TAG! I’m It

There’s a meme going around right now involving grabbing the 6th screenshot from the 6th subfolder in your images folder and I have been tagged by Mia from Chronicles of Mia. I am happily participating for two reasons: 1. I’m in a blogging slump at the moment 2. I’m nice and I enjoy being a part of this community so I’m glad for these opportunities

That being said, I have seen this is currently making the rounds to all the bloggers I follow so I am not going to tag 6 additional people since I can’t think of 6 people that likely haven’t already been tagged. Also, I don’t have 6 subfolders, so this is just the 6th image in my WoW screenshot folder.

It happens to be an old one. I was in my first guild, War Within A Breath, and I happened to be standing next to the GM’s husband in Dalaran at lvl cap 80 when he got an achievement and broke out in a random celebratory dance. We weren’t next to each other on purpose, he had no idea I was there. Pretty funny random capture. Brings back memories of the old days. I’m lucky that I am still around this guy and his wife because I love them so much.

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  2. Oh please, he’s the only thing about you I like. 😛

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