Last night I spent a couple of hours on Elfi (original Elfi, not evil clone Elfi) just trying to slowly get back into the swing of doing some dailies and remembering what spell does what. After the daily fishing and cooking quests, I went to Hyjal and worked on dailies there. Man, I had not been there in so long. And I don’t mean because I’m playing Star Wars, I mean even months before that. It’s really starting to sink in with me just how much I had not been enjoying myself in Azeroth the last several months I was there. What I still can’t seem to figure out is why. It had nothing to do with my guild, it had nothing to do with me being a healer, I guess it was just burn out? I find that hard to believe since I’ve never been a raider so I wasn’t suffering from weekly wipes or anything like that. Like I said previously, I just felt lost. I don’t think it was with the game specifically, because in 2011 I really started to spend some time rolling new characters on random servers and leveling them all up to around 30 before wandering off to do it again with another new character. So I was still enjoying questing and being logged in. But then while I was on those servers I didn’t have any of my friends around, so I would begin to get bored. Does any of that make any sense?

And what the hell does any of that have to do with the title of this post? See how easily distracted I can get? So back to Hyjal. I’m questing away, beating on some Pyrelords in Sethria’s Roost, I saw a shadow on the ground of something huge and dragon-like flying above me. I looked up and sure enough, it was Andrazor. Since my Pyrelord had just died I shifted into flight form and chased the fiery bird down. Once I was over an area I knew I could land safely, I cast moonfire (it’s so great I can cast this in flight form) and dropped down to a ledge where Andrazor begin attacking me. I had been working on the Protectors of Hyjal quest, so I had my little gang of bad ass druids with me and we start wailing away. But not very far into the fight, he was spraying fire all over me and as I turned to move out of the path of said fire, I fell off the ledge. It was in an area where I could not climb back up to it and I couldn’t mount or shapeshift because I was still in combat. So I just stood there looking up and seeing bits of fire and a few random feet and elbows as the fight continued. Suddenly, I noticed Andrazor’s health was really going down at a pretty good clip. By now my little band of npc’s should have died or Andrazor should have came to find me. But instead, I was somehow still winning the fight. I decided it must be a bug, but I would gladly accept the kill regardless. A couple of minutes later and the fight is over. I fly up and loot the body and I’m celebrating secretly to myself about how the fight bugged out, when I suddenly notice Caligan had said “where are you Elfi?” in guild chat. I said I was in Hyjal doing dailies and he said something about being there too. I don’t remember how the conversation went exactly, but I asked him if he had happened to see my battle with the fire bird. He said something along the lines of “Yep, I was right there.” Then I see he has waved to me. Ah, he must be close. But where?

To make an already long story a little less longer… or something, Cal had been fighting the damn bird the whole time. He was standing right behind me on the ledge as I looted. I have no idea where he came into the fight, he obviously spotted me and came over to help and I had no idea. It was him on the ledge killing the elite that I was so proud of. Lol. When I got knocked off he didn’t know where I was. Since I thought I was there alone, I wasn’t updating anyone on what was going on. So I had a good laugh at my stupidity and the fact that I’m so unobservant. And he likely had a good eye-roll about the same things. But then he spotted Fah Jarakk standing right below us so he suggested we group up and kill that guy too. We requested the help of a guildie to come bear tank for us and we killed that dude dead. Can you guess what happened next? No, you’re wrong. What happened next was we looked up and Searris was standing just right over yonder. So we ran right over and killed that dude dead too. I finally got the achievement for The Fiery Lords of Sehria’s Roost. Woot. I don’t recall off the top of my head how long achievements have been in the game now, but I still love seeing those damn things pop up. I also still love my multishot add-on that automatically takes screenshots of achievements, because I forgot to.

And then? Then as we were headed back out of Sethria’s Roost, Cal spotted the fire dog, Kelbnar, which he still needed to get his achievement. We swooped down and beat that puppy worse than Michael … nevemind. It really was amazing to have them all spawned right there at the same time. In 15 minutes we had killed all 4 required for this achievement. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate the help I got from my guildies.


Comments on: "Ah Achievements, How I’ve Missed Thee" (4)

  1. There is an addon that will snap that moment FOR YOU? For someone who loves achievement hunting I cannot believe I didn’t know this. What is it called?
    Glad you had so much fun with some WoW time again!

  2. I LOVE multishot (Thank you for this Elfi)! Glad to hear Caligan was there to help you out!

    Can’t wait to catch up with you in game!


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