In an effort to switch things up some I decided to give Elfi a bit of a makeover. I really wish there were some way to change her appearance without paying for it. But you know what they say about wishes … all sort of things. Just pick one.

Anyway, here’s her before pic and her after pic. I like the change. For now, at least.




Comments on: "Elfi Got A Makeover" (6)

  1. I’m coonstantly giving my characters makeovers. The main ones have their general appearance, my several year old Priest is a brunette, always, my Blood Elf DK is white haired, my Nelf DK pretty much tends to have the long hair (like you have in your before pic) but my alts are always changing. It’s a problem!

    • I have changed Elfi’s hair color a few times before to help match some of my gear better as it changed. I kept it white for the longest time because it matches everything and I liked the way it looked, but then I realized almost every female night elf I saw (at least on my server) had the same long, white hair as me. So I changed it over to blue.

      Right now the purple I have chosen matches my cape, so I like it.

  2. Love the purple hair Elfi!

  3. Looks a lop more ‘hip’ =D

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