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#wowscreenshotaday 29 – Gold and #30 Found

Geesh, I kept up with this challenge really well until the last few days and then somehow I got things all behind. Anyway, this is the last of them and I actually found it more challenging than I expected so I really enjoyed it. Thanks goes to Tycertank from Toonacious for the challenge.

#29 – Gold


#30 – Found


#wowscreenshotaday 28 – 10 o’clock


10 o'clock


#wowscreenshotaday 27 – WTF?



#wowscreenshotaday 26 – Curve


#wowscreenshotaday 23 and 24

#23 – From My Childhood

At first I thought this was going to be hard, but then I remembered I had renamed my perky pug after my very first irl puppy. My puppy wasn’t a pug, she was just a mutt. But the pictures of her and I together are adorable. I was 3 years old (so the story goes) when my parents got her for me and that’s how she ended up with the name Waggytail. Seriously, I was adorable. Lol.


#24 – Space

WoW 2011-05-03 20-39-34-12

#wowscreenshotaday 22 – Made Me Smile

Seriously, how could anyone not smile at a companion who is an adorable stove and flips pancakes? Blizzard, I would hand you real live cash money for this thing IMMEDIATELY.

made me smile

#wowscreenshotaday 21 – Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a very important and powerful composition guideline for any type of visual media from paintings to web design. I am actually glad this came up in the screenshot challenge because I have really let my photography lapse and I have certainly gotten lazy with my screenshots. Now that I’ve been gently reminded how much improved an image can be by following something as simple as the rule of thirds, I hope to further improve my screenshots.

P.S. The other purpose of this screenshot is to show off my new Great Brewfest Kodo which I won last night. Finally, after all these years.

rule of thirds


#wowscreenshotaday 20 – In The Morning