I don’t watch them very regularly, but every once in a while I like to glance through the search engine terms that result in hits on my blog just to see where some of the traffic is coming from. So far, the strangest ones have all involved the word “pedo” thanks to this post which subsequently led me to making it an actual song only because I must fulfill all of Alas’ wishes.

My top 5 search terms, however, are Firelands (likely because of this lame attempt at humor), bunny with a pancake on it’s head (i didn’t actually write a post about this, but I did use the image), the word Elfi (go figure), elementium hammer (i haz one) and rounding out the top 5 – winter squid. Although this top 5 list isn’t truly accurate because most of my search term hits revolve around the mysterious floating cat head in Uldum. It’s just that the phrase is typed in so many different ways, it doesn’t all get counted together.

Back on point, my previous winter squid post is basically still very accurate. I think the only thing that has changed is there are now 2 less fish required for The Oceanographer achievement. But because it’s heavily searched for and because it’s that time of year where winter squid are getting ready to vanish, I wanted to bring attention to it once again.

Sidebar: Going through my search terms got me started reading through some of my old posts. Reading through some of my old posts resulted in following pingbacks to other blogs. Revisiting this post really struck a nerve with me and briefly brought back the memory of how horrible all that drama was. But the pingback on that post led me to this post. I can’t decide if these types of posts are on the pro list or the con list for having a blog. Reading the whole thing now just makes me sad. It’d be nice if there were no record of these types of things. But at the same time I am reading these posts over a year later and not only have Alas and I remained friends, we are even better friends. I would even go so far as to call her one of my bestest friends (I don’t require much :P) and certainly one of my all-time favorite people. So in that respect, it’s kind of cool to have this documented. But it still makes me sad. I think we awkwardly worked through everything at the time it was all happening because it was important we remained friends, but I will be the first to admit I carried some hurt feelings with me for a while and I wish I hadn’t. It’s all gone now, of course. But even leaving me out of the equation, I am sad that any of this happened to Alas. Why am I pointing it out and bringing it all up again? I have no idea. Like I said, I accidentally stumbled across it and it made me very melancholy. I guess I’m putting a spotlight on it here because it’s something she and I have sort of gotten past without revisiting and I would like to just make sure she’s officially aware that I am sorry if any of my words or actions added to the stress and the mess. Alas, you’re the best and I ❤ you. And hopefully bringing this all back to the surface and me being all publicly mushy hasn't embarrassed you.

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