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Guild Officers Should Not Be Allowed To _______

Recently I overheard a discussion about what GM’s and guild officers should and should not be allowed to do with alts and it has really struck a chord with me. Since there are no written rules to how a guild is ran or what is expected of officers, I have no way of determining which of the opposing opinions is the one most commonly believed or followed. So I thought I would present it to you, interwebz, and see what your opinion is on the subject.

Now to the specifics. I only witnessed the dialogue between 2 people. Let’s call them Person 1 and Person 2. Basically, Person 1 believes that it’s okay for a GM or officer to have alts in the opposite faction and alts on different servers than the guild, but they should not be allowed to have alts that are the same faction and on the same server as their guild but are not in the guild. Person 1 thinks this is a disservice to the guild and means the officer has no loyalty to the guild. No alts allowed outside of guild on same server. Period.

Person 2 started off being a bit of a smart ass, saying that Person 1 should treat all alts the same. Why differentiate between whether they are on the same server or not? If an officer is logged into another server he is not serving his guild then either. Person 2 doesn’t see why some are acceptable but some are not.

Person 1 was not amused with Person 2’s attempt at humor.

Person 2 then got serious. If an officer has an alt somewhere outside of the guild (no matter the server or faction) that they begin logging into more than their officer toon, and they begin not showing up to events, etc. then Person 2 can see how that would be a problem. But if an officer has an alt on the same server in a different guild and are still available to their main guild at all times and participates in every event, actively recruits, actively works for the better of the guild… then what’s the harm if they spend 3 or 4 hours a week logged into another guild? Are officers not allowed to have friends outside of the guild? Does spending time in another guild during your guilds downtime really indicate you don’t give a shit about your guild and don’t deserve to be there? How many more times can I say the word guild in just one paragraph?

I’m perplexed by this debate. Neither of the people involved are troublemakers or constant complainers. As far as I can tell they are friends and get along just fine. So why is this suddenly a topic of discussion? How can it be resolved? Is there any middle ground here?

So what is your opinion about how an officer should behave? Do you think alts in other guilds are something that should be against the rules for officers? Or should it depend on the situation and the individual actions of an officer? And what other rules should there be concerning officers and potential conflicts of interest? Someone really needs to write an Idiot’s Guide To Being A Guild Officer or something similar. I know each guild will choose to do things their own way, but there’s bound to be some general guidelines that we can learn. Someone, please teach me.

The One Where I Attempt To Return To Normal

I’m only speaking of returning to normal blogging, of course; I can’t return to normal as a person because I have never once been there to begin with. But hopefully I will now be resuming a more regular schedule of posting and get back to entertaining myself. If you’ve been reading my ramblings for the past month you will know that I have moved into my own place this weekend. My roommate for the past 5 years (my brother) has gotten himself engaged and the wedding is upcoming, so it was time for me to abandon ship. I decided to put on my big girl panties and take on a 2 bedroom / 2 bath apartment with no roommate. SCARY! Not because I’m by myself, I’ve lived by myself for years in the past, but because it’s about $400 more than I’ve ever spent for a monthly rent or house payment. And no, I did not live in tents before. Even though I am at a job where I make more money than any job I’ve ever had previously, we are also in an economy where it costs me $60 to fill up the gas tank of the same car that only cost $25 or so to fill up when I bought it 4 years ago. This weekend I paid 2 months worth of rent, $100 deposit on my new electric account, $40 for the truck and trailer involved in moving, and over $100 worth of food and drink for all the people who helped me move over these past few days. Since my TV crapped out on me about 2 weeks ago I had to drop money on a new one. I owned almost everything you could possibly need for a house except living room furniture, so I purchased a couch and chair on credit. I’M FREAKING OUT! My number-crunching over the past few months indicates that I will be able to afford everything I need to afford, but I won’t have a lot of flexible fun money and I love my fun money. And right now my brain has convinced itself that my number-crunching is wrong and I have just set myself up for a life of hitchhiking and eating ramen noodles by candle light. I suppose only time will tell.

What the hell does any of this have to do with the World of Warcraft? Well, I’ll tell you. Included in my monthly rent is water, trash, sewer, basic cable and cable internet. The only utility I have to pay for is electricity. That seems to be pretty standard around this area. What also seems to be a pretty standard part of apartment living is crappy internet. I was hoping this wouldn’t be the case where I’m at since it’s a fairly new complex in general and the building I am in just got completed this month. I am the first person to ever live in my apartment (new appliances for the win). But sadly, crappy internet is indeed what I have. As expected, the amount of lag I have in game varies with the day of the week and the time of day, but it’s lag nonetheless. And it is so depressing. I probably should wait a few more days before jumping to conclusions, but it seems to be at it’s best in the mornings so maybe during the week when I get off work and everyone else is going to work I can run my randoms then. To have a super fast new pc less than 2 months old, and a place to myself where I can nerd out as loudly as I want to and then to barely be able to participate in guild chat is just so damn sad. I’m sure there’s nothing in my lease agreement that says I can’t go out and buy my own internet service from another company, but if that’s what I end up having to do I won’t be doing it for several months because I have to give my budget time to adjust to all the new stuff and make sure I can pay for the stuff I already have to pay for.

Of course I am still able to quest around the lag. It’s annoying, but doable. Things have not been all bad. Aside from having some amazing friends helping me move and getting a brand spanking new apartment and comfortable new furniture, I have accomplished some things in-game also. Elfi now has a Winterspring Frostsaber, a mount she has been drooling over since she was about level 20 and learned it existed. Though I must admit, it doesn’t feel that special now that they’ve made it so easy. The second I hit exalted and purchased the mount I got a little sad that I hadn’t forced myself to finish it before it got nerfed. I had been about halfway through revered for about a year. Just lazy I guess. Elfi also has Pebbles as a pet finally. Now unless I need an emergency supply of Heartblossom I never have to set foot in depressing Deepholm again. Elfi is also finally geared up pretty nicely. As someone who only averages 5 or 6 randoms a month, it takes me a while to get geared up. The last thing I really needed was a belt and although I was working on my Wildhammer Clan rep to get their belt, Kimber noticed she could make me one that was pretty comparable through her leatherworking so she hooked me up.

In other news, I think I have finally figured out how to handle the fact that I want to be in 2 guilds at the same time. If it weren’t for the guild rep thing, I probably would have just moved Elfi over to the other guild for a few weeks to see how well it went. But I don’t want to risk losing my guild rep and then having to start all over again either with the new guild or with my current guild if I decided to bring Elfi back. So after much stressing out I realized my level 55 Worgen druid that I had specced as feral dps could easily be respecced to resto/balance (just like Elfi) and with some heirloom gear I could work on leveling her up to 85 and move her over into the second guild as a little Elfi junior to see if there’s a place for me and how I like it. Brilliant, right? I hope so. I hope it’s a good plan that doesn’t upset anyone and I hope I’m able to get her leveled up fairly quickly. She’s already up to 61 as of Monday night but the levels just take longer and longer from here. This whole guild thing has been so upsetting for me because I feel like I have to choose between two of my favorite people. One is in my current guild and one is in the other guild, obviously. And I almost feel like maybe I’m suffering from “the grass is always greener” syndrome and that if I switched I’d feel as desperate to get back to my current guild as I do to get to the other guild right now. Does that make sense? This Worgen idea just has to be the best option. Then I can fill the exact same role in both guilds and hopefully find a happy medium and be happy in both places. Anyone want to help me power-level through Outlands and Northrend? I could use the help, especially since I’m now dealing with lag. Lol. /sigh.

The One Where… Ah Screw It

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but the title of this blog is Elfi’s World yet there rarely seems to be any posts about game play information specific to Elfi. You may have also noticed that the ‘About’ section has said “coming soon” since the very first day. Neither one of these two things are like this intentionally; but this weekend I believe I realized they may be subconsciously related to each other. I don’t have anything to write about me because I’m just not sure where I’m at or where I want to be. On Saturday I finally began to realize just how not happy I am. That doesn’t necessarily mean I am unhappy or miserable… I just am not as happy as I was hoping to be at this point in the expansion. I had been excited about having a weekend where I had the time to stay at home and play as much as I wanted both Saturday and Sunday. The problem was, when I got up and logged in Saturday morning, I was all alone. No one in guild chat. Just like it had been Friday morning when I logged in. Just like it is a lot. And yes, since I work the midnight to 08:00am shift, my hours don’t quit match up as conveniently with others as they used to. But this isn’t about my hours. It’s about a broken guild.

I’ve mentioned before how I was excited and ready for Cataclysm and had high hopes for myself and my improvements in game play. But shortly after the expansion launched, my guild was consumed by drama. I remained cool and fairly optimistic. After all, it’s only a game, right? Unfortunately, less than a week later, it hit too close to home for me to remain cool and optimistic. For the first time ever, I was upset, stressed out, and depressed about the World of Warcraft. Now for the record, I remain friends with the GM I mentioned in that last post and shortly after this particular post was published we talked about it. She was upset that I was upset and she felt a bit misrepresented. Which I freely admitted was probably true. I also admitted I had written that post just an hour or two after everything went down and I allowed my hurt feelings to rule the pen more than I should have. But I decided not to alter the post in any way because that’s a reflection of a moment in time for me. That’s exactly how I felt and it sucked.

Fast forward a couple of months and you’ll find me still upset. How ridiculous is that? Not badly upset, just a touch. I get a tinge of jealousy when I hear about how the people who left me are having such a good time. I know I shouldn’t take it personally and I know they aren’t trying to make me feel bad at all. But knowing those things doesn’t make it suck any less. Some people might say I should just break contact and then I won’t know how much fun they are having. But I don’t want to. I enjoy the small conversations I get to have with the people I miss so badly. So I guess I actually am torturing myself. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it. Somewhere lost in the midst of all this is the fact that I really REALLY wanted to concentrate on raiding more than I ever have. Guild runs were basically out the window, so I pugged my way through enough randoms to get geared up for heroics. I survived my first pugged heroic with only a slight problem with an asshole dpser after we made it through the final boss. The next pugged heroic didn’t go as well. We lost 2 tanks and 1 dps and then wiped repeatedly before we finally all agreed we didn’t even want to do it anymore. I did get a few good heroics in with a former guild officer and her husband who keeps in touch with me and invited me along for a few runs. But then heroics just sort of came to a standstill for me. I’m too nervous as a resto druid to pug them, so I’ve essentially just quit. It’s not like I’m going to have a chance to do any raiding anyway. Now Elfi just farms herbs and does some dailies.

I know what you’re thinking, why am I spending $15 a month to be not happy? Well like I said at the beginning, it sort of just now donned on me this weekend how I was feeling. And like I also said, I’m not necessarily unhappy. When there are a few people logged into the guild we have some good chats… while I’m standing in SW not doing anything and not running any 5mans. You have to understand, none of this has anything to do with any of my guildmates. They have done nothing wrong, we’ve been scraping ourselves up off the ground and we’re actually standing quite tall. It’s just that there’s not very many of us. I’m afraid there may not be enough of us for me to get what I want from the game.

So why don’t I join another guild? Maybe the guild where I know some people and keep hearing about how awesome it is? Well, because I have a lot of thinking to do. There’s one little hitch there that is like a splinter in my mind and I have to decide if it’s going to remain a splinter or not. Also, I’m one of the most fiercely loyal people you will ever meet. I always have been. No matter where I work or what type of group I’m in, I am proud of it til the very end. So I really have to weigh things out. Problem in this situation is I am fiercely loyal to my guild… but it was partially based on my fierce loyalty to my GM and even though she’s now gone, if I’m being truthful, I still feel some loyalty towards her.

At this point I should probably say that I know there is at least one of my guildmates who reads this blog. Kimber, I love you babe. I want to assure you I have not made a decision to leave the guild. Nor have I made a decision to roll a new toon in another guild on our server. I am thinking about possibly doing one of those two things. But if it happens you guys will get advanced notice, I will not discuss it here until I’ve discussed it with the guild, and I will provide lengthy explanations. Right now there’s nothing for you guys to worry about. I’ve just got a lot on my mind.

So that’s the current state of Elfi’s World. The shit ain’t pretty right now. I was so emo about it this weekend (also blaming hormones) that because I had planned to play the whole weekend and then realized I kind of didn’t want to talk to anyone, I actually rolled a Goblin Hunter on a different server and just enjoyed having fun and not watching guild chat or looking for old friends in SW. It was relaxing. The Goblin starting area is the most fun I’ve ever had while leveling a baby toon. But I’m a social person and that’s not gonna cut it as a permanent solution. Although I did talk Kimber into rolling a Goblin over there with me and the two of us had our own little personal leveling party all weekend and had a total blast. I thought briefly about how it might be nice to just never go back to my home server and instead stay here in this new place and make new friends and start over. But I could NEVER do that. Azuremyst is my home. And I am way too addicted to Elfindale and my other toons (even though I suck at leveling them) to ever abandon them. So for now I guess I’m just taking a small break from the norm. I will continue working on the Goblin until something clicks in my head and I finally sort this mess out.

Screenshot Saturday

Who needs enemies when you have friends like Kimber….

Click on the picture to enlarge it and make it easier to read:

Wall Of Text Wherein I Prove I’m A Liar

*Disclaimer: the following post is not an attempt to solicit any explanations, apologies or etc. It’s just me clearing my mind.

Have you ever stated with certainty that you feel a specific way about a subject and then later, after drama unfolds an unexpected change, you realize maybe you don’t feel that way anymore? Well it just happened to me. My last post here, less than 1 week ago, was all about how WoW was just a game for me and how the recent issues in my guild weren’t stressing me out. I even stated that as a game it should never be a source of stress for me on a personal level and if it does ever cause stress or I become upset about in-game relationships then it would be time to quit playing. Well guess what… I’m stressed out and upset about in-game relationships. And no, I’m not going to quit playing the game. So, I was wrong. It can be more than a game.

My guild has recently gone through some major shit and it has finally taken its toll on me. I’m not going to get into what happened with great detail. Everything I said in my last post about not choosing sides and not believing one story over another is still true. The initial situation I was referring to then (which was a chunk of people leaving) is not even what’s bothering me. What is bothering me is that chunk of people left because of their personal issues with my GM. My GM stood her ground and accepted the fact that she was losing all of these people because they didn’t agree with her about whatever. It was a shock and a bit of a loss to the guild, but nothing we couldn’t recover from easily enough (numbers wise). Because of blog posts and bitter comments and the like, things did get a bit nasty over the past 2 weeks but I continued to stay out of the fire and remained friendly with both Side A (people who left) and Side B (GM and several others).

I was pretty sure things had finally gotten as bad as they were going to be and a sort of healing process could begin. I don’t yet have any desire to be a guild officer, but I did tell my GM that I would be more than happy to take over guild bank organization as a way of helping out while we were short-handed. And this week my plans were to devote some time and gold into stocking the bank with a good number of flasks and potions everyone could use for raiding. Through all of this, I have been there for both sides. People from Side A have chatted with me about their feelings and I have listened patiently and gently without ever trying to defend Side B or telling Side B that I’ve even spoken to anyone on Side A. I’ve also talked with Side B and listened to whoever needed to vent about anything without ever trying to defend Side A or telling Side A I have heard things about them. But the bottom line was – I wanted to remain loyal to my guild (which consequently meant my GM).

I talked in my last post about how my guild was just a natural part of the game to me and I couldn’t imagine playing without being in it. I didn’t really clarify this, but that wasn’t as much about having the guild name attached to my character as it was about associating the game with 3 specific people. It would be 4 people, but my brother (who introduced me to the game and the guild) no longer plays. So, 3 people. My irl buddy David, my GM and my GM’s husband (who was originally the GM when I joined). These 3 were the main people who guided me, encouraged me, and helped teach me how to play. They may not even realize how important they were to me, but I’ve had them each on a pedestal this entire time. My GM’s husband cheerfully loaned me 80 gold when I hit level 60 and couldn’t afford an Epic Mount. He was the GM at the time and I couldn’t even fathom how much money 80 gold was. It might as well have been a million dollars to me then. I stressed over paying him back as quickly as possible. I farmed herbs relentlessly. Little did I know 80 gold meant nothing to him. It was such a big deal to me. He was always such a happy, helpful GM and then just player. My friend David is one of the biggest WoW nerds I know, so he was very helpful and inspiring at every turn. He doesn’t play as often currently as he used to, but man he used to. The guy keeps spreadsheets of gears and enchants and can rattle off all that mathematical shit about spirit regen and blah, blah, blah. He is such an asset to have around. I have picked his brain for lots of things. As for the current GM, she’s just a pretty cool person. She is extremely knowledgeable about the game. She knows enough about each class that she can recommend who needs what loot, when I raid with her she knows every fight and can explain them well; she is well organized and not afraid to take charge. I always knew if I had her approval in what I was doing, I was doing alright. I follow her blog and her twitter account because I like the way she writes. We even love a lot of the same music/bands.

So here’s the unexpected change that happened last night and prompted this post. My GM, her husband, a co-gm and several core raiders (along with who else, I just don’t know yet) left the guild last night and created a new one on our server. It devastated me. I understood their reasons. But it devastated me. Let me try to explain the two emotions I went through. First, I felt hurt and left out that this was obviously something that took a bit of planning and I wasn’t asked if I was interested in joining them. I know I’m welcome to join them. They expressed that last night and I believe it. But that’s not the same as being included. When my GM was thinking of who she really wanted in her new guild, she didn’t think of me. Now maybe that’s because she started this new guild to be dedicated to progression raiding on Friday & Saturday nights and because she knows me, she knows I won’t give up every Friday & Saturday night to raid. No sense asking someone if they would like a peanut if you know they’re allergic to peanuts, right? But if you google the name of her new guild, you can find their forums and the first posts are from around Dec. 21, 2010. Which means they didn’t just decide to do this in the past 3 days, there’s been some thought and planning put into it. And I didn’t know until yesterday. So, yes my feelings are hurt. It doesn’t mean I’m mad at her or even that I don’t understand why. It certainly doesn’t mean I would have followed her (though I probably would have, hard to say now). It doesn’t mean I am going to give her the cold shoulder. Why? Because we’re friends. And I’m cool like that. I will get over the disappointment in no time. Life goes on.

The second emotion I have is anger. Not directed at my GM on a personal level, but directed at my GM in a business sense. Here’s where the line gets fuzzy. Try to think of it as related to a work environment. If a good friend of yours is your supervisor at work, there will likely come a time when what they have to tell you at work will piss you off; but when you go out for drinks that night, you shouldn’t be mad at your good friend. This is what I’m talking about. She had to do what she needed to do and I understand that. But from a guild point of view, it’s hard to understand how she let all of the people who are now known as Side A leave the guild (resulting in shit being stirred and drama being had) because they had issue with her when she probably knew she wasn’t going to be in the guild much longer anyway. Because now we have a Side C. The people left behind. And it seems like somehow that could have been avoided.

Thankfully, my friend David is still in my guild. Although without the GM and her husband, it hardly feels like my guild. I know it wasn’t easy for her to hold a guild meeting last night and make the announcement. I have much respect for her because she did that in person and was willing to discuss it afterwards. I certainly don’t think they are over in their new guild laughing at us or throwing crazy celebration parties. I do sincerely hope she feels relieved and I hope that means she can now look forward to logging in again and enjoy the game like I know she used to. I will continue on with my guild although I have no idea what lies ahead of us. I will continue talking to my friends, regardless of what guild they are now in. And yes, that includes my GM (because I know you’re reading this). My devastation, my hurt, my anger… it’s just a result of the shock of everything. I will be fine. I may be a bit quiet for a day or two because I need to process everything and try to figure out the next step for me, or my guild, or Kim (you know she idolizes me). But I’m still cool.

It’s been an interesting ride recently. I’ve gone from being excited and anxious about helping my guild achieve great things, to remaining neutral and friendly during a guild split, to feeling like a homeless reject who isn’t going to have a chance to do any raiding. Quite a rollercoaster. Luckily, I’ve got a level 20 worgen who has never been in any guild and I can always log in there to just enjoy playing for a while and take a break from all the sad stuff. And who knows, maybe that worgen (feral druid, btw) will one day soon get the chance to join an amazing guild.

It Will Always Be Just A Game

** Update: I wrote this post up fairly quickly this morning. I am bad about writing something, doing a quick proof-reading and then posting it. I do not take the time to revise things and make them sound better. There are a couple of instances below where I said I wasn’t affected by the drama that has recently occurred in my guild. But those words aren’t accurate. Of course it has had an effect on me. My friends are no longer friends with each other, things are tense and strained, people are gone and people are bitter. It affects me. What I should have said is the drama didn’t involve me. I cannot determine who’s story rings the most truth because I didn’t witness any of it and none of the parties involved have ever acted or talked negatively to me. I just wanted to clear that up because saying it didn’t affect me made me sound like I didn’t care about anyone and that’s simply not true. I care about all of them.**

This January marks the beginning of my 4th year in World Of Warcraft, a game my brother had been trying to talk me into playing for at least a year before I ever did. I held out because I had heard stories about how addicting it was and I have always been someone who enjoys going out socially with friends and family as much as possible. But he finally convinced me to try the 14 day free trial during the winter days of January 2007 when I was mostly stuck in the house. I immediately loved it (like I was afraid I would) and created a permanent account before the trial was even over. I joined the guild my brother was in immediately because he and one of my real life friends from work (hi David) were in it and they told me I had to be too. I had no idea really what a guild even was, but I had one. Over the past 3 years there have been 3 other people from my life outside the game who have also joined this guild, 2 of which are very dear friends of mine. And David had other friends who lived in the same local area as me and played, so I actually got a chance to meet several guildies at a few LAN parties and have gotten to know them outside of the game.

Over the years I have also developed great friendships with some fellow guild mates who don’t live locally. It’s probably hard for people who don’t have much of an internet life to understand how you can call someone a friend if you only know them online, but trust me, it’s easy to do. These are people that I chat with for hours a week, who’ve offered their help and support to me (even if it is in-game I’m referring to), who I’ve logged into Vent with and actually heard their voices and talked with them. I follow them on Facebook and through their blogs and Twitter accounts, etc. Some of these people talk to me more than certain members of my family do. Yes, they are friends.

Like any guild, there’s drama. I’ve seen a few people rage quit or get kicked over the years and we’ve had people who have had to quit because of personal life. While it’s always sad to see someone go, none of these had ever really had any effect on me at all. But recently, that has changed. Our guild is suffering a meltdown of sorts. Instead of just 1 or 2 people leaving for their individual reasons, we have handfuls of people leaving and all for connected reasons. Guild officers have left. People who have been a big part of my WoW life, people who I absolutely loved to log in and see, people who I do consider friends… are gone now. The past month or so has been one surprise after another with drama and gquits. Our guild forum is filled with goodbye messages and whispered chats are taking place in-game.

As much as I wanted to avoid hearing anything, if you are friends with people on both sides of the split, you’re gonna eventually hear what happened. I’ve heard/read several sides of it. Some people seem to be wondering WHY I’m not more upset about what has happened while others seem to be just waiting for WHEN I will be become upset about what happened. But here’s the thing everyone needs to understand… it’s just a game. I don’t want to belittle anyone by saying that and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone who is seriously upset over what they’re feeling about all of this. But, none of what happened ever happened to me personally. I do not do drama. I don’t ever pick sides because I love everyone. It’s just my nature to be happy. Maybe you think I should be upset that my friends were treated like this. But guess what? I have friends on both sides of this thing so how do I determine who is right, who is wrong and who got treated badly? I don’t have to because I wasn’t involved in any of the original issues. I’ll never know who’s telling the story correctly. And it’s not worth my time to even try… because it’s just a game. I can still play the game and I can still talk to all of my friends (as long as they remain on the same server as me) while I’m logged in. I can even still run heroics with any of them that remain on the same server, they just simple have a different guild name now. I’m sorry everyone is upset with each other. I’m sorry for the stress my friends are feeling. I’m sorry we can’t all be one big happy family. But really, it doesn’t affect me or my game at all. And I hope me saying that doesn’t piss anyone off.

My guild just seems like part of the game to me. I can’t imagine playing without being in it. I never searched for a guild or joined one based on criteria I had in mind. It just simply came with the game because my brother put me in it. And I like it there. Yes, there have been troubles recently and there have been drastic changes and we may or may not have an uncertain future. But I log in just to have fun playing a game. It’s supposed to be an escape from real life. A way of forgetting your troubles. It should never be a source of stress or frustration (except of course for when you are wiping repeatedly on a boss). If I ever get to the point where I am seriously upset about in-game relationships or I dread logging in… then I’ll quit playing that day because it would no longer be a game. So yes, I’m staying in my guild not because I’ve picked sides, but because it’s my guild. I am ignoring the drama. I am concerned about all of my friends and I am sorry they are going through this, but it has no bearing on my game play.

In closing, I have no idea whether any of my WoW friends will ever read this but just in case they do I want to say: I value your friendship, I look forward to remaining in contact with you, I’m sorry your feelings were hurt the way they were. But I am not choosing sides; I do not believe one person over another. I refuse to. I have no way of gauging who is telling a truer version. I’m over it. I’m just playing a game. I love you all.