It’s a rather daunting task (thanks to all the gold farmers and hackers who post videos constantly) but I like to type “world of warcraft” into YouTube’s search box about once a month and sort videos by Upload Date to see if there have been any great WoW-based videos recently uploaded. Why do I do it? I like to think it’s because I am the sort of generous soul who willingly devotes a certain amount of time to appreciating the arts and welcomes the chance to expose my audience to the new and wonderful things our fellow human beings create. But let’s be honest, it’s mostly because I am a mediocre blogger and a half-ass WoW player who frequently runs out of post ideas. Yep, it’s because I’m lazy.

No matter the “why” of it all, it’s a glorious thing indeed when I find a real gem and can share it with the 5 of you. Today is one of those times. Not only should everyone watch this video and share it with your friends, we should totally make this a trending topic on Twitter #Shit[insert your race here]NeverSay. Make it happen people.

And now for your viewing pleasure, I proudly present Shit Orcs Never Say

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