I absolutely love the color red. Not only is it my favorite color, but you can actually sell me all sorts of shit I don’t need just by presenting it to me in red. I’m sitting at my desk at work right now and just in a quick glance I see a red pencil holder filled with red pens and pencils, a red water mug, my red lunch cooler, my red tupperware sitting on top of my cooler, my red mouse pad, my phone’s red case… I could go on. It’s probably a bit ridiculous, but I don’t care. My Nikon 3100 DSL is even red.

Obviously I love the color red in my video games too, though it’s easier to theme things red on the Horde side than on the Alliance side. Which is why when I faction changed my Worgen druid to a Troll druid several months ago, I was excited to be able to choose bright red hair. I wish all my characters could have bright red hair, it makes me sad. I know there are several races that are able to have a natural red hair color, but I don’t actually care for that color. I want the true red. The fire engine, superman’s cape color of red. It was my favorite thing about my troll.

But you know what else I’ve discovered I love? Transmogging. And I have recently completed a transmog set for my troll where the items look so good together I voluntarily changed my hair color away from red to match my outfit. Yes, it’s that big of a deal. It’s such a big deal, I had to show it off to you guys. I think the hair color makes the whole thing even more awesome looking because it’s seriously like an exact match. Also, while I do like the staff I’m carrying (it’s a kick as staff with bonus animation) I would be interested in finding one that goes along with the pale green color scheme a bit more so if you have any ideas, let me know.

Here are the pictures of the transmog outfit I gave up my red hair for and a list of items can be found below the pics.




Head = Runic Leather Headband
Shoulder = Epaulets of the Fateful Accord
Chest = Lunar Eclipse Robes (different colors depending on faction)
Wrists = Contender’s Leather Bracers
Hands = Embossed Leather Gloves
Waist = Melador’s Mercurial Wrap
Staff = Sulfur Stave

One advantage to wearing a robe is I don’t have to transmog my pants.
One advantage to being a troll is my boots don’t show. (not actually an advantage, I hate my troll feet)
One advantage to not displaying your cloak is … your cloak doesn’t display.

Comments on: "The One Where I Gave Up My Red Hair" (12)

  1. That does indeed look awesome! I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one who has changed my troll’s hair colour to match an outfit. ^.^

  2. Now that’s an outfit to change your hair color for!

    • Thanks! It all started accidentally as I didn’t realize Horde version of Lunar Eclipse Robes were colored differently. When I spent all the time and money on the pattern and then making the robes, I was mad they were not what I expected. Almost sold the item, was disgusted and didn’t look at it for weeks. Finally decided to revisit the outfit and now I like it better than what I had originally wanted.

  3. The hair does compliment the outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Maybe it’s an age thing? Some red-heads moderate over time to copper or auburn. It’s a little known fact that ginger Trolls turn aqua when they mature!

    Or if they get scared their hair doesn’t go white, but greenish-blue?

    • OMG, most people never really guess that I’m old but you figured it out. Lol. I mean, my troll. is old. Not me. (cough) O_o

  5. But having multi-colors makes you flamboyant! Or a clown… I need to do this. Lol.

  6. Very nice and for sure the hair makes it perfect! Maybe the Staff of Athen’a?

    • Hey thanks for that suggestion. From the screenshots I saw, that may indeed be a great match. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on that sometime soon.

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