My entire WoW career, I’ve been behind. I started playing during Burning Crusades and since I was a complete noob and leveled as a resto druid (I didn’t know any better), I only reached level 70 about a week or two before Wrath dropped. I was lucky enough to get completely carried through Karazhan by the guild I was in at the time because they had the place on farm status. So I did get to see Kara when it was mostly current and I did get the Vampiric Batling pet that dropped from Prince Tenris during the Scourge event. But I don’t consider that as meaning I raided Kara. Far from it. I also didn’t run many dungeons as there was no LFD tool and I was too shy and polite to bother my raiding guildies by asking for help and/or dungeon runs. Since I’m not a big alt’er, I am still very unfamiliar with most low-level dungeons. I don’t have any of them memorized, layout wise or boss wise. I would estimate I haven’t been through any one of them more than 10 times total, not counting The Stockades which I run above level as a way of farming wool when necessary. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are still some out there I have never even ran yet.

I don’t remember exactly when I finally reached level 80 in Wrath, but I can assure you it was not super fast. The guild pretty much had Naxx on farm mode before I started dipping my toes into the place and even though I did get to run it enough with them that I mostly had it memorized, I certainly didn’t feel as though I was helping with progression at all. I was just someone who was available to go sometimes. I only saw the first 3 bosses of Ulduar (until during Cata when myself and 6 others revisited and completed the place) and the first 3 of Icecrown Citadel (never have finished this place) and I know for a fact there are some dungeons I’ve never completed in Northrend.

When Cata launched I was determined to be better at keeping up. It didn’t happen. Between Cata heroics starting out so damn difficult that I lost my will to heal and the fallout of a major guild breakup and my unhappiness with the situation, I didn’t do jack shit in Cata. I eventually switched guilds after debating it for months but the new guild was in the process of becoming divided so I sorta let myself just fade into the background there. I definitely haven’t been in every dungeon from this expansion and I only got to see the first 2 Firelands bosses once.

Cut to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since pre-launch in a full-time raiding guild. My first ever experience as a weekly, serious raider. Guess what? I love raiding. I’m still raiding in SWTOR with the same guild I started the game with, though I suck at committing to weekend raiding consistently through summer.

During my time in SWTOR, I never left WoW completely. I chose to delete all my real ID friends (all 4 of them) and roll a horde toon on a random server just as an escape because even though I don’t have any personal issues with anyone I’ve been involved with in-game, I also wasn’t in a great place. Does that make sense? I didn’t play much at all for a good 6 month period, but I couldn’t give it up completely. Over the past few months my addiction to WoW finally started to increase once again and just a few weeks before Mists was released I started playing my old Alliance toons and joining new guilds and getting excited about the game like I used to be. This time, this expansion, I am going to get it right. I’m going to do all the content, see all the sights, and thanks to Battletag grouping and LFR, I hope to even see the raids while they’re current.

I power-leveled Elfindale to 90 in 5 days. That was huge for me. Then I took a few days off because my ass and legs were very pissed at me for forcing them to stay in an office chair for so long. Once I logged back in to begin my dailies and start concentrating on endgame, I got lost in a sea of Farmville, Pokemon, and unlimited dailies in numerous zones. I am completely overwhelmed. I know that the Golden Lotus dailies are important for gearing up for raiding but I’m not actually a part of a raiding team, so do I need to rush into that? The Cloud Serpent dailies will get me a cool mount. Fishing dailies would be something I would enjoy and fishing can make me money. Leveling up cooking and growing food seems like fun and a good money maker and important to raiding so maybe I should start there? I am so unsure of where to begin. There are just too many things. I am actually way more interested in pet battles than I ever thought I’d be, so I want to spend some time in that area too.

So here I am, starting an expansion with dreams of being a “real” WoW player for once and already I’m just flitting around aimlessly and not making good use of my time. I have got to figure out how to change that part of me. Transferring servers, playing SWTOR as my main game for a long time, surrounding myself with some different people in WoW and the fact that the expansion seems to be a really great one have all combined to make me a very happy player. But if I can’t find a direction for myself I’m really afraid I’ll end up back in the same routine and I really don’t want to do that. I want to enjoy Mists and all that it has to offer. I want this to be my time to shine.

Are any of you feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do? How are you deciding what to prioritize?

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  1. When I leveled in Vanilla, I too levels as Resto. It also took a long time. I did manage to get into quite a few dungeons though. But by the time I was level 30 or 40, BC had come out. XD

    (Meanwhile, my then-boyfriend had pretty much already gotten either almost to max, and was quickly at level 70 shortly after. XD Rogues. Sheesh).

    But yes, there IS a lot to do in Mists. I’m taking it pretty easy, as I’m STILL only 86. I’m doing my farms on my main and my 85 alt, I’m pet battling when I’m waiting for dungeons or just need to chill for a bit, I’m still posting my auctions. The rest of my guild is all ready to raid, but I’m sure they can manage without me. I can’t increase my gameplay time enough to level fast without enjoying the zones on the way up, but I’ll get there eventually.

    The way I figure, there will be plenty of time to enjoy all this stuff at some point. I’m sure you will find a raid group to go with sooner or later, right? If you want to focus on raiding sooner, you could focus on more ‘raid prep’ activities. There should be plenty of time to do pet battles later, right?

    … (Wrong! LEVEL ALL THE PETS! XD )

    • Lol, nice to see someone shares my pain (and silliness) of what it’s like to level as Resto. I don’t blame you at all for taking your time going through Mists, it’s a great expansion.

  2. Elfi, I have no idea where most of these dailies are. The only ones I can reliable find are the farm ones (Tillers) and the Anglers ones. The others… no idea where they are or what faction or anything! I have been so focussed on pet battling I just seemed to walk around In Pandaria in a haze having my hand held from quest to quest. I pet battled very aggressively because I couldn’t stand being in Pandaria seeing all these pets i couldn’t battle! So when I maxed out 2 pets at 25 before I got to 90 so I could battle in Pandaria 😛 If you love mounts, start with the cloud serpent and do some dungeons I think! If you want to raid, get started on golden lotus, Klaxxi and the other one I can’t remember what the hell it is…. and if you love your professions, do Tillers (farmville) and the Anglers. I hope you find your happy place soon!

    • I haven’t started fishing with the Anglers yet, but I am trying to fit in 1 dungeon a day alongside Tiller dailies and Golden Lotus dailies. I’ll worry about the cloud serpent in a few weeks. And pet battling is totally on my list to begin soon.

  3. So far I’ve found three sets of dailies: The Tillers, The Golden Lotus Club, and the ones that have a pretty dragon egg (no clue what they’re called). Golden Lotus is supposed to open two more hubs, and frankly, I’m finding the entire daily scene pretty overwhelming already!

    The only thing I’m staying focused on right now is my absolute need to get geared well enough for raiding. Other than that, it’s party time! 😉

  4. Yeah, the Golden Lotus ones are my main focus right now because I want to get the other hubs open. It is totally overwhelming, but totally fun. I’m also doing farming and selling food because I love making money. Lol.

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