thought you could only cast spells from your spec. So my fire mage didn’t train a single frost spell. #iWasANoob

edeesis – I didn’t know that you could eat food to regen your health faster til mid 30s. (I was a Warrior) there was a lot of time sitting. #IWasANoob

Druidis4fite – I died in a campfire and was so confused I cried. #IWasaNOOB

MarcoBratovich – I used to take off my plate armor before swimming not to sink to death… #iWasANoob

Secretbrew – I didn’t know about talent points and trainers until I was level 20. I couldn’t understand why the game was so hard. #IWasaNOOB

JustAlethiar – I had no idea how to use the auction house until I was over level 50. I just vendored everything 😦 #IWasaNOOB

Locktart – I thought banish would dismiss my demons #iwasanoob

Alynndra – I thought I needed to tame a new pet every level.. didn’t realize that pets had their own xp bar back then #iWasANoob

_Reliq – I levelled to 80 on my Paladin with 6 and 8-slot bags. I must have thrown out hundreds of gold worth of drops. #iwasanoob

stoppableforce – I deleted my first character because I was soloing elite mobs outside WC for leather mats and didn’t understand why I kept dying. #iwasanoob

MikeFoxWoW – On my first hunter, in a dungeon, and the tank asked me to turn off growl. I asked ‘What’s Growl?’ I had not even trained on it.#iwasanoob

Baybdoli – I didn’t know I could vendor items in my bag. I spent 25 levels destroying them to make room. #iwasanoob

Dub_stomp – I once tried to whisper zapetta the zepplin master and ask where and what a zepplin was. #IWasANoob

WoWMiri – After playing WoW for a year, I rolled an alt and fell off a building (no surprise here). I asked the mage for a rez. #Iwasanoob

Ari_Says – I leveled balance in TBC and I would stand there and beat mobs with my 2H axe for 5 min before they died. #Iwasanoob

YoBemis – I didn’t know you could eat and drink at the same time until about 2 years ago. #iwasanoob

_Rades – Tried to get to Undercity from Silvermoon through the Plaguelands. At level 11. #iwasanoob

theredworm – I got 1 gold for signing a guild charter, I wanted to stay guildless so I could keep making sweet money just signing charters #iwasanoob

SG_Fred – Used Chain Lightning to start a pull to “help” the tank. #iWasANoob

karethdreams – I didn’t realize there was a boat in Dark Shore & ran through Azshara because it looked like a logical place for a port #iwasanoob

KissMyAlas – Any time I saw a whole area of level 10 mobs all dead, I assumed a leet 60 had just rolled through. #iwasanoob

Sian_Mererid – I right-clicked a flightmaster in a neutral zone,assuming they were all friendly…I was Horde, he was Ally, I was dead. #iwasanoob

Gazimoff – I didn’t spend my first talent point until level 35 #iwasanoob

Achloryn – I legitimately looked for items with higher armor first…… on my mage #Iwasanoob

Meadhbh – I thought you used the soulstone on someone after they were dead. #IWasANoob

geekgirlinky – After failing in Blackrock Depths, everyone dropped group as I was coming back from the gy. I couldn’t find the instance. #iwasanoob

Maeyam – I swam all the way from Barrens to Tanaris, cause I didn’t know where the passage was in Thousand Needles. (no joke) #iwasanoob

KissMyAlas – Fishing stressed me out. I was afraid I’d miss clicking the bobber and have to wait hours for another bite. #iwasanoob

Rioriel – I didn’t know how to dive underwater and swim down until well in the 60s. #iwasanoob My DPS is significantly lower than @_Ritual’s #istillam

Thyanel – I didn’t realize you could level professions past 75 skill points. #iwasanoob

ValenDPower – In my first dungeon run… I had my pet pull aggro from the tank… I didnt want the tank to get hit! #iWasANoob

lunulate – I used to log out in the area I was doing quests in because I thought it was the only way to save my progress. #IWasANoob

sprackraptor – At level 20, I saw a bunch of Alliance raiding Thunder Bluff, and tried to help. #iwasanoob

sillermoon – E’s friend logged in on their lvl 60 & donated 2 gold to each of us. We thought he was SO generous #iwasanoob

_Rades – Used Gnomeregan teleport in Booty Bay out of curiosity, died, rezzed in Dun Morogh graveyard. Ran back to Horde territory.#iwasanoob

gotowell – I got SO LOST in Undercity the first time I was there, I waited a half hour remaining on my hearth cooldown. To go back to Brill. #Iwasanoob

Druidis4fite – I failed the Thunder Bluff Elevator Boss. #Iwasanoob

jaedia – I drowned as an Undead Warlock. #IWasANoob

Achloryn – i’m pretty sure it took me till level 40 to figure out I could use my right mouse button to dive underwater. #iwasanoob

justanna – I tamed a new pet every 5 levels because I couldn’t figure out how to teach them new skills #iwasanoob #waybackinvanilla

esalgado90 – I sold all my armor to get the last bit of gold I needed for my lvl 40 mount back in vanilla #iWasANoob

melme – I heard gathering professions were a good way to make money, so I picked up two and happily vendored everything. #iwasanoob

Lyraat – #iwasanoob I spammed Escape Artist my gnome warr and wondered why it wouldnt work when I wanted it to. “Why is the icon dark?”

karethdreams – I thought I had to equip my skinning knife to skin an animal #iwasanoob

MostlyBlissful – Back in vanilla, when I first started out, I thought the spider cave in the back of night elf starting zone was an instance. #iwasanoob

EmberDione – I couldn’t find a new leveling zone, so I just grinded from 56-60 in Winterspring. #iwasanoob

Jezriyah – I didn’t learn how BC pet training worked until Outland. My level 60 scorpid had Growl 1. #iwasanoob

Esoth – I thought melee weapons were more important because you only got one or two shots before the mob got to melee range anyway #iwasanoob

_Rades – First attempted pet tame: Giraffe. Crushing disappointment. Second attempt: Zhevra. I almost deleted the hunter right there. #iwasanoob

Kotakh – @Achloryn @ILikeBubbles @KissMyAlas I remember Mangling my way to lvl 70. Mangle spam ftw in my first Kara lol #iwasanoob

DruidMain – I only specced balance because I didn’t know there were tabs for other talent trees on the talent window #iwasanoob