You gotta hand it to Blizzard, they know exactly what type of carrot to dangle in front of us. The Scroll of Resurrection seems to be going over very well. Heck, even I managed to find some poor fool… I mean, old friend who I could sucker into using the scroll so I could get a cool spectral mount added to my collection. Of course, I had to buy a 30 day game time card for him to use but oh well, it was worth it. In fact, speaking of adding mounts to my collection, I totally bought the Heart of the Aspects mount while I was at the store buying the card. That’s the prettiest “real money” mount there is, in my opinion. So I dropped $40 but it made me happy so it was money well spent.

I took the screenshot above after I had rolled an alt to check out a server for possible transfer and within my first 2 minutes there I happened to be standing next to two players who had just created characters with the scroll. It was freaky seeing all the achievements roll by. I almost wish I had a second account I had let lapse just so I could take advantage of the instant leveling to 80. Especially since I still only have 1 level 85 character EVER. Ah, the life of a slacker.

Comments on: "So The Scroll Of Resurrection Seems To Be Popular" (1)

  1. I think it’s worth it just to level First Aid. >.>


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