How did I manage to go from a post a day for a solid month to no post at all for almost 2 weeks? Well, part of the reason is because last week I had the plague and was too sick to get out of my recliner. The rest of the reason? I don’t really have one. Just haven’t gotten back in the swing of things after the week of sleeping. I have been logging in, but instead of diving right back into the serious business of grinding and gearing my main I have been hanging out on the Horde side with a couple of friends going through all the old content we can for pets and mounts. Derping around can be fun. Especially when you’re raking in pets and mounts while logged into Vent making fun of Canadians and the way they say all their words wrong.

Aside from that, I’ve been not doing much. Sadly, I recently told my SWTOR guild that I was leaving the game because I’ve lost interest in the Galaxy and wasn’t doing any extra work to keep my gear upgraded. I had also grown tired of both weekend nights being filled with raiding. I had been missing raids due to illness and obligations and with the holidays here now, I knew I’d be missing a lot more. I finally had to quit stringing them and myself along and just end it. It sucked. I have good friends there and I have an amazing time when I’m raiding with them. I had actually posted on the guild forums that I was unsubbing, but have since decided not to for now because when I am logged in I have a lot of fun. So we’ll see what happens there. I have a feeling that now that I’ve officially quit, I’ll want to play more than usual. Because that’s what kind of special crackhead I am.

I will resume regular posting here again soon, though. And since I’ve been running a lot of old content, it’s highly likely you’ll see more of the old school screenshots like I have recently posted. Until then, I’m just going to sit here and cuddle with Jasper (who COMPLETELY enjoyed me being in the recliner for a week).


Comments on: "Can’t We Do IntPiPoMo Every Month?" (2)

  1. No offense, but if you did, I’d unsubscribe from your blog 🙂

    p.s. ❤

  2. That cat is cute, he reminds me of one of my two cats.

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