(Let’s pretend I actually finished this and posted it during the morning, instead of falling asleep at the keyboard and deciding to go to bed and finish it this evening.)

Once again I have proven my brain doesn’t function when it comes to all things Azeroth. My ineptitude is getting so ridiculous, I have decided to embrace it as blog fodder and allow you all to laugh at my silliness in hopes that the joy it brings you will help keep me from facepalming myself into a headache.

So this weekend I began my return to WoW from recent limited game time and as I refocused on things, I really began to lament the poor quality of my weapon. I have a blue staff, ilvl 450. How sad is that? It’s pretty sad. As I looked up gearing lists I realized there’s not a lot of options to upgrade my weapon outside of LFR. There’s a chance of a drop in Heroic Scholomance and a chance of a drop from Galeon, but nothing I can go out and buy or obtain easily. It made me a little grumpy because even though I had ignored my weapon for a long time now, I had promised myself I would queue for ToT LFR this weekend and suddenly upgrading my weapon became a priority.

I mentioned it in guild chat and one of my guildies said “hey, don’t you have the Frostscythe from Lord Ahune?” And I was all like “oh it’s a transmog from last year, had it in my bank.” Then I carried on my merry way of whatever derping around I was currently doing and dismissed the entire conversation. Four hours later my eyes opened wide and this conversation came back to my mind and slapped me upside the head to let me know what a fool I was.

You may recall back in June I wrote a blog post just to be silly and brag about all the Frostscythe’s that were dropping for me since I was doing the holiday boss across 3 toons. My DK got it a couple of times but doesn’t use staffs and my Troll Druid got it and I specifically remember looking at the weapon’s stats and recognizing it as an upgrade so I equipped it on her. Elfi had already transmogged her old one and now I (thankfully) don’t remember specifically if a new one actually dropped for her this year… and I’m glad I don’t remember. Because somehow I went through the holiday never realizing it would be an upgrade for Elfi. As soon as I got the pet to drop on one of my toons, I didn’t even do the fight anymore on any toon. OMG I AM SUCH A MORON.

I just knew Elfi already had it and now my horde toon did too. I never connected the fact that it was an upgrade for my horde druid to the fact that my alliance druid needed an upgrade. HOW DO I FUNCTION AS A HUMAN BEING? Seriously, you guys gotta believe me that I’m not this stupid all the time. I do manage to hold a job and get myself dressed every morning. The moment this all finally blossomed in my head last night, hours after my guildie had mentioned it, I was flabbergasted that I let this happen.

It’s time to finally just admit I have a terrible attention span when it comes to WoW. I come into it like every day is a new day, which is fine for most video games. They are meant to be a mindless distraction. But WoW is more to me than a video game. It’s a community and one that I’ve been a part of for years now. I want to be better at it but my brain seems to just login and go “yay, distraction for the human so I can sleep” and I skip off into the sunset looking for sparkling flowers. So I have finally realized, I need a WoW notebook. And a stack of post-it notes. If I can’t force my brain to remember that the last time I played my shaman she needed to go to SW and train up mining before questing again, then I’ll start writing that shit down. Here’s hoping it works.

Comments on: "Monday Morning Confession" (9)

  1. You’re not alone! As I’m not that fussed about gear I often forget what type of gear certain classes want/need and even what’s stats! I’ve also failed a number of times by looking at an item and thinking the stats aren’t better to find that I’d have got a set bonus etc.
    I have a pad of paper beside me which is littered in jibberish notes that somehow help me to remain slightly efficient when it comes to WoW. It varies from scribbles on cool gear that I’ve seen to notes on blog ideas and ‘to do’ lists. Hopefully it will help you too 🙂

    • I have to google stats all the time, especially for my little lowbie alts that don’t get much attention. I feel ya.

      • Haha yeah, I’m the same. One day I will get around to writing it down so I can just flick back & see.

  2. I can only second what Jojo said. I’ve been running around with a belt buckle and gem in my bags not on my shiny belt which I bought on friday. I also have notes, as with work, I tend towards post it notes rather than an actual note pad but I find it doesn’t always save me from myself.

    • Post it notes in a notebook seems to by the way I’m headed. Lol. Gems and enchants I usually remember, though not always, but reforging is what I always forget. Plus I never know if I’m reforging right.

  3. acbarberi said:

    Yeah my attention span in WoW was bad too which is why I didn’t like playing alone as much.

    • I like the social part of being in a guild and having friends on real ID, but I do tend to actually play solo because I don’t want anyone else to notice all the things I’ve forgotten to do or have done wrong. 🙂

  4. Fortunately, for me with one toon, I never have to worry about those things! I am amazed you can remember what each one needs – I struggle with my only one toon !

    • I struggled when I only had one toon also. And even though Elfi’s not my only level capped toon anymore, she’s been my main since day 1 and I still don’t know everything about her I should know.

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