I’m still slowly plugging along on my new Elfindale project and as you can see from the screenshot, I’m newly guilded. For the first time ever I had to submit an online guild app and once that was approved I had to meet up with the GM on Vent for an informal chat. The online app was no big deal because I only applied as a casual member so I just had to introduce myself and insert some of my personality and humor. Besides, with a level 27 toon as basically my new main, there wasn’t a lot of technical character related stuff to say even if it had been required. I was extremely nervous about the Vent chat simply because you can’t backspace and redo anything stupid you actually say out loud, but I survived and was officially invited.

That’s very exciting news and even though I don’t know any of them really well yet (and at only a few hours a week that may take a while) every time I have logged in and awkwardly jumped into gchat they’ve graciously acknowledged me and replied back. I don’t feel like I’m being ignored and that’s important because some of my other experimental little alts have felt that way before in new guilds. So I’m very happy to be where I am and I am confident I will only get happier.

However, this post and this screenshot are not about showing off my guild name. I mean, I made it a priority to point that out, but I could have taken any old screenshot to do that with. This screenshot is partially about the achievement but mostly about the crumpled up night elf you see in the background there. Because at level 27 I got my first pvp achievement while outside of a battleground, on a PVE server and I killed a level 85 to get it. I realize it’s a fluke and it’s not an achievement I earned by being awesome. But oh holy shit, did I giggle like a schoolgirl for 20 minutes afterwards. Here’s what happened.. I was in Orgrimmar for only the second time ever on little Elfi and I had just trained fishing and picked up my first fishing quest. The quest required me to attach a stag eye to my fishing pole and then go fish somewhere with it and catch a certain kind of fish. Blah blah, same ole same ole. As I headed toward the Orgrimmar rear gate to go kill a stag over the border in Azshara, I spotted a small flurry of activity off to the right of the path.

Now I was headed to the rear gate, but I wasn’t really very close to it. If you are familiar with Orgrimmar, I’d say I was halfway between the hunter stables and the rear gate. And this flurry of activity was a night elf getting beaten on by a whole handful of npcs. I’m assuming she was stealthing her way into the city for some reason (obviously) and then got too close to an npc. She was running back towards the gate as fast as she could attracting more and more npcs the entire time. I was so shocked to see her there at first that I just stood and gawked like I was watching an episode of cops or something and I never even moused over her to see her level or anything; but I did follow the procession towards the exit. For some reason right as she was breaking out of the gate it dawned on me I should target her and hit her. Which I did. And she immediately died, the achievement immediately popped up and I immediately started busting out laughing my ass off that I just got a pvp kill. Sadly, I forgot to hug her body. But I tabbed out of the game to IM one of my friends and share a laugh with them about how funny it was I just hk’d a level 85.

After approximately a minute, I tabbed back into the game and found myself face to face with a level 85 night elf very much alive and breathing. And my little baby ass was flagged PVP. So I squealed and ran back into the gate as fast as I could and was very thankful that she never made a move towards me. She certainly could have taken me out quickly and I would have deserved it. But I think she may have been just as shocked at how it all went down as I was. It’s probably something that only amuses me, but I sure was happy as hell about it the entire rest of the day.

p.s. – I apologize for how crappy this screenshot is. I normally try to make my screenshots as pretty as possible. I don’t know what happened with this one, but none of my usual tricks seemed to help it look any better.

Comments on: "The One Where A Fluke Made Me Feel Like A Stud" (5)

  1. Lol. I just noticed I have my fishing pole equipped. I didn’t even use a real weapon. Ahahaahaha.

  2. That is awesome, haha. Treasure this screenshot forever!

  3. antlergirl said:

    I think you should boast about the fact that you killed an 85 with a fishingpole! 😀

    • Right? I didn’t even notice the fishing pole thing until after I had posted this. That makes it even more of a fluke than it already was.

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