You guys, this year is going amazing for me so far and based on all the good fortune I’ve had this month, I’m excited to see what lies ahead. A lot of very cool things have happened to me recently and they just won’t all fit in one post, so I’m going to start off by telling you about two very squee worthy happenings involving our amazing WoW community. In chronological order, just to be fair.

First, I GOT NAVISPAMMED!! Woot! What a tremendous surprise. I have been reading of Navimie’s adventures in tracking down members of the community for quite a while now but I never once considered I’d be someone she’d be interested in meeting. I won’t go into great detail about the meeting because she’s already written up a brilliant post with all of the details and plenty of fun screenshots on her own fun blog. I will simply agree with her I was very surprised, I do believe her and I have very similar blogs (though she blows me away with the amount and detail of content) and we totally did jump on the bed in childish abandon. And I will also toss in a few of my own screenshots, although she totally had the screenshot thing covered.

Here we are jumping on the bed:

Here we are being stealthy with Shadowmeld:

And here I am showing off my newly named Teldrassil Sproutling

It was so much fun having Navi surprise me this way. We actually chatted for about an hour and while I taught her that Blingtron will give you pimp clothes, I will admit (with much embarrassment) she had to teach me how to kick my vendors off my mammoth so that she could hop on and get a ride. So it was fun AND a learning experience for us both. Thanks so much for looking me up, Navimie.

NOW ONTO WINNING A CONTEST – I totally did. I won the hell out of a contest and my prize was a brand-spanking new Swift Windsteed. The contest was held on by Aune (@notanna) and began with this post to submit entries on a good name for the new, strange-looking mount being sold on the Blizzard Store. The winning entry would receive a code for the mount for free and amazingly, I somehow was chosen as the winner. Yay! What a good email to receive when you first wake up. You can read my entry in the post Aune wrote up to announce the winner. Thanks so much, Aune, for hosting this contest and providing such a great prize. Here’s a couple of pictures of me taking my new ride out for a spin.



And finally, I will close by saying that I have finally updated my blog’s background image and header image to reflect the new expansion instead of being stuck in Cataclysm. I realize most people read this from a feed reader so they never see my actual blog, but you should totally go check it out at least once. Although I will say I am not thrilled with my header because I couldn’t remember when I was taking screenshots what the dimensions needed to be and I ended up too close up. I will be redoing it slightly, but it’s basically going to be the same as it is.

Comments on: "The One Where I Get Navispammed & I Win A Contest (these events not related)" (2)

  1. And it looks lovely with the new background and header! What a great start to the year ❤ Gosh was it an hour? I'm such a chatterbox! 😀

  2. […] how quickly I could kill shit while I was questing my way slowly up the levels. Then one day, I won a contest and received a Swift Windsteed mount as my prize. A few days after I got the mount I logged into […]

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