See my blogroll over there on the right side? It’s been pretty ignored for quite some time and I’d like to update it. Just this morning I edited the entry for Resto Is Epic to the new link and added The Sisterhood of Kia to the list; but I know there is much more to do. So I am begging you guys to please let me know of any links over yonder that need to be updated, deleted or new ones that I’m totally missing. I already know of a few in my feed reader that are not yet on the blogroll, so I will be updating those later tonight at work.

And that’s that. Another lazy post. Gawd, I’m horrible.

(p.s. – plz send me links so i can read all the things i am missing)

Comments on: "The One Where I Want To Update My Blogroll" (8)

  1. Your blogroll is more up to date than mine. Mine is in terrible shape, half the blogs are closed, I’m missing dozens I’m subscribed to.

    One small update is that my blog is now a Warcraft manual, not a Battlefield manual. It’s a *little* shorter. šŸ™‚

  2. You… you added ME? ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

    • OMG YES! You and that damn brain of yours make me giggle like a mad-woman. Basically the only reason you weren’t linked here yet is because I’ve been an email subscriber since you first began posting last December. So as soon as I get an email I just stop and immediately read it there, I never actually visit your site or use a link. Lol.

  3. Pixelated Executioner said:

    I don’t update enough these days to justify being on anyone’s blogroll, so I’m not going to nominate myself. However, I do recommend Rhuanious for transmoggery goodness ( and The Warchief’s Command Board ( which is hilarioius and which I am currently working on a semi-secret project for (shameless self-plug GO! …kinda).

  4. You’ve updated my link so I’m happy šŸ™‚

    Blogger sites have been giving me a lot of hassle lately commenting from WordPress or OpenID. I’ve had to reactivate my blogger profile just to post on 2 different Blogger sites today. Wish we could just use the universal Gravatar profile, that would make things so much easier…

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