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The One Where I Took The Plunge

Yesterday I wrote an unplanned post about how I just don’t seem to be too focused when I’m logged into WoW. It was prompted by hearing patch 5.2 will be dropping very soon and I just jotted it all down in about 5 minutes based off the emotions the patch news triggered with me. The post got a bit more attention than my posts normally do and I just wanted to take a quick moment to assure everyone, I do enjoy this game and I do have a hell of a lot of fun even when I’m not accomplishing anything. It wasn’t intended to be a complaint, just sort of a “lol, seriously where does the time go” realization. The problem is not that I don’t have fun or that I feel I must be somehow progressing to validate even bothering to play. The problem is I want to do all of the things. I have always been this way in all areas of my life. If you put any faith into astrology, you could chalk it up to the fact that I’m a Virgo.

I am 100% just like that (minus the whole working out thing… while I do have a storehouse of information about diet and health I haven’t quite gotten myself to use it on me). I am a perfectionist. I am a worrywart. I LIVE to serve. That doesn’t mean in the menial sense of fetching you drinks while you lounge on the couch (though I absolutely do tend to wait on people hand and foot to the point of annoying them) but more in a “whatever you may need, I will do my best to provide you with it” kind of way. I believe I can solve everyone’s problem by applying my logic to it and I want to solve problems for people. Except math problems. Get the fuck away from me with your math. Ugh.

The servitude thing is why I spend a lot of time picking shiny flowers to send to friends for flasks, or put in the guild bank for raid flasks even though I’m not on the raiding team. The perfectionist thing is why I jump from one activity to another one every 15 minutes, because I want to be good at pet battles, transmogs, gold-making, dps’ing, etc. all at once. When I am struggling a bit being good at something, like dps’ing, it really hurts my feelings and I tend to begin to worry about it. Yep, I’m a worrywart. Ask Alas, she can tell you. This worrying will build up and frustrate me and if I don’t feel like I’m resolving the issue then I will simply start to avoid it. Which is why I am so hesitant to actually run heroics and had avoided LFR while desperately wanting to jump in there all at the same time.

Luckily I have people in my life who know me well enough to understand I don’t act this way to be a pain in their ass, but because it’s who I am and no matter how badly I want to, I can’t control it. Which is exactly why after Kimber read yesterday’s post she was the first to leave a comment and tell me she was dragging my ass through LFR. And she totally did. We did Mogu’shan Vaults 1 & 2 and Heart of Fear 1 & 2. I would have loved to do Terrace of Endless Spring as well, but unfortunately I ran out of time and had to get ready for work. It was awesome. Kim hopped into Skype with me so she could give me some helpful hints or answer my questions without either of us bothering with push to talk. In our first group, the raid wiped once on Gara’jal the Spiritbinder but that was my only death the entire night. We one shot everyone else. It was bloody brilliant. I am assuming from all the bad things I hear about LFR groups that we just happened to get very lucky with some good runs. I’m glad we did, because my confidence needed it. I didn’t top the meters by any stretch of the imagination but I also didn’t come in at the bottom. Most importantly, not once did anyone call me a douchebag, or yell at me to do something different, or anything of the sort. I had sort of expected to witness general trolling and asshattery from everyone towards everyone, but really all 4 groups were very quiet and did their shit right. We did have 1 guy get kicked for needing on a blue trinket, but I didn’t vote to kick him so it was out of my control.

All in all it was a brilliant night. I had a lot more fun than I expected, the fights weren’t as hard as I expected, and douchebaggery wasn’t as evident as I expected. Plus I got to spend a few hours making as much fun of Kim as I could. I even got a few good drops and my ilvl is now at 180 so I am actually able to get into the new, upcoming LFR as soon as it’s enabled. BONUS! The drops I got last night were Spaulders of the Divided Mind, Fragment of Fear Made Flesh, and Light of the Cosmos.

All in all yesterday was excellent. Big thanks to my friend, Kim for helping me realize I actually can do LFR and big thanks to everyone who read yesterday’s post and left comments for me and retweeted it. You guys all rock!

The One Where I Finally Have My First Complete Transmog

In my continued tradition of remaining far behind the trend with things in-game, I have finally completed my first full transmog set. My beloved Elfi is, of course, the recipient as I would feel very guilty tricking out one of my alts before showing Elfi some tender loving care. Now, it’s not perfect; the professional transmoggers out there should probably not look too closely. The belt could probably be better and the red shirt I am wearing underneath is a bit too bright causing a slight color mismatch. Luckily, you can only see a slight glimpse of it right above the gloves so it doesn’t bother me at all. I did try just removing the shirt, but seeing a flash of skin there did bother me, so I put my shirt back on and have decided to leave it like it is. Honestly, I’m very happy with it. I’ve been wearing it for about 3 days now and every time I shift out of moonkin form and see my fancy red clothes, I always stop to proudly admire how awesome I look. Like I said, it’s not the most professional set but it was easy to obtain and didn’t cost a lot. I am completely thrilled with it.

Here are pictures of front, back and with tabard. Below the pictures you will find WoWhead links to the items.

transmog front

transmog back

tabard transmog

List of items:
Head slot = Imposing Bandana
Shoulder slot = Wyrmhide Spaulders – DRUID ONLY
Back slot = Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak
Chest slot = Wyrmhide Robe – DRUID ONLY
Hand slot = Wyrmhide Gloves – DRUID ONLY
Waist slot = Prospector’s Sash
Leg slot = Wyrmhide Legguards
Feet slot = Bard’s Boots
Weapon slot = Key to the Planes
* I just realized while typing this up I didn’t do anything with my bracers, but I’m guessing they’re not visible because I’m not noticing an issue

The One Where I Join A New Guild & Rant About Tempest Keep


Gather ’round, everyone. I have an announcement to make. As you can see by the magical floating text being displayed above my head, I have joined a new guild. Some of you may recall I recently mentioned I was casually looking for a new guild to be … err, casual in … and I am happy to report I have found myself a new home. The wonderful people at Business Time graciously allowed me to spend a couple of weeks with them on an alt so we could get to know each other and I could gauge if there was more social activity during the main hours I am logged into the game than there was in my current guild. I am happy to report they didn’t immediately hate me and they are indeed more chatty and have more people online at once than I had been previously experiencing. On Saturday night they offered to let me make them my new, permanent home. I moved Elfindale over that night and have really enjoyed seeing all the good-natured guild chat and how they all pick on each other. So while I always get a little sad and totally feel bad when I leave a guild behind, I can’t help but be excited to have a more social experience now. Thank you, Business Time, for letting me hang with you guys.

announcement2In other news, I am frustrated. Can you tell? Even though my friend Grace can easily solo Tempest Keep (and in fact, last week she finally got the Ashes of Al’ar mount. YAY!) and has explained her method to me in vent I am still going in there and dying repeatedly after I burn all the weapons down and the 4 asshats that are Kael’thas sidekicks make their way back to me. At the start of the fight, I am running back to the entrance & downing those 4 in varying intervals between the entrance and Kael’s room, but as they all come back to life once the weapons are dead I just am unable to do anything else. Even with the staff equipped and being used, I stay stunned, disoriented, silenced with no chances to heal myself or throw more than one or two instant spells until finally I’m dead. I read on the forums that there seems to be a bug where the buff from the staff does not work and others have experienced the same problem I am having. But it’s odd that I would get that bug every time and Grace never saw it once. Stupid Undead Priests. 😛

The One Where I’m Making Some Progress

At the first of the year I wrote a post about how I was finally ready to make my time in WoW all about me instead of following a crowd or doing things because I felt they were the expected order of things. I mentioned I was going to work on setting some specific goals for myself concerning what my top 3 or 4 main focuses would be. I haven’t actually decided on any specific goals yet, but I certainly have made sure I’ve done more than login just to sit idly and hope some sort of opportunity walks up and smacks me in the back of the head. I’ve been spending more time on alts and just doing whatever random things I have felt like doing. It’s been a lot of fun. I have a total of 11 characters across 4 servers now and between those 11 characters I am in 2 different Horde guilds on a permanent basis, 2 different Alliance guilds (1 as a trial member on a Shaman I’m leveling just to check the guild out) and 2 characters who are guildless just because I like them that way at the moment. I’m feeling pretty good with the state of things and I can tell I’ve actually managed to let go of a lot of the pressure I was putting on myself for no reason. I’m like a free spirit in-game currently. Logging in to whatever faction, guild, character I feel like without worrying about needing to put face time in anywhere with anyone. Well, except for my besties in Cat Ate It on Proudmoore. When they are online I come running cause they’re awesome.

Point is, as a result of this recent free spirit attitude of mine I’ve actually been accomplishing things. This will be completely boring to anyone besides me, but thanks to the wonderful add-on Multishot, I can actually easily see that over the past 2 weeks I have achieved a lot. There are a few that appear to be duplicates, but they were done on separate characters so they count as a new one in my book. And I apologize in advance for the crappy, inconsistent sizes and resolutions of these screenshots. I was lazy and did this at work where I don’t have my fancy photo editing software.


My WoW Secret Santa Gift Has Arrived

Hooray for getting packages in the mail! Granted, I only check my mail about once a week so it’s very likely this package had arrived days earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. On Monday I got my WoW Secret Santa gift! I have no idea who it’s from AT ALL. Either it’s someone on Twitter I’ve not yet stumbled across or it’s someone who I do follow but clearly have no clue where they live because the return address didn’t ring a bell to me. In fact, the return address thoroughly confused me because it only listed a first name and an address and the first name was the exact same as mine. Even spelled the same, which is not the most common spelling. So I don’t know if my Secret Santa shares a first name with me, or just threw mine in there to stay a secret for a while longer. I didn’t spend too much time pondering about the address though, I jumped right in and started ripping it open.

Once unwrapped I quickly discovered I had NOT been sent a cake:

But the box was filled with goodies much better than a coffee cake:

Aside from the adorable, glittery mouse on the Christmas card, I got a handmade SpongeBob SquarePants ornament. Because he’s my fave cartoon ever. Here’s the front and the back:

And I got two AMAZING origami ornaments. I am so impressed with people who can do this. I love them so much. One is Alliance colors (awesome!), the other is my favorite color (even awesomer!) and I suppose Horde colors 😀

And here’s the whole bundle of wonderful all together. Thank you Secret Santa! I love the gifts so much. I can’t wait to learn who they’re from.


IntPiPoMo 2012: Day 24 – Yep, Still My All-Time Favorite Place

So This Panda Thing…. (no real spoilers)

When Mists of Pandaria was first announced during last year’s Blizzcon, my heart sank. I just didn’t understand it. What are they doing to my beloved game? How am I supposed to take Pandas seriously? Months later, my thoughts towards this expansion haven’t necessarily been changed but they have resigned themselves into complete acceptance. It is what it is. It’s old news now. The shock has worn off and I’m over it. Luckily I acclimated just in time to be able to look forward to the beta with a bit of excitement. This weekend I finally got to dip my toes into MoP and I gotta tell you… my first impressions were very good. I really don’t know what I was so upset about to begin with. I’m not someone who’s necessarily afraid of change, so it was more than that. I guess it just sounded so ridiculous.

Hey, guess what? Blizzard pulled it off. The female panda’s are adorable. I knew the Asian themed areas would be stunning, that was never a concern, but they were even more stunning than I had hoped. I won’t go into much detail here for those who are trying to halfway avoid spoilers but I got instantly excited just seeing the changes to the character creation screens. Once I got my Pandaren looking all cute, I had to name her. I couldn’t use Elfi in my name since a Pandaren is not an Elf, but I did want it to be as recognizable as possible because I know there are a lot of people from my Google Reader and Twitter feeds on the Lost Isles server where I am. I finally came up with Jadeindale as a pretty good combination of an Asian themed name and something that’s a part of my normal naming convention. I know I won’t be spending a lot of time logged into the beta, but if you are there and ever run into Jadeindale feel free to give me a wave or a hug.

As I mentioned above, I have no desire to spoil anything for anyone who is trying to go into the expansion’s launch blindly, so I won’t go into any quest details here. But in my 9 levels the quests were a pretty good combination of fun and serious. The only really tedious part about the Pandaren starting area is the fact that it’s a hotspot of activity with dozens of players doing the exact same quest as you every time. But that’s to be expected. I’m a very patient person, so that didn’t bother me at all. Besides, it gave me time to climb up on nearby rocks and take screenshots. I know by now you guys have seen the scenery before, but here are a few of the shots I took on Sunday.

Yes, I do apologize for the crappy looking gray text on those screenshots. I have always watermarked my screenshots before with an online photo editing application called Picnik (, but unfortunately Google+ has purchased it and is taking it offline to make it only available through a personal Google+ account. They already did that to PicasaWeb, so I’m not sure if this means they are completely shutting down PicasaWeb or they’re just trying to control all photo editing software. I am normally a Google fangirl, but I have never been a fan of Google+. Sometimes I want to edit photos and share them with people who are actually strangers across the country and will not be at my next family reunion and therefore they don’t need to see my real name and various other information just because they clicked on a photo I posted on my blog. /rant

Sorry about that. Point is, I haven’t been able to find a good replacement for Picnik, so things are a bit rudimentary right now. I realize that Photoshop and PaintShop Pro, etc. are excellent photo editing resources, but the thing about Picnik was you could upload 100 photos to it’s website and edit them online from anywhere. Which meant it was easy to do at work. I will never have Photoshop on my work pc so that’s the difference. Besides, we’re just talking screenshots here and not serious photography. If anyone has any suggestions for some sort of replacement, let me know.

Back to MoP… the verdict is – I liked it. I really enjoyed myself and had fun playing. There are so many cute new creatures too. I fell in love with the field yak for some reason. Took a lot of screenshots of those things. Yep, I guess WoW didn’t jump the shark after all.

The One Where I Got My MoP Beta Invite

I have got to learn to make my post titles a bit more vague sometimes. I mean, what else can I say here? The title says it all. Last night at 8:00pm CDT, I received my official invite to the Panda beta. Unfortunately, I was knee deep in SWTOR playing around with all the changes Bioware implemented in yesterday’s patch. So I downloaded the executable file, but didn’t let it begin downloading the beta because I didn’t want to suck up too much internet while I was trying to run around in space. So, I’m doing that now. I’m off work for the weekend and I’m planning on spending at least a few hours in MoP checking it all out.

Actually, my email brought me several gifts last night all right in a row. It was a much needed happy ending to a Thursday evening because my Wednesday evening sucked major ass. I wish I could tell you how, but it’s relevant to my secret SWTOR identity. 😛