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She Races, She Scores

I had never done the Cloud Serpent Sky Race daily before yesterday. How ridiculous is that? I have no real excuse for it, just have never done it. Is now the time I should admit I have never reached exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpents so I don’t yet have my cute ass cloud serpent mount? Seriously, I’m a total mess. I am close to exalted though. If I would just make myself do all the dailies for 2 or 3 days at the most, I would be done.

Either way, yesterday I decided to head over to the Arboretum and do a couple of the dailies to increase my rep a bit. “The Sky Race” was available so I hopped on my serpent and away I went. I had never done it before so I just took off and flew through as many of the cloud rings as I could, not because I realized it gave me a debuff but because it reminded me of all those years I played Sonic the Hedgehog. My brain could not do anything but concentrate on the rings. Apparently that’s a strategy that works because I was surprised to cross the finish line and see I had finished in first place and had a debuff stack, both of which earned me an achievement. The bonus VP was awesome too.

To make my evening even better, after I wondered away from the Arboretum and herbed my way across the Jade Forest, I happened upon a sparkly and BOOM! Another achievement!

Dragon racing

fortune of Pandaria

Thank Goodness For Pet Drops In Old Raids

After all the time I’ve spent trying to farm rare mounts and not getting any, it’s nice to know there’s a good chance at pet drops to keep me from raging too much. Yesterday I got this cute little dude from Kara. It made me happy.

Menagerie Custodian

Mini Post: The Isle Was A Good Decision

Yesterday I posted that Blizzard themselves are suggesting fresh 90’s should begin questing on the Isle of Thunder to help get geared up and ready for the newly added content. I am not at all a fresh 90, but I was so worried about completing rep for the various factions that I hadn’t ventured over there yet. I was a bit concerned I might have trouble doing the quests because I don’t raid for gear and I assumed the quests would be slightly harder than the Klaxxi and ShadoPan dailies I had been doing.

But I went anyway. I did all of the necessary solo instances and unlocked the beginning of the dailies and I’m back again today doing them. I haven’t had any extra trouble killing mobs. In fact, I’m realizing I was doubting my abilities for no reason – something I also struggle with in real life. So I’m having fun again instead of feeling dread about doing those same old dailies I had been doing. Yes, I will be tired of these eventually but my hope is I won’t have to stay in this area long before I move on to the newer stuff.

Plus today I got the surprise bonus of an achievement. I spotted the gold chest and almost didn’t click on it because I thought “I don’t think I’ve picked up a key here”. Luckily, I’m very curious so I clicked on it anyway. Hooray for achievements!

Thunder Plunder

Go West, Young Druid. Straight To The Isle Of Thunder.

New content has been coming out super fast, which is awesome for the people who are able to keep up and are done with all current content but not so awesome for someone like me who just bumbles along slowly and stops to smell every flower pick every herb. I made it to 90 in 4 days, but when patch 5.1 came out I was behind on grinding rep with most of the MoP factions. I believe I had only done the Tiller rep to exalted and was bff’s with all the farmer people. When 5.2 came out I was still behind. I had gotten exalted with Golden Lotus but only revered and honored with a few of the others. So, hey, guess what? Now that 5.3 is here I still haven’t spent more than a few hours on the Isle of Thunder.

This worried me. I love that content is coming out fast, but I hate the fact that I cannot catch up to it. Part of the problem is that in addition to being mostly casual (and constantly distracted) I am also a completionist. Not a good combination in a game with this many things to do. I never moved on to the Isle of Thunder when it became available because I wasn’t finished with some of the original MoP factions. I’ve never been good at doing dailies anyway so it was slow going. Now we have more new stuff and I am feeling overwhelmed.

In order to try and speed myself along a bit, I had asked my guildies Tuesday night if they had any suggestions on which reps I should concentrate on more than others. I mean, finishing up Shado Pan is probably not going to benefit me at all gear wise but maybe Operation: Shieldwall would. Rather than looking it all up myself I decided to ask them because they are raiders and all current with content. Also, I am lazy. They were completely helpful as usual, so I set off immediately to the areas they suggested and decided to skip over some of the (now) less important things.

But then today at work, I decided to read the patch notes for 5.3. Yes, I realize you all did that weeks ago but I didn’t bother because I knew I wasn’t ready for it. However, I’m glad I looked them up tonight because while I was perusing the site I came across this article which basically lets me know I should skip straight to the Isle of Thunder to help myself catch up. Admittedly, it will bother me a bit to have skipped so many things but I’ve heard such good reviews of the Isle and of the new 5.3 stuff that I think getting a bit caught up and seeing the awesome stuff will outweigh the disappointment in leaving things unfinished.

The reason I’m mentioning it here is because it will be useful information to have for anyone who is trying to get alts caught up and are tired of grinding out Klaxxi rep and the like. Straight from the horse’s mouth – going straight to the Isle is the most efficient way for a fresh level 90 to get caught up.

The One Where I’m Getting My Groove Back

Back when MoP was new and everyone was busy farming their asses off and raising lots of vegetables and cooking lots of things … I was concentrating on making money. I farmed vegetables and immediately sold them on the AH instead of stockpiling them or leveling my cooking. As soon as I unlocked the Songbell seeds, I began planting them for Motes of Harmony and quit vegetables all together. The reason being I could use the motes to make extra Living Steels. Which I then sold for money. I like money. I always want more of it. Strangely, I never really have a lot of in-game money due to not actually playing on a serious daily basis and not having enough high level alts to help support my own crafting. Which means I never really made a huge amount of money off of Living Steel because I had to buy Ghost Iron Bars to make Trillium to then make the Living Steel. While there was a profit margin there, it wasn’t a very large one. Especially considering I only used my daily Living Steel transmute an average of 4 days a week. Or some weeks not at all. But I digress; I never stockpiled vegetables or leveled my cooking. That’s the main point here.

Guess what happened when I decided last week I wanted to become Master of all the Ways? I totally had to buy ridiculous amounts of vegetables and meats. I also had to spend lots of hours fishing so I could bundle them into groceries and trade them in for IronPaw Tokens to buy Soy Sauce and all the veggies and meats that were not available on the AH. I was able to grab some stacks of ingredients from the guild bank and I’m very grateful for that and hopefully payed generously enough to compensate for them, but I still had to come up with a lot of the ingredients myself. My in-game money averages around 15,000 gold (seriously, i have GOT to be better at doing dailies and running dungeons) and while I did accomplish what I wanted to accomplish by the time Saturday afternoon had rolled around, my 15k had dwindled down to around 6k. I feel so broke. But it was worth it to get those achievements and finally have that all finished up.

cooking master

Now I just need to learn to be more dedicated to spending my time in game wisely. I get so easily distracted. I do seem to be heading the right direction though as I made myself buckle down and finish up my Klaxxi reputation by doing those dailies very regularly over the past week.


Maybe the fact that I’m really, REALLY, loving my Death Knight and now have her at level 86 and questing in the Valley of the Four Winds will inspire me to do dailies more consistently. She kicks some serious ass even though I’m merely facerolling my keyboard. I think dailies with her will go much quicker. Plus, she’s now mining ghost iron ore so she can help Elfi transmute living steel without having to pay for mats. It’s actually a little concerning to me that I seem to take down mobs in the Valley faster with my lvl 86 DK than I do with Elfi who has an ilvl of 480. I guess the real test will be if I ever brave up enough to take Morrissa into dungeons. Because I’m playing her by facerolling my keyboard, I’ve been hesitant to do any grouping. I’m such a sensitive little thing sometimes. I don’t want any big, bad internet strangers mocking me. But aside from all that, she seriously kicks ass.

kicking ass

Let The Boring Blog Posts Begin Again

Heads up, suckers! I have found my way back online. My grandfather has improved enough to be moved to a nursing facility near his house for therapy. That means my mother no longer has to stay with me and since he’s back to being 2 hours away and out of danger, I don’t have to spend my days sitting at the hospital. My free time has returned and as a direct result so has my derping around. I’ll admit, the first night I was able to login I did not stay online long. Even though it had only been roughly 5 weeks I had been gone, I had been so focused on other things and so stressed out that I let WoW leave my mind completely. Which resulted in me logging in to Elfindale, gathering my crops and planting new ones, and then standing there in the middle of my farm staring at my bags trying to figure out why I had all that shit and what the hell was it all even for. After about 15 minutes of this brainless staring at inventory, I gave up and logged out.

The next night I logged back in to find my brain had mostly returned to normal and I was able to do dailies, run a scenario and switch over to my DK for some leveling. Ah, it feels so good to be back. I’m behind in that I’ve not done any Thunder Island stuff, so I need to hop over there. However, I think before I get sucked into the island hub, I’m going to finish up some things on Elfi I never got around to, such as finishing off my cooking by completing all of the Ways and getting a few more reputations up to exalted. I will simultaneously work on taking my DK from 86 to 90 so she can fly while gathering ore for me.

In almost related news, screenshots:

The Pandaren Gourmet

Treasure of Pandaria