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Friday Link List: Special “News” Edition

There are, as we all know by now, so many excellent WoW bloggers writing so many excellent WoW posts this week, last week and for many, many weeks before now. But this post isn’t about them. This post highlights some of the things that can be found when you type “World of Warcraft” into Google search and then choose the News option to see what’s new. Most of the time, it doesn’t really turn up anything interesting at all. But sometimes, it will blow your mind.

Let’s just start right off with an online commercial featuring Lou Ferrigno (of The Incredible Hulk fame) and what I guess you could call a PSA wherein he says you should play WoW to get all the sex. Well, he sorta says that. Actually I can’t really understand anything he’s fucking saying. But… here, just check it out for yourself. And after you watch the video, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page. It doesn’t look like there is any more page there, but there is:

There’s a new short documentary that has just been released that features some really fabulous video and images from the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) it’s a documentary about how the filmmaker’s addiction to WoW was ruining his life. At a little over 7 minutes long it’s worth a watch. He just tells his story and there’s not any WoW bashing or anything so it shouldn’t cause anyone to go in any rages to defend the game. Find the article and video here:

Always a big topic, a University of Minnesota student journalist looks into girls who are hard-core gamers in a world where most people believe gaming is for guys. Article is here:

For those of you who live for the funny, you may want to consider playing the Family Guy Online MMO. According to this article, it’s like World of Warcraft except way funnier (uh.. I think I’ll pass). Read their reasons for the statement here:

And finally, in what may actually be sorta old news for some of you, I just discovered there will soon be a line of World of Warcraft MegaBloks. You can totally learn more about that here:

So This Panda Thing…. (no real spoilers)

When Mists of Pandaria was first announced during last year’s Blizzcon, my heart sank. I just didn’t understand it. What are they doing to my beloved game? How am I supposed to take Pandas seriously? Months later, my thoughts towards this expansion haven’t necessarily been changed but they have resigned themselves into complete acceptance. It is what it is. It’s old news now. The shock has worn off and I’m over it. Luckily I acclimated just in time to be able to look forward to the beta with a bit of excitement. This weekend I finally got to dip my toes into MoP and I gotta tell you… my first impressions were very good. I really don’t know what I was so upset about to begin with. I’m not someone who’s necessarily afraid of change, so it was more than that. I guess it just sounded so ridiculous.

Hey, guess what? Blizzard pulled it off. The female panda’s are adorable. I knew the Asian themed areas would be stunning, that was never a concern, but they were even more stunning than I had hoped. I won’t go into much detail here for those who are trying to halfway avoid spoilers but I got instantly excited just seeing the changes to the character creation screens. Once I got my Pandaren looking all cute, I had to name her. I couldn’t use Elfi in my name since a Pandaren is not an Elf, but I did want it to be as recognizable as possible because I know there are a lot of people from my Google Reader and Twitter feeds on the Lost Isles server where I am. I finally came up with Jadeindale as a pretty good combination of an Asian themed name and something that’s a part of my normal naming convention. I know I won’t be spending a lot of time logged into the beta, but if you are there and ever run into Jadeindale feel free to give me a wave or a hug.

As I mentioned above, I have no desire to spoil anything for anyone who is trying to go into the expansion’s launch blindly, so I won’t go into any quest details here. But in my 9 levels the quests were a pretty good combination of fun and serious. The only really tedious part about the Pandaren starting area is the fact that it’s a hotspot of activity with dozens of players doing the exact same quest as you every time. But that’s to be expected. I’m a very patient person, so that didn’t bother me at all. Besides, it gave me time to climb up on nearby rocks and take screenshots. I know by now you guys have seen the scenery before, but here are a few of the shots I took on Sunday.

Yes, I do apologize for the crappy looking gray text on those screenshots. I have always watermarked my screenshots before with an online photo editing application called Picnik (, but unfortunately Google+ has purchased it and is taking it offline to make it only available through a personal Google+ account. They already did that to PicasaWeb, so I’m not sure if this means they are completely shutting down PicasaWeb or they’re just trying to control all photo editing software. I am normally a Google fangirl, but I have never been a fan of Google+. Sometimes I want to edit photos and share them with people who are actually strangers across the country and will not be at my next family reunion and therefore they don’t need to see my real name and various other information just because they clicked on a photo I posted on my blog. /rant

Sorry about that. Point is, I haven’t been able to find a good replacement for Picnik, so things are a bit rudimentary right now. I realize that Photoshop and PaintShop Pro, etc. are excellent photo editing resources, but the thing about Picnik was you could upload 100 photos to it’s website and edit them online from anywhere. Which meant it was easy to do at work. I will never have Photoshop on my work pc so that’s the difference. Besides, we’re just talking screenshots here and not serious photography. If anyone has any suggestions for some sort of replacement, let me know.

Back to MoP… the verdict is – I liked it. I really enjoyed myself and had fun playing. There are so many cute new creatures too. I fell in love with the field yak for some reason. Took a lot of screenshots of those things. Yep, I guess WoW didn’t jump the shark after all.

The One Where I Got My MoP Beta Invite

I have got to learn to make my post titles a bit more vague sometimes. I mean, what else can I say here? The title says it all. Last night at 8:00pm CDT, I received my official invite to the Panda beta. Unfortunately, I was knee deep in SWTOR playing around with all the changes Bioware implemented in yesterday’s patch. So I downloaded the executable file, but didn’t let it begin downloading the beta because I didn’t want to suck up too much internet while I was trying to run around in space. So, I’m doing that now. I’m off work for the weekend and I’m planning on spending at least a few hours in MoP checking it all out.

Actually, my email brought me several gifts last night all right in a row. It was a much needed happy ending to a Thursday evening because my Wednesday evening sucked major ass. I wish I could tell you how, but it’s relevant to my secret SWTOR identity. 😛

This Post Interrupted By Noblegarden

Can’t write a real post today because I’m too busy gathering eggs. For one thing, this character has no holiday achievements and doing the quests is easy xp. For another, as a self-diagnosed mount addict, I MUST FIND MOUNT.

The One Where I’m Simultaneously Proud And Ashamed Of Myself

I am a very easy-going person. I am shy and awkward, yes, but at the same time I like to constantly be surrounded by friends. These days most of my closer friends (thanks to video games) are not near my geographically, so I guess that should be amended to say I like to constantly be in communication with friends. I hate to upset people, which unfortunately does make me a bit passive/aggressive. I know that’s considered bad and I really try to stay aware of when I’m doing it and bring it to a halt. Luckily for my parents and siblings, most of my passive/aggressiveness is used on them. My point is, I try to be nice at all times because I am a nice person. I have a lot of patience, I’m very accepting, I am always willing to adapt to others, and I venture through life with a great sense of humor.

These things probably tend to make people think I’m a pushover; and I’ll admit I am one of those people who seems to be invisible a lot in the outside world. I’m the one who people step in front of at the counter even though I had been in line waiting. Or the one who finds the door shutting in my face thanks to the person who just held it open for the 3 people directly ahead of me. People talk over me. People forget to introduce me. But it’s not because I’m all withdrawn in on myself and looking at the ground. It’s because I’m one of those people who will automatically stay a bit back away from the counter in case someone decides they really need up there first. I’m the one who will start to hesitate as I approach a door being held open because I want the person holding the door to be able to make the decision to be finished holding the damn door. Does that make sense? I put everyone’s needs (needs that I imagine they have, because most of the time they are total strangers) above my own. But it’s not because I don’t feel I’m worth it. It’s because I think you’re worth it. True story. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It works out for me only about .005% of the time, but I still try.¹

I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. I just wanted to point out how I view myself (because seriously, I’m sure there are people around who would disagree with my previous statements. Even I can’t please all the people all the time. Though I do try my hardest.) before posting the below screenshot of a conversation I just initiated in WoW. We all know that internet anonymity can turn any average nerd into a troll. Well there are times when I find myself pissed off at some random person in-game. It’s not very often and it usually involves them ninja’ing (made that word up right there, yo) a node I’m going for. The reason that will piss me off is because I never race anyone towards a node. I see someone in the general area and I’ll just stand and wait to see if that’s what they’re going for. [See second paragraph for reference]. So after inconveniencing myself that way for long periods of time it will occasionally hit me the wrong way when someone takes my shit.

And when that happens, this type of thing happens:

I hate when I do this. It’s like I don’t have the balls to just be outright mean but I am to the point where I want them to acknowledge they wronged me. I hold back from outright asshattery (or try to) because Elfi is known publicly by a small crowd and I don’t want that name tarnished. So it’s a combination of a few ranty sentences and a few passive aggressive sentences and it’s all pointless. I need to learn to just ignore it. These people are certainly ignoring me. But then, maybe that’s why I can’t ignore it. If someone grabbed a node from me and said “sorry” or “sucks to be you” or “take that fucker” as they ran away, I really think I’d get a good chuckle out of it. They knew I was there, they acknowledged that something has just happened. But to not say anything makes me feel like you haven’t even taken the time to acknowledge my existence and that burns my ass.

In closing, I really don’t know what the point of this post is. I just got wound up after the above conversation and started writing. I guess to feel like I’m serving a purpose here I will toss in a quick suggestion to everyone out there to tell me how I can improve the above conversation, or how I can train myself to not say anything, or even how you handle things of this nature. I can’t wait to see everyone’s take on this.

¹ Disclaimer: I am not saying I am like this all the time. I do have my bad days like everyone else. I can be grumpy, whiny, irritating, and everything else.

I Have Made A Decision

In my last post I talked about how I finally found a place to transfer my main, but I already had an alt with the same name on that server. So I pondered what to do. Almost everyone agreed I should just delete the little alt because she was still low-level and it wouldn’t take long to gain those levels back by re-rolling. I agree that is the correct answer.. EXCEPT what I forgot to mention in my original post is I had just given that little alt a Spectral Gryphon mount from getting someone to use a Scroll of Resurrection. That was why I was stressing out over what to do. I LOVE collecting mounts and SoR mounts are not account bound. If I delete the character, I’ve lost the mount forever. Sure, I could try to get another SoR used but I already had to pay for someones game time just to get this one and while I’m not opposed to paying for mounts I certainly don’t want to pay for the same one twice.

So I finally went with a $10 name change on the little alt because it’s cheaper than paying for game time if I ever even found someone to use another Scroll for me. And even though she is only level 30 (lvl 28 at time of original posting) she already has achievements and professions and a personality, dammit. I am not a role player, but I do get attached to some of my characters and this little one was precious to me. So her name has been changed from Elfindale to Elfyndale and after an approximate 30 day waiting period I should be able to transfer my main and life will be good.

And in my final, rambling paragraph I just want to say that while I am absolutely loving my time in SWTOR and being part of a full-time raiding team for the first time ever, I am glad I decided to buy the annual pass and continue dinking around in WoW. Even though I only average a 3 or 4 hours a week, it’s just like being home to me. It may now be my secondary game and I may not be surrounded by all the people who I used to love playing with, but it’s still fun for me and I’m happy to still be playing.