So the reason for the title of this post is because I have been slowly leveling up a Death Knight for the purpose of mining ore for my main to use for transmuting. Obviously I chose a DK because you get to skip ahead 55 levels. I made her a Night Elf so I could have pink hair. These things are important. Months ago I had worked pretty steadily at getting her into Pandaria so I could get my grubby hands on ghost iron ore. But then I got lazy with her and my leveling slowed way down. Finally I realized I could gather more ore quicker if I’d just buckle down and get to level 90 so I could fly in the new zones. Last night was the magic moment. I finally hit 90 AND I got the Dynamic Duo achievement – which I didn’t even realize existed until last night. I mean, I already had two level 90 characters so I didn’t realize. Obviously the other two level 90s are both the same class so of course I didn’t get the achievement previously.


But the point is, now I don’t ever have to DK again. I can just fly around and gather ore and cut jewels. Though to be honest, I may at some point decide to do more with her. I started off hating melee fighting. I like to stand back and throw things from a distance so I can see more of what’s going on instead of having my face in someone’s crotch all the time. But I will admit after actually running a few dungeons on her to make 88 – 90 go by faster, I got to where I kind of liked my face in someone’s crotch. Errr… wait… you know what I mean. So maybe one day I will decide to do more end-game stuff with her. But for now it is time to work on another lowbie alt. I think I’ll start on my baby Shaman.

In other good news, being done leveling and getting new gear constantly meant I could finally assemble the transmog outfit I gathered while questing in the Outlands. It’s red … SURPRISE!


Comments on: "The One Where I Never Have To DK Again" (7)

  1. I’m sorry I wasn’t online to congratulate you (or was too oblivious). Belated Gratz! I will make an altaholic out of you yet!

  2. Gratz! I’m currently leveling my DK with the intention of her being my third level 90 (got her to 87 today). I too started off hating melee – it’s quite a changed from ranged. I still have issues with facing the wrong way etc. but I’m gradually liking it more & more.

    • Ah, so you know exactly what I’m talking about. Gratz on 87 and I hope you make it to 90 quickly and smoothly.

  3. nelendraplayswow said:

    Congrats to you and your DK! I’m aiming for my 6th 90 soon enough if I decide to venture on with my mage, so am current up to Quintessential Quartet Achievement hehe… I am not sure whether I should be so proud of my 5 character achievement or feel a little bit like a hermit! In my defense, my characters aren’t as geared or loved as much as they should be, I’m let off right? 😛

    • Holy cow! 6 90’s? I’m halfway there but 6 seems so far away. You shold totally be proud of the 5 you already had. That’s awesome.

      • nelendraplayswow said:

        Thanks 🙂 only one is really decently geared, one is kinda and the rest aren’t or are pvp geared hehe. I just can’t break the leveling of arts problem… I always seem to want to level another, I dread the day when I run out of toons to level

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