For those of you who may not know, Brett Favre is one of the recent great quarterbacks in the NFL (Green Bay Packers for most of his career) who, starting back around 2007, began retiring at the end of the season and then coming out of retirement just in time to play the next season. This went on for 4 years or so. By the time he finally really did retire, the whole thing had become quite absurd and no one really even cared any more. Hopefully, that won’t happen to me.

Yep, I am announcing my retirement from this blog BUT WAIT… I have talked about Brett Favre for a reason here (other than the fact that I am a huge NFL fan (Go Chiefs!)(everyone shut up, I know they suck but they are my team)). See, much like the first time Brett retired from the game, I would love nothing more than to continue on here. But sometimes the desire to play football write blog posts just isn’t worth the time and effort required to do it. However, I am smart enough to know that my love for Elfi and this little world I’ve created here may draw me back. I might decide after being retired for a few months that I’ve got one more season in me.

I love being Elfi. Elfi has been a huge part of my identity since I began playing WoW in January 2008. But I am only Elfi online, in WoW. My coworkers don’t know me as Elfi, my family doesn’t know me as Elfi. And now that I’ve made SWTOR my main game and I am not named Elfi there, I’m only Elfi a few hours a week. Mostly here when I blog. And there’s where the problem begins because of a combination of the following things:

  • I don’t have as much time to write posts as I used to – I began blogging in general (personal blogs, photo blogs) around 2006 when I worked 3rd shift all alone in the basement of a hospital where my only job was to answer the phone if it rang and solve whatever pc problem was on the other end. In an 8 hour shift, I’d get 3 or 4 calls and they were 90% password resets. When the phone wasn’t ringing, I was allowed to do anything else I wanted so the job was great for reading, putting together jigsaw puzzles, watching DVDs, surfing the net, blogging, etc. But in case you’re wondering, it wasn’t worth the solitude. Especially considering I worked every Friday & Saturday night and my 10 hour shifts began at 9pm. Talk about not being able to have a social life. Ugh. Actually, forget the social life, when you live alone and work that kind of schedule you rarely get any human contact with anyone. Ugh. But I digress. I began blogging because I had nothing but time and since I worked there for 5 years blogging very much became “something I do at work”. I am now working 3rd shift at a different job where I only get 1 phone call a night. Unfortunately for me (relevant to what we’re discussing here), answering the phone is like 1% of my job. I work my ass off here. There’s no more time for blogging.
  • Back in December, I switched my main game to SWTOR. I love it there because it’s a great game and my dearest friends are there. This means sometimes I login to WoW for 2 – 4 hours a week, sometimes I don’t login to WoW for a week or more. Despite the fact there seems to always be some new achievement I’ve … achieved…(how redundant) or some new pet I’ve acquired, or some fail PUG to make fun of, the quality of posts here has been slipping. Spending so much time away from the game means I’m forcing myself to invent things to write about. Even though I still enjoy the writing part of it, it’s just not as inspired by my love of the game as it used to be. I still love the game, but we’re long-distance lovers these days and the flirty, breathless excitement between us has been replaced with “let’s schedule a quickie twice month if it works out”.
  • I seriously need to figure out how to get off my ass more. Did I say seriously? Because I seriously do. Seriously, I’m killing myself here. I’m drowning in obesity and diabetes with some almost-old-age mixed in. When it comes to figuring out where I’m going to get the extra time to hit the gym I’d rather take it away from blogging than from getting to play the game. Don’t give me that look… I’m taking it away from other things too. The Nook makes it easy to read while I’m on the treadmill so now I’m not sitting on my ass reading as much.
  • Twitter. It’s… what’s the word… it’s constant. I enjoy it, but I can’t keep up. Especially since I keep following more and more people. I love the way it’s such an intimate little community where I really do get the feeling all of you guys are actually friends. Twitter helps me stay on top of the WoW news and happenings while I’m playing SWTOR and of course let’s me know when my favorite people publish new blog posts. It is also a platform I use to let people know I have published a new post. It’s very much connected to blogging for me. Especially because I follow most of my favorite WoW bloggers. And so, it must go. No more spending 6 minutes out of every 20, all day long, bent over my Droid 3 reading Tweetdeck. It’s done. A week ago I tweeted that I was breaking up with Twitter and I haven’t tweeted a single thing in 7 days. No one commented. No one has noticed. So I guess quitting Twitter will be the easy part. I will keep my SWTOR twitter account active to keep up with my guildies tweeting action. But @_elfindale is retiring.
So the struggle is I want to continue being Elfi but all the other crap is true too.

There’s more. I’ve been really emo for a couple of weeks now and I could really begin rambling about some shit right here. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter. What matters is I feel like I’m doing this space and my readers a disservice by forcing content once or twice a week just for the sake of keeping an audience because I like having one. So I’m going to stop. At least for now. Hopefully I will get rid of the emo, get myself into a better routine of fitting things in that should be priorities (seriously someone figure out how to make me exercise), and get a better handle on my time management so that I can Brett Favre it up and announce that I’m back. See, I want to believe I will one day be back. So I want you guys to realize you don’t have to keep coming here to read whatever crap I’ve thrown together in a rush (lately) because I’m stopping. But if you have ever enjoyed Elfi’s World you should not throw away the link and forget it exists.

And in closing, I’d just like to say to Psynister … uh, sorry dude but I guess I will NOT be updating my “About” page for now. πŸ™‚

Comments on: "The One Where I Act Like Brett Favre" (4)

  1. Good luck Elfi! I will keep you in my reader and on my list of places I have read and enjoyed. Like you, things have moved on for me and I don’t get as much time as I once did to blog and I don’t have the same enthusiasm I once had. I blog when I feel like it for the benefit of me. If anyone else reads it, YAY. If not, then it doesn’t really matter.

    Enjoy what you do and don’t feel obliged to do anything! Have fun, be healthy and happy. I wish you all the best.

  2. Aralosseien said:

    Good luck with everything! πŸ™‚

  3. Your blog was always a joy to read. Good luck with everything, whether you make a comeback or not! πŸ™‚

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