I have Blizzcon brain. If that’s not already a known medical condition, it should be. Unfortunately, because of my Blizzcon brain, I am not able to accurately describe the symptoms. Basically my anticipation and excitement have been ramping up at such astronomical levels recently that my brain is just sort of swollen and numb. I am so excited, I can no longer express any excitement. Does that make sense? I mean, I’m spending all this money to travel halfway across the country to celebrate a video game and the sheer joy of knowing I get to do that has affected my brain in such a way that I’ve only played this game I’m celebrating about 3 hours in the past week. Do you know why, because every time I sit down to play I go all BLIZZCON!!!

I did, however, manage to have a rare stroke of luck and on Monday evening when I logged in I immediately traveled to the Darkmoon Faire and as soon as I zoned in someone announced the Darkmoon Rabbit was up. I had never seen him, dead or alive. I immediately whispered the dude and ran straight over there. We killed him with approx. 13 people and I lost the roll on the pet by 3. But I wasn’t too upset. I didn’t really expect to get the pet on my first ever kill. I sure was excited to finally get the achievement though.

darkmoon rabbit

As soon as we were through there, someone announced Moonfang would be up in a few minutes. Unlike the rabbit, I have killed Moonfang several times; but I ran straight over there so I could have another chance at Moon Moon. While we waited a few minutes for the spawn I was going through my inventory and I randomly decided to trigger Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner because ghostly skeleton pirates are cool. Next thing I know, someone near me had set down a Brazier of Dancing Flames and this weird combo happened. Everyone got a big laugh out of it.

ghost dancer

Oh, and hey – in less than 12 hrs I will be in the air. Have I mentioned I’m excited? ‘Cause I totally am. Kim and I are going to have so much fun.

Comments on: "The One Wh…. BLIZZCON!!!" (7)

  1. I hadn’t even heard of the Darkmoon Rabbit.. where on Azeroth have I been lately?! That’s so exciting about BlizzCon though – living in Australia it makes it harder for me to go to such events, but one day… one day I will go! I can definitely understand the BlizzCon brain though, I am suffering it myself and I am only waiting in anticipation for the virtual ticket stream to start so I can’t even imagine the excitement you’re feeling! Have heaps of fun and a good flight πŸ™‚

    • Don’t worry about not knowing about the bunny… I’m sure there are thousands of game related things you know that I don’t. I’m always behind on news. πŸ˜›

      I hope you are able to make it over for one sometime. This is my first one and I’m glad I was able to make it work. Hope you enjoy the virtual stream!

      • Thanks πŸ˜€ Yeah, 2015 or 16 looks to be a good time, provided BlizzCon is on and everything works out – just sucks it has to be that long but with work, BF and his uni stuff, and other sucky IRL stuff it makes it hard.. not to mention the price of airfares and stuff for me haha, but that doesn’t bother me in the end, just going to one would be entirely worth it for me.

      • Ugh, I can’t even imagine what airfare would be from Australia.

      • I’m looking at the very cheapest being about $900 one way so let’s just estimate about $2000 return, plus accommodation and taxis and all that good stuff getting to Anaheim haha! That’s also 1 person, so double that if I traveled with my BF! πŸ˜› Unfortunately it doesn’t help that I am on the west coast of Aus so there is an extra flight just to get a direct flight to LA… though could do some own country sight seeing while I am there πŸ˜›

      • holy crap! I wish you the best of luck in making it work.

  2. I have Blizzcon Brain too, and I’m not even going! eeeeeeeee, so exciting! Have a wonderful time!

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