For worst designed path to flightmaster in all of WoW – (drumroll please) – Nethergarde Keep, Blasted Lands

Here’s a detailed look into how this was chosen as the winner!

Coming in HOT! Nope, forgot to jump
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-11-51-95

Jumped! Oh, fuck me
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-12-21-93

Coming back around! MOVE YOU FUCKING BIRD
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-12-59-70

Woo, I got this now! OMG, it’s Deadman’s Curve
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-12-48-34

I can see the top! Nope, forgot to jump
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-13-56-30

Jumped! Oh, fuck me
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-14-00-55

Coming in HOT! A little too hot…
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-13-25-53

Screw you Deadman’s Curve! Oh fml, hang on
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-13-33-16

VICTORY! And only 20 seconds faster than it would have taken me to run to Stormwind
Wow-64 2013-11-26 12-15-40-60

Comments on: "And The Winner Is …." (3)

  1. LMAO Elfi!

  2. Tee Hee. This post made me realize how I truly am my own biggest fan because I have giggled about it all day.

  3. Heh. I’ve been dual-boxing while leveling lately since self-RAFing which in my case is 98% just having one toon following the other, which (aside from changing zones where CRZ often turns off follow and I have to re-enable) has been almost entirely successful… and that stupid flight master is the ONLY place I encountered in-game in the entire 1-85 experience where I COULD NOT get the follow toon up without manual intervention. Spent a few minutes trying (I’m stubborn, without the capital S) but eventually gave up and ran it up myself. That is a really stupid place for them to have put the flight master. Or ANYTHING you actually need to get to. I mean, I managed to navigate those stupid mage towers with the random direction stair thingies with a follow toon without incident. But that stubby little tower of eternal hell? No joy.

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