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Oh Come On, Blizzard. So Not Fair.

Ground is too uneven to pet battle

pet battle uneven ground_1

My WoW Secret Santa Gift Has Arrived

Hooray for getting packages in the mail! Granted, I only check my mail about once a week so it’s very likely this package had arrived days earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. On Monday I got my WoW Secret Santa gift! I have no idea who it’s from AT ALL. Either it’s someone on Twitter I’ve not yet stumbled across or it’s someone who I do follow but clearly have no clue where they live because the return address didn’t ring a bell to me. In fact, the return address thoroughly confused me because it only listed a first name and an address and the first name was the exact same as mine. Even spelled the same, which is not the most common spelling. So I don’t know if my Secret Santa shares a first name with me, or just threw mine in there to stay a secret for a while longer. I didn’t spend too much time pondering about the address though, I jumped right in and started ripping it open.

Once unwrapped I quickly discovered I had NOT been sent a cake:

But the box was filled with goodies much better than a coffee cake:

Aside from the adorable, glittery mouse on the Christmas card, I got a handmade SpongeBob SquarePants ornament. Because he’s my fave cartoon ever. Here’s the front and the back:

And I got two AMAZING origami ornaments. I am so impressed with people who can do this. I love them so much. One is Alliance colors (awesome!), the other is my favorite color (even awesomer!) and I suppose Horde colors 😀

And here’s the whole bundle of wonderful all together. Thank you Secret Santa! I love the gifts so much. I can’t wait to learn who they’re from.

The One Where I Cave To Peer Pressure

I have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of Winter Veil for over a week now; agonizing over which toons would get the most attention so I didn’t have to spend 6 hours a day trying to do all the things. So why is it I’ve spent less than 3 hours logged into WoW since last Friday morning? Because I allowed myself to cave to peer pressure. Not just from one person about one thing, but from two people about two different things. My weekend… it was overwhelming. It was also very fun and I enjoyed it greatly. Except for the part where I didn’t get my fill of WoW time.

Wait? What am I rambling about? I’m talking about how I somehow ended up buying 2 new mmo’s on Friday and played both of them all weekend. My dear friend, Lauren, has been talking up Guild Wars 2 to me since about 6 months before the game launched. Actually, talking it up isn’t quite accurate. She’s been bombarding me with information about it. Lol. Linking articles and youtube videos 4 or 5 times a week during our IM’s at work. There was no pretending to read or watch these things either, she would quiz me afterwards about my opinion on specific things that were mentioned. I can’t even count how many times I’ve told her I don’t have time for another game and I’m not buying it. But last Friday morning she was all excited about the Winter event starting in GW2 and then on top of that she sent me a link where buying the Digital Edition would give me a free upgrade to the Deluxe Digital Edition. Since I know how it is to be excited about world events and since I love getting a good deal on collector’s and deluxe editions, I broke down and bought it right then. I had already downloaded the game client to participate in a trial weekend Lauren talked me into a month or so ago, but I didn’t spend much time in the game that weekend and never really gave it much of a chance. However, it meant my download time on Friday was minimal as I only needed to patch up from trial to full account. I settled in to character creation and then began my adventures. I had seen so many videos, thanks to my friend harassing me for so long, that it was pretty easy to figure out how everything worked. I spent several hours logged in leveling and was really enjoying it.

But then…

While tabbed out catching up with my Twitter feed, I spotted a tweet about Amazon selling The Secret World for only $15 as a special, limited time offer. I have a certain Canadian friend who has been wanting me and a few others to join him in The Secret World. Like Guild Wars 2, it does not require a subscription (it did initially, but that has recently changed) and how can you let a deal like $15 pass you by? So I jumped onto Gtalk and showed him the sale link, which he shared with another of our friends, and she and I both immediately purchased the game. I didn’t start the download for The Secret World until I went to bed Friday night, so I didn’t jump into game play until Saturday. I’m really enjoying it, but I’m finding it hard to think of it as an mmo like WoW or SWTOR or even GW2. It’s more like playing Alan Wake or Silent Hill on Xbox 360 with the addition of General chat and other people running by you. But the 3 of us partied up and hopped into vent and went around killing zombies together. We weren’t always on the same quests, as you are free to wonder around anywhere at any time and pick up random missions (there are no real levels as far as I can tell at this point), but we were all in the same area and crossed paths and helped each other out when we weren’t lined up quest-wise. I actually ended up playing more TSW this weekend than any of the other games combined. Killing zombies is fun ya’ll. It’s a very creepy, very cool game. Plus there are lore objects hidden all over that need to be discovered and that’s right up my alley.

So that was my weekend. I enjoyed my time in both of the new games, which really sucks because I was already having trouble deciding what I wanted to do just in WoW on a daily basis. Now I have even more fun options to choose from. And just for the record, this blog is titled Elfi’s World and my world has now expanded, at least for the time being, but this will remain a WoW blog. I’m not saying I won’t ever briefly mention my adventures elsewhere, but I assure you I will not clog up your WoW feed with posts about other games.

The One Where I Do Some Bragging

As I stated in my last post, I have been running a lot of old content on my Horde toon with a couple of friends so that we can all get our grubby hands on pets and mounts. Of course, we have done Sarth 3D so I have recently acquired the Black Drake and the Twilight Drake, but we hadn’t had much luck getting any of the random drop mounts from other locations. We’ve been doing Malgyos as part of the rotation, even though I cannot strafe to save my life, and headed in there again last night to see if our luck was any better.

After only a few minutes it became obvious that something was different this time around because we were beating on the dragon and he was laughing in our faces. It took longer than normal, but we got to the second phase and suddenly my partner earned the “Denyin The Scion (25 player)” achievement. Aha! Now we know what’s wrong here. We are accidentally trying to 2 man the instance while it’s set to 25 man instead of 10. We did manage to get to the last phase, but I soon died (see previous statement about being terrible at strafing). So we run back, get our bodies and have a moment to decide … are we going to try it again on 10 man or have we wasted enough time here already? Well, we’re already standing here so what the hell.

We change to 10 man, go in and stomp all over everyone and everything and when it was all said and done the Reigns of the Azure Drake drop. Ermahgerd! We both rolled Need and I won it with a roll of 100. I already had the “Needy” achievement, but it would have been awesome if I had earned it on this mount instead. Naturally, in all my excitement I forgot to take a screenshot of the loot dropping but a few minutes later I posed outside of the entrance and included the chat window with my roll in it. Of course, this doesn’t mean we will stop our weekly Malgyos runs because there’s a Blue Drake I need to add to my collection and my friends still need to a chance for these two. But it certainly means I can fly there in style next time we go.

azure drake

Can’t We Do IntPiPoMo Every Month?

How did I manage to go from a post a day for a solid month to no post at all for almost 2 weeks? Well, part of the reason is because last week I had the plague and was too sick to get out of my recliner. The rest of the reason? I don’t really have one. Just haven’t gotten back in the swing of things after the week of sleeping. I have been logging in, but instead of diving right back into the serious business of grinding and gearing my main I have been hanging out on the Horde side with a couple of friends going through all the old content we can for pets and mounts. Derping around can be fun. Especially when you’re raking in pets and mounts while logged into Vent making fun of Canadians and the way they say all their words wrong.

Aside from that, I’ve been not doing much. Sadly, I recently told my SWTOR guild that I was leaving the game because I’ve lost interest in the Galaxy and wasn’t doing any extra work to keep my gear upgraded. I had also grown tired of both weekend nights being filled with raiding. I had been missing raids due to illness and obligations and with the holidays here now, I knew I’d be missing a lot more. I finally had to quit stringing them and myself along and just end it. It sucked. I have good friends there and I have an amazing time when I’m raiding with them. I had actually posted on the guild forums that I was unsubbing, but have since decided not to for now because when I am logged in I have a lot of fun. So we’ll see what happens there. I have a feeling that now that I’ve officially quit, I’ll want to play more than usual. Because that’s what kind of special crackhead I am.

I will resume regular posting here again soon, though. And since I’ve been running a lot of old content, it’s highly likely you’ll see more of the old school screenshots like I have recently posted. Until then, I’m just going to sit here and cuddle with Jasper (who COMPLETELY enjoyed me being in the recliner for a week).