Mr Pinchy

Last Friday morning as I was derping around in game, two of my guildies asked me if I would join them for a Heroic Scenario. I hadn’t ran one yet because, as usual, I was convinced I would fail. But there was no one else logged in and they were willing to drag me along so I let them. I died once because I didn’t move out of bad fast enough, but other than that I don’t think I dragged them down too much. Luckily I had the quest to complete a heroic scenario in my quest log so as soon as we finished it, I got to go turn it in and get some 517 shoulders. Woot. Plus, we all looked really cute as goblins.

Now that I had new shoulders, I needed to enchant them and once again my guildies were there for me and I was immediately sent the enchant I needed. Being in a great guild makes all the difference, I tell ya. I tried to insist on paying and was denied, but I finally got him to admit he would allow me to send him some Outland herbs to help him level up an alt in alchemy. Me being me, I immediately went to the Outlands and started flying around all the zones picking up all the herbs. While in Terrokar Forest I decided to stop and fish from the Highland Mixed schools of fish for a few minutes because I had never gotten the Magical Crawdad box from Mr. Pinchy. In fact, I believe I had only caught Mr. Pinchy once in all my years and he didn’t give me no damn crawdad. But lo and behold, in less than 5 minutes I had fished up a Mr. Pinchy. My first use was just the health increase blessing. Then I had to wait 4 hours to make another wish. I finished up gathering herbs and mailed them to my guildie, then I logged out and took a nap. Obviously, when I logged back in later, I got my Magical Crawdad. It was a damn good day.

yay guildies

goblin elfi

Comments on: "The One Where I Finally Got My Crawdad" (6)

  1. We really did look adorable in that scenario.

    (And you totally carried your weight there, we got the bonus after all!)

  2. That’s true! We rocked that place.

  3. I am so jealous! Mr. Pinchy has been eluding me for YEARS! I still haven’t gotten a Mr. Pinchy, much less a Magical Crawdad. =( Congrats!

    • Maybe they’ve increased the drop rate now that no one spends much time in the Outlands. It might be worth an hour of your time to go try it again. Good luck and thanks for the congrats

  4. Congrats! Mr. Pinchy is pretty awesome.
    Four hours huh? Didn’t it used to be three days?

    • I believe you are right, it did used to be several days. So freaking glad I didn’t have to wait that long. Ugh.

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