I have got to learn to make my post titles a bit more vague sometimes. I mean, what else can I say here? The title says it all. Last night at 8:00pm CDT, I received my official invite to the Panda beta. Unfortunately, I was knee deep in SWTOR playing around with all the changes Bioware implemented in yesterday’s patch. So I downloaded the executable file, but didn’t let it begin downloading the beta because I didn’t want to suck up too much internet while I was trying to run around in space. So, I’m doing that now. I’m off work for the weekend and I’m planning on spending at least a few hours in MoP checking it all out.

Actually, my email brought me several gifts last night all right in a row. It was a much needed happy ending to a Thursday evening because my Wednesday evening sucked major ass. I wish I could tell you how, but it’s relevant to my secret SWTOR identity. 😛

Comments on: "The One Where I Got My MoP Beta Invite" (2)

  1. Heh, I got MoP and D3 beta invites last night as well. I think they knew I would be busy with the ToR patch.

  2. YEAH!! Congratz! Hope you have lots of fun with the Beta!

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