Several weeks ago, I realized that I had somehow gotten Elfi’s gold up to around 50k. Now I’m sure that’s not a big number to a lot of you, but for someone who doesn’t log in daily and then doesn’t do very many dailies when I do log in, that’s quite a bit of money. And I realized that I was in a position to stop whining about being behind on gear and actually purchase some upgrades for myself from the auction house. So I ran up to Auctioneer Jaxon all excitedly and started searching for the first thing on my list – the Lightforged Elementium Hammer. I snapped it up for 12k and then immediately spent 1200g for the Power Torrent enchant. Next on my list was the Darkmoon Tsunami card and at the moment I was looking it up, the cheapest one on the market was 9000g. I hovered over the buyout button but couldn’t quite make myself click it. Sure, 15 minutes ago I had been all excited about spending money but now I was down almost 15k and I know there are people in my guild who do inscription. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see if I could get the card crafted for me. So I decided not to buy it and I asked in guild chat if anyone would be willing to help me get what I needed.

Two of my guildies immediately volunteered and I just picked the first one I typed in as my chosen crafter. We whispered each other some arrangements, she told me what mats she needed and she told me that when she creates a card it’s random, so it would likely take a bit of time to get what I needed. I said that’s fine and I sent her all the mats I currently had in my possession and then immediately struck out into the world to gather more. I spent the next several times I logged in farming herbs the entire time. Now this post is not a complaint in any way about my fellow guildie or the work she has done for me. What I’m complaining about here is me. For one thing, I am ridiculously stupid about so many things. I didn’t realize you had to collect a deck of Darkmoon cards in the proper element to turn in and get the relic card you needed. So after a few days, when I had gotten all sorts of five of embers, and three of winds, I didn’t realize I should be keeping certain ones of them. Luckily my friend assured me she hadn’t sent me any wave cards yet so I hadn’t accidentally gotten rid of any I needed. That was good news. But it clued me in to just how long of a process this might be and because I didn’t want to spend all of my time in-game farming herbs, I started buying whiptail and volatile life from the auction house.

I was putting the cards she created that I didn’t need up for auction and making a small bit of money back, but volatile lifes are pricey and since I needed 30 to have her create 1 card I was really knocking my gold down quickly. So I started farming herbs again. And for the entire 1 1/2 hours of gameplay I got in the evenings, I played leap frog with a bunch of assholes in Uldum trying to stock up on whiptail and volatile life. After a few more days of this, I once again got bored with it and started buying from the auction house again. I sold a few more extra cards that were crafted and by this time I had 4 of the cards I needed for my deck, but some of the cards I had for sale weren’t getting any hits. Money was still going out on hundreds of whiptail and volatile life, but money wasn’t always coming in. At this point it’s been around 2 weeks and I’m down to around 20k gold now. If you’ll refer back to the first paragraph, you’ll notice that after buying my new weapon and the enchant for it, I was roughly around 35k. So this means that not only have I seriously spent 12 or more hours logged into the game farming herbs nonstop, I had also spent about 15,000g buying the mats. Are you starting to realize I should have just spent the 9,000g for the Tsunami card that first day? Because trust me, I realized it. But my friend is not at fault and she’s putting a lot of work into doing me this favor. So I keep going. Or at least I intended to.

One day, over a week ago, I logged in and got to work farming herbs straight away and after about 30 minutes I just want to bang my head repeatedly on my keyboard. It’s mind-numbing when that’s all you’ve done for a few weeks. I said my goodbyes and logged out. Then I didn’t login for a week. I mean, I am a bit busier these days outside of the game with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but I can’t even tell you how long ago it was when I went a week without logging in. So I finally convince myself to login again and in my mailbox I receive a few more ember cards and wind cards and a note saying more mats are needed. I did not immediately start farming. I did the cooking daily and the fishing daily and was just getting ready to take the portal to Hyjal for Firelands dailies when I realized, I didn’t even want to be logged in. I was so miserable, I didn’t even want to be there. Again, let me say I am not upset with my guildie at all for any of this. At no point did I tell her that I wanted to take a break from trying for the Tsunami card. She had no idea I was getting frustrated with myself. Also, I had just spent a weekend in the SWTOR beta and I had been pining away for the chance to get back in that game ever since. I realize I just need to log out and reset myself here.

But right before I do a couple of people in guild chat start discussing running one of the new 4.3 heroics. This was the first time I have been logged in since the patch, so obviously I had never ran any of the new ones. I was asked if I wanted to go but I declined based on my frustration level. But I like these guys, I really do, and when one of them started gently prodding me into running with them I finally agreed. Oh man, I was the Worst. Healer. Ever. I don’t even know which one we were in, but Lady Sylvanas was the first boss. Of course, I wiped us on the first trash pull before we ever got to her because I hadn’t healed in so long I couldn’t remember what my bindings were or what the hell I needed to click. Oops. Then we got through the first trash and on the second trash I let a dps or two die. Then I wiped us on Lady S about 10 seconds in the first time because I couldn’t move out of the purple stuff. I know this was a combination of being a bit rusty and being in a place over the past couple of weeks where I have not looked forward to even being in the game, but I’m so mortified at my horrible performance that I vow to teleport out and repair and then come back in and show them I’m not a total moron. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down the way I planned. After I repaired, I lost another dps. Rezzed him just in time to lose another dps and a finally another wipe. At this point I’m so pissed at myself for ruining this for everyone that my face is bright red and I’m pretty sure I’m going to puke. We gave it one more try and I let us all die so I finally told them I was going to leave group and let them pug a healer. I have never been so humiliated with myself. Sure, there are plenty of times I lose a dps or a tank or just wipe us all for stupid reasons. But I don’t think I’ve ever failed on every pull for 10 damn pulls in a row. And on our way in there they were telling me how easy these new heroics were. Gah! I blame this all on that damn Tsunami card and the unbearable amount of stress and frustration it has placed on both me and my stack of gold.

Sidenote: During my extended time in the auction house spending all of my money on materials I could have just went out and got myself for free, I did at least get a bit of entertainment.

Comments on: "The One Where The Darkmoon Tsunami Card Is Killing Me" (7)

  1. Back in Wrath, the Darkmoon card was one of the best trinkets for me until a ways into ICC (there was only one better one that I got in 10-man, and I never won the awesome one from 25-man). I picked it up during patch 3.1. My strategy, which took about three weeks, was to buy the cheapest cards in the deck from the AH, and keep an eye on the others. When all was said and done, I did end up saving a couple grand on the trinket that way.

    If you still have some cards to get, the fastest and cheapest way to complete it may be to search for those card on the AH.

  2. Forget Uldum. Here are a few facts from my scribe.

    1) The drop rate for Volatile Life is the same no matter what herb you farm. Doesn’t matter if it’s Cinderbloom or Jasmine, it’s roughly a 35% drop rate.

    2) Volatile Life is the big limiter here, so that’s what needs to drive your farming choice.

    3) The yields on the pigments and embers isn’t different enough to drive picking one over the other.

    4) While it is true that Whiptail grinds down for around 50% more pigments and embers, that 50% is more than nullified by the expense of buying Lifes.

    My recommendation: screw Whiptail. Go to Darkholme and gather Heartblossom and Cinderbloom.

    Hell, on my scribe’s server, Heartbloom is usually twice the cost of Whiptail, so SELL the Heartbloom and buy Whiptail with the proceeds if you’re dead set on a higher yield. (*)

    And yes, it takes a LONG time. I’ve gotten like seven decks TOTAL out of three or four months’ grinding. Three Tsunami, two Volcano, and two something or other.

    Good luck!

    * – Heartbloom prices based on Alleria server, not Azuremyst, but if the same market forces prevail …

    • Hey Grimm, thanks for the advice. If I decide to keep farming herbs for this, I will check out Deepholm for sure.

  3. Elfi! Don’t buy enchants! Just email or catch me in game! All I need are the mats and I’ll make them for you n/c!

    Nymbol : )

  4. Oh Nymbol, you are just the bestest.

  5. […] dungeons so my gear is rapidly becoming outdated. My ability to heal is getting really rusty (insert recent story about wiping repeatedly and failing hard). And the most recent thing, the thing that actually caused me to have a meltdown Saturday morning […]

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