I, uh … I have had the… uh, pleasure(?) of having a battle pet named after me by my bff, Grace.


For those who know me only as Elfi, my real name is Kristy, people call me Kris, and Grace and I actually met in SWTOR where my character name was Kristalys. My level 90 Troll druid that I use to run around with Grace in-game is Krisstalys, so she’s never really known me as Elfi. I think I’m grateful for that because filthyelfi would somehow be worse. Lol.

Comments on: "The One Where I’m …. Flattered?" (7)

  1. acbarberi said:

    Haha cool beans

  2. lol that is awesome

  3. …resolves to run home and name a pet “filthyelfi”
    Maybe a disgusting oozeling? OozingElfi?

  4. Hehe, I named mine after the person who gave her to me too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It could be worse. Weren’t you the creator of “Alashole”?

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