Back when MoP was new and everyone was busy farming their asses off and raising lots of vegetables and cooking lots of things … I was concentrating on making money. I farmed vegetables and immediately sold them on the AH instead of stockpiling them or leveling my cooking. As soon as I unlocked the Songbell seeds, I began planting them for Motes of Harmony and quit vegetables all together. The reason being I could use the motes to make extra Living Steels. Which I then sold for money. I like money. I always want more of it. Strangely, I never really have a lot of in-game money due to not actually playing on a serious daily basis and not having enough high level alts to help support my own crafting. Which means I never really made a huge amount of money off of Living Steel because I had to buy Ghost Iron Bars to make Trillium to then make the Living Steel. While there was a profit margin there, it wasn’t a very large one. Especially considering I only used my daily Living Steel transmute an average of 4 days a week. Or some weeks not at all. But I digress; I never stockpiled vegetables or leveled my cooking. That’s the main point here.

Guess what happened when I decided last week I wanted to become Master of all the Ways? I totally had to buy ridiculous amounts of vegetables and meats. I also had to spend lots of hours fishing so I could bundle them into groceries and trade them in for IronPaw Tokens to buy Soy Sauce and all the veggies and meats that were not available on the AH. I was able to grab some stacks of ingredients from the guild bank and I’m very grateful for that and hopefully payed generously enough to compensate for them, but I still had to come up with a lot of the ingredients myself. My in-game money averages around 15,000 gold (seriously, i have GOT to be better at doing dailies and running dungeons) and while I did accomplish what I wanted to accomplish by the time Saturday afternoon had rolled around, my 15k had dwindled down to around 6k. I feel so broke. But it was worth it to get those achievements and finally have that all finished up.

cooking master

Now I just need to learn to be more dedicated to spending my time in game wisely. I get so easily distracted. I do seem to be heading the right direction though as I made myself buckle down and finish up my Klaxxi reputation by doing those dailies very regularly over the past week.


Maybe the fact that I’m really, REALLY, loving my Death Knight and now have her at level 86 and questing in the Valley of the Four Winds will inspire me to do dailies more consistently. She kicks some serious ass even though I’m merely facerolling my keyboard. I think dailies with her will go much quicker. Plus, she’s now mining ghost iron ore so she can help Elfi transmute living steel without having to pay for mats. It’s actually a little concerning to me that I seem to take down mobs in the Valley faster with my lvl 86 DK than I do with Elfi who has an ilvl of 480. I guess the real test will be if I ever brave up enough to take Morrissa into dungeons. Because I’m playing her by facerolling my keyboard, I’ve been hesitant to do any grouping. I’m such a sensitive little thing sometimes. I don’t want any big, bad internet strangers mocking me. But aside from all that, she seriously kicks ass.

kicking ass

Comments on: "The One Where I’m Getting My Groove Back" (3)

  1. Now that is a cool picture! And I’m glad you got your groove back 🙂 Gosh I never seem to make money, and I never sell anything so I totally get you on the broke thing – except that I can’t be bothered trying to make money since I never really need anything. You know what? If you decide to get Nomi, suddenly you will go from struggling to buying soy sauce to wondering what to do with all these damn ironpaw tokens…

    • I punted a lot of marmots to get that cool screenshot. 🙂 Also, I’m not sure if I’ll get Nomi or not. I’ve been exalted with the tillers and best friends with all the farmers for a long time, I just never did the cooking. And I’m not sure I’ll ever cook anything again since I’m not raiding, though I suppose I could potentially make money selling banquests.

  2. My goblin accountant got a hold of me the other day, though I’ve been dodging his calls for months: he chided me over never keeping any of the money I make, and treating all alts like charities. Hey, can’t take it with you, I suppose.

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