I’ve been mounting a lot of things lately but I have one more screenshot I just had to share. It’s no secret that red is my favorite color so of course I’ve been lusting after the Ruby Panther for the longest time now. Thanks to my dear friend, Grace, I now have one of my very own. The poor dear sent it to me from a toon she doesn’t even play anymore after farming all the mats and making it specifically for me. She doesn’t even own one herself. This is on top of the Sapphire Cub and Jade Owl pets she had previously sent me. All without taking any money or mats from me. Isn’t that ridiculous???? Seriously, she’s so freaking amazing; I don’t deserve her. But you better believe I’m keeping all the shit she sends me.

Thanks, Grace. For the pets, the mount and the friendship. And thanks also to our friend More, who entertains Grace and I in vent and in game. He actually spoiled me with a Cinder Kitty several months back. You guys rock! Your generosity and the fun we have ALMOST makes up for the fact that you’re filthy hordies. ALMOST.

ruby panther

Comments on: "My New Favorite Thing" (6)

  1. That mount is sexy! I am so glad you are enjoying it 😀

  2. Awesome looking mount – congratz on having some really great friends too.

  3. Congrats on the mount! are you going to try to get the other four colors?

    • I think I actually will work towards the others. But I’m certainly not going to allow Grace to give them to me for free. I’ll have to start working on increasing my money intake.

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