Wait, maybe that came out wrong. Oh well. It really happened. Since mentioning how I wasn’t yet exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpents the other day, I decided to buckle down and do those dailies every day I logged in until I finished that rep. 3 days worth of quests and a few random onyx eggs and I finally got my very own Cloud Serpent. I immediately mounted it. That’s 1. Then I ran over to the quartermaster and bought the other two colors of Cloud Serpents and I mounted them too. That’s 2 and 3. Here’s a picture of me and the happy serpent I raised from a baby with my own hands (even though I neglected him for months at a time).

my serpent

I had also been recently working on finishing all the Lorewalker stuff and I knew I only had like 3 scrolls left to find so I tabbed out to WoWhead, looked up the coordinates of the ones I was missing and took off to finish that up and get my Red Flying Cloud. A few short minutes later, I finally hit exalted with The Lorewalkers and purchased another mount. I immediately mounted it. That’s 4.

flying cloud

As you can see, I got very busy last night. I mean was very busy. I mean …. nevermind.

Sidenote: I love screenshots and when I know that I will be getting an achievement I usually get the camera adjusted and get the scene all prettied so I’ll get a great screenshot when the achievement pops. Unfortunately, for the achievements I got last night (Note: The Lorewalkers exalted also caused me to get 30 exalted reputations), I took the time to set up the shots and then got photobombed both times. Sigh.

cloud serpent


Comments on: "The One Where I Mount Multiple Things" (4)

  1. Call me crazy, but I just couldn’t force myself through the quests for more than a day or two. Maybe I’m just disenchanted from the whole daily thing (and mad that I have to do dailies to ride a mount I spent several weeks earning through heroic achievements). They’re all quite pretty, and congrats to you!

    • Thank you for the grats! I totally feel ya on the dailies thing. That’s why I’m just now getting my serpent, lol.

  2. Look at all those mounts! Grats! You know I did have some suspect dirty thoughts when I first read this post but I see it was all innocent banter 😛

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