As you guys know, I recently created a Blood Elf mage on a random server and named her Elfindale, which is the same name as my Night Elf druid. I decided to name the mage Elfi because she’s temporarily my main character and Elfi is just who I am. It’s my identity. The two toons are on different servers, so it shouldn’t ever cause a problem, right? Wrong. I have been searching for a new server to transfer my Alliance side Elfindale to so I can try and rebuild my relationship with her. She’s the very first character I ever rolled. In fact, when I first began playing I didn’t understand how realms worked and even though my brother told me what realm he was on and that I should choose that one, I didn’t. I let it pick a random server for me not knowing that meant I couldn’t talk to him in-game at all and not realizing it wasn’t free to transfer. I figured it out after only a few days and approximately 8 levels. This was over 4 years ago so lowbie levels weren’t as fast as they are now… and I had never before played an mmo or rpg game. It took me a lot of work and learning to get a few days in. So by then I was stubbornly attached to Elfi and I actually paid to server transfer a level 8 character to my brother’s realm.

I’m still stubbornly attached to her. I have loved / do love this game so much and it’s all tied in with my silly Night Elf druid. The friends I’ve made, the adventures I’ve been on.. it’s all so freaking priceless. Needless to say, even though I’m a bit disenchanted with Elfi right now, I would never dream of deleting her or abandoning her completely. Which is why I’ve been rolling alts on different servers and hanging out with people I know from blogs and from twitter and a few irl. I’ve enjoyed my time on several different servers and I appreciate everyone who suggested their realm and spent a little bit of time with me there. I recently made my decision, I want to transfer Elfindale to Whisperwind and hang out with a couple of my friends on the Alliance side there.

I was getting ready to process the transfer today when it suddenly dawned on me … that is the same server my Horde character named Elfindale resides. So if I transfer my first-born Elfi there I will have to change her name. Hence the quandary. I seriously don’t know if I’m okay with changing her name. I realize that probably sounds so trivial to some people but it’s really freaking me out. And I’ll feel silly if I suddenly change my mind and tell my friends I won’t be joining them on Whisperwind after all because of my name. The Blood Elf is up to level 28 (considering SWTOR is my main game, I’ve done this fairly quickly over the past couple of months) and she’s in a great guild that I’m really enjoying so I don’t want to delete her and re-roll with a different name. I’m trying to convince myself that it will be okay if I change original Elfindale to something like Elfindell or Elfindalle or some sort of variation like that. But I also cringe when I think of changing it.

So, I’m not looking for anyone to make the decision for me but I am curious as to what you guys would do in this situation. How important should this name be to me? It’s not like this is the only server option I have, it just happens to be the one I had decided on based on friends that I actually work with being there. Would you pay to change the name of the level 28 Horde toon, since she’s just an Elfi junior and is only a couple of months old? Would you just slightly change original Elfi’s name because it’s no big deal? Or would you keep looking for a server where you could keep both names the way they are?

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  1. Know that if you name change her, the original name is locked for 90 days. So you’d have to delay transferring the original Elfi, or move her over, rename her, and in 90 days, rename her back (all at cost).

    I’d go ahead and delete the Belf. I know she’s 28, but 28 is not that long with fast leveling these days. Plus, she’s not Elfi, that’s your Nelf. She’s PseudoElfi. 🙂

  2. Sacrifice the blood elf.

  3. antlergirl said:

    I would delete the bloodelf.

  4. Alright, everyone seems to be of the same mind so I will delete the blood elf … but I won’t be deleting her instantly. What I forgot to mention in my post is that last week I got a friend to accept a Scroll of Resurrection for me and I just gave the Blood Elf the cool spectral mount I received. So I’ve opened a ticket to see if I can get that mount transferred to a different character. It’d be a shame to just have the mount deleted and wasted.

  5. Erin Burke said:

    Delete the blood elf, or, when you transfer your character, pick a sliiiiightly different name.

    Or do what my friend did, and reverse the name:

  6. Kimber said:

    Oh, hmm. Are you going to leave any toons on Azuremyst? Well, any toons you will play? The news does sting a tad, but I get where you’re coming from. My play time lately has been anything but epic. The most fun I’ve had lately has been farming BC instances for transmorg. Whooptydo.
    Whatever you decide you’re going to do I’ll still like you and stuff. Just sayin’.

  7. I totally get this. All of my toons have canned personalities that just define them in my mind. Messing with them at that level – race, class, name – just messes with the inner voice, as it were. I once considered gender changing my night elf priest, Jasra, to a male – Jazreal was not taken – and I just couldn’t. Like it or not, I play a night elf female as a healer, and that’s just the way it is 🙂

    So I vote in favor of Elfi the First retaining the name, and Elfi the Usurper getting a new name.

  8. I very much understand, but it seems like you mostly go by the shortened version anyway right? If I was in your position and you don’t want to pay for junior Elfi to have a name change, then I would go with the subtle change to the name since everyone will still pronounce it the same and call you to the same shortened Elfi anyway right?

  9. Hey, I’m two weeks late to the party, but I wonder what you ended up doing in the end?

    I completely understand where you are coming from; even though I do not RP I am very attached to my characters’ names. I changed servers years ago, and the name my main had was already taken so I ended up rolling with a different name. To say the least, I don’t enjoy playing that character as much as I used to anymore.

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