In my last post I talked about how I finally found a place to transfer my main, but I already had an alt with the same name on that server. So I pondered what to do. Almost everyone agreed I should just delete the little alt because she was still low-level and it wouldn’t take long to gain those levels back by re-rolling. I agree that is the correct answer.. EXCEPT what I forgot to mention in my original post is I had just given that little alt a Spectral Gryphon mount from getting someone to use a Scroll of Resurrection. That was why I was stressing out over what to do. I LOVE collecting mounts and SoR mounts are not account bound. If I delete the character, I’ve lost the mount forever. Sure, I could try to get another SoR used but I already had to pay for someones game time just to get this one and while I’m not opposed to paying for mounts I certainly don’t want to pay for the same one twice.

So I finally went with a $10 name change on the little alt because it’s cheaper than paying for game time if I ever even found someone to use another Scroll for me. And even though she is only level 30 (lvl 28 at time of original posting) she already has achievements and professions and a personality, dammit. I am not a role player, but I do get attached to some of my characters and this little one was precious to me. So her name has been changed from Elfindale to Elfyndale and after an approximate 30 day waiting period I should be able to transfer my main and life will be good.

And in my final, rambling paragraph I just want to say that while I am absolutely loving my time in SWTOR and being part of a full-time raiding team for the first time ever, I am glad I decided to buy the annual pass and continue dinking around in WoW. Even though I only average a 3 or 4 hours a week, it’s just like being home to me. It may now be my secondary game and I may not be surrounded by all the people who I used to love playing with, but it’s still fun for me and I’m happy to still be playing.

Comments on: "I Have Made A Decision" (6)

  1. Good for you Elfi! Glad you found a “landing” spot!

    • Thanks Nymbol. Maybe after the transfer goes through and I get back in the mood to play Elfi we can meet up for a dungeon or raid. 🙂

  2. dangdangfool said:

    Yeah for Elfi and Efly!

  3. Thanks for posting that last paragraph! I’m in almost exactly the same position: my guild dissolved and all went to Rift, but I decided to get an annual pass to get into the beta (which I’m still waiting for dammit) and so feel the need to continue to putz around in WoW to justify paying for it, and I’m enjoying myself too 🙂 It made me really appreciate LFR and LFD since they both let me get my healing kicks when I’m not grinding achievements while watching tv >.>

    • I’m sure there a bunch of sentimental fools like us who just enjoy holding on any old way. 🙂
      Also, I haven’t made it in the beta yet either. =/

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