I’m off to a late start, but I have decided to participate in the September WoW screenshot a day challenge. The plan is to get me back in the habit of setting aside time for blogging more than 3 times a month. This post includes days 1, 2 and 3 to catch me up so please scroll down to see them all. Hopefully I will be able to keep up from here.

#wowscreenshotaday Day 1 – Together

This particular day just has to include a couple of screenshots from games outside of WoW to help you all understand why I love WoW as much as I do. My buddy, Grace, who is featured beside me in these screenshots (and many, many more across multiple games) is just one of the amazing people I have met through gaming. I’ve had the great fortune of going to Ren Faires with friends and guildies, spending a week’s vacation in Utah with two former guildies who are still friends and remain very special to me today, and will have the great fortune of going to this year’s Blizzcon with a friend to meetup with a good chunk of current guildies and friends. It’s getting to spend time with such amazing people like this, both in game and out, that makes my heart happy. I’m grateful for all of the friends and guildies I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, even the ones I don’t keep in touch with any longer.




#wowscreenshotaday Day 2 – My Name Begins With…

Okay, this won’t be a habit, but this is not actually a screenshot. I could not think of any creative way to do this with a screenshot, so I just took the easy route and stole a pic from the internet. This is Elfindale Manor and it’s the reason for Elfi’s name.


#wowscreenshotaday Day 3 – Lines

No one said the lines had to be straight



Comments on: "#wowscreenshotaday Day 1 through Day 3" (4)

  1. OneCrazyPaladin said:

    You’ve got some pretty good shots in there.

    Not sure I’m going to do the screenshot challenge this time. Last month was fun, but I dunno… I need some new ideas instead! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I totally missed out on last months, but I can understand how two months in a row would be difficult. Good luck with the new ideas. πŸ˜€

  2. You know … I read your TOR blog and never realized that it was YOU. xD

    Also, I loved the story about how Elfi got her name.

    • Lol, how funny that you read “All For The Wookiee”. I wasn’t hiding out on purpose but some of my SWTOR guildies were sort of hiding out, so I just stayed anonymous out of respect for them. I actually really miss that game and I wish they hadn’t screwed up free to play so bad.

      When are game companies going to figure out they should either charge by usage (as in $.25 an hour billed at end of month or sell like 1 week game time for $3? They’d totally find me sneaking in some SWTOR time that way. I just don’t have the time for it regularly enough to pay $15 for it.

      /end whining. Sorry about that. πŸ˜›

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