Okay, the most amazing thing happened on Saturday. Well, I suppose technically it happened on Thursday, but since I didn’t login to Elfindale on Thursday or Friday, I didn’t know about it until Saturday. However, none of the technical details are important. What is important is that when I did login to Elfi on Saturday and checked my mail, I found an in-game mail had been sent to me from someone named Keevy and attached was a Festival Lantern, the Horde side version of the Lunar Festival pet. Squeee! How freaking cool is that. It had been sent on Thursday, but I had been so busy running alts around all over the land to collect coins and gain experience from the elders, I just hadn’t been logged in on Elfi for a couple of days. The letter accompanying the pet simply said “From someone who has read your blog. <3" and of course, when I looked up the toon name Keevy with the Battle.net armory, it was a level 2 toon. So I have no way of knowing who sent me such an amazing gift.

I had mentioned in my last post that I wasn't enjoying tracking down the elders very much, but trying to get the pet was why I kept going. Then I closed with a mild, mostly sarcastic complaint that I would also have to repeat the painful process on the Horde side so I could get that version of the pet too. I had no idea such a silly little statement would prompt someone to actually purchase the Horde pet for me and roll an alt on my server to get it to me. What a great bunch of people we have in this community. I am so shocked/flattered/excited and very appreciative of such a gesture. I do wish I knew who the anonymous gift-giver was, but if they don't want to reveal themselves then that's their prerogative. But whoever you are, Keevy, you should know 3 very important things:

1). I am very, very excitedly appreciative of your kind gesture and I thank you very much
2). I have replied to your in-game mail and attached a Lunar Lantern (Alliance side version of the Lunar Festival pet) for you to have. If you already have one, you're welcome to sell this one for money or send it to someone else as a gift and make them as happy as you made me.
3). I named my lantern Keevy in your honor and if you wish to reveal yourself to me by another name, I will gladly rename it to that.

Festival Lantern

Comments on: "The One Where I Got An Amazing Surprise!" (2)

  1. Yay that’s awesome! You deserve it – your blog is wonderful! 😀

  2. D’awwwww. Right back at ya, homie!

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