Good news, everyone! Well, good news for me anyway. Approximately 1 hour after posting about archaeology last Friday and talking about what a grind it can be, I got my second canopic jar and it contained the Vial of the Sands recipe. So maybe I don’t really dislike archaeology anymore. Between accomplishing the Sandstone Drake and getting lucky with the Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank, I’d say this mostly annoying profession has done me well.

I know some of you love flying around and digging and more power to you. I enjoy fishing even though a lot of people don’t. But for those of you who are still trying to gain some of the arch items and don’t love waiting for a dig in Uldum to spawn, I’d highly recommend just digging in Pandaria like I did and crating artifacts to turn in for Tol Vir crates. The continent you have to fly around is much smaller and while you’re going from digsite to digsite you can still gather current herbs & ore, watch for rares you haven’t killed yet, do some dailies for factions you might need rep with, etc. It’s a great way to work on arch while also staying in current content and doing current things.



Comments on: "The Archaeology Update Post: So This Happened" (5)

  1. I want that so badly! Both the recipe and the mount… I could ask a guildie to craft it for me, but I don’t know them that well.. and I have a max level alchy, I am sure I should be self sufficient haha!

    • Well best of luck to you. It’s not exactly an easy thing to get. Also, the mats are pretty pricey (as in the vial required and the sands of time) so you should totally look them up and start collecting them now even before you get the recipe. 🙂

      • Pretty sure I have everything, except maybe the bars but I am pretty sure I got them a few months ago… Might have been prepared in wrath or cata for it haha!

  2. Big congrats! It took me a while to find cause I’m such a dope and didn’t read. My poor Druid spent some time looking for it and she’s not an alchemist, lol. Finally caught on and my Hunter the alchemist was finally successful although she was pretty mad at me that she had to take up archeology!

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