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The One Where I Could Watch This All Day

Yep, I’m still alive. Been busy catching up on work, finishing up my Online Gaming class and preparing for Blizzcon. However, I did take quite a bit of time this morning to enjoy this.


Ice, Ice, Baby

It’s not what you think. I am simply announcing that I now have an ice baby pet. After my post about the Frostscythe’s on Monday, good ole Frost Lord Ahune coughed up… well, he coughed up another Frostscythe for Elfi actually. On Monday night, that is. Yep, I went in there wearing one and came out and sold my new, extra one. But then on Tuesday night, I pulled Ice Chip out of my bag of goodies. It took me all of 3 seconds to name him and drag him to Stormwind for screenshots. Then I got to work many hours of overtime yesterday and didn’t get around to posting about it.

By now you may be wondering why I said I dragged my pet to Stormwind for screenshots. Or, more accurately, by now you may be bored. But I won’t let that stop me from explaining why so many of my screenshots are taken in Stormwind. Please do try to keep up with the process I am about to explain and feel free to look up any technical terms I may use which you may not be familiar with. You see, the reason I take so many screenshots in Stormwind is … well, it’s because … the light there is pretty good and there are plenty of white flat-topped, square-shaped things you can stand on the top of so there’s not much in the background to make my shots look poopy.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email. I’ve taken the liberty of saving a .txt file with this valuable information and I would be more than happy to send you one for only $5.

ice chip

The One With All The Frostscythe Frenzy

Last year, I got the Frostscythe on Elfi when it was a slight upgrade for her so I wore it for a few weeks just to make people jealous and then I threw it in the bank. But of course, now that the Midsummer Fire Festival is upon us again I totally dug it out of the bank, brushed it off and transmogged that bitch faster than you can say “wow, she really transmogged that bitch fast”. While I do think it looks pretty cool, it’s not my preferred weapon transmog and I’ll likely change back in a few weeks. Until then, I’m going to do nothing but stand in Stormwind and make sure everyone that walks by without one gets a good eyeful. 😛

nelf scythe

Obviously I’m just joking (totally not joking) about that because I am not the type of person who spends a lot of time bragging and trying to make people feel bad. By the way, have I mentioned yet that my Death Knight got the Frostscythe Saturday night on her very first Ahune kill ever? Yep. There won’t be any pictures of her like the one above though, because she couldn’t equip it. That’s right, most people can’t get one to drop and I’m vendoring mine. Kinda sad.

Really the only reason I am even running the holiday dungeon every day is for the chance at the Ice Chip pet. I already had my Frostscythe from last year and while the Valor Points are nice I could always get them elsewhere. I just like collecting pets. I realized this morning I have a level 90 druid on the Horde side who’s never killed Ahune and I should totally be doing that fight on all 3 of my level 90 toons if I wanted to maximize my chances. (Yes, I’m a dork and rarely think to have my other toons do stuff). It was a painful 28 minute queue, but the fight itself went pretty quick. My Troll doesn’t get played very much so she has pretty crappy gear still and her dps isn’t anything to write home about. Which is why I was excited the cloak in the chest was an upgrade for me and I was the only one who selected “need”. So my gear improved. I didn’t get the pet, but I’ve still got plenty of time to run ALL THREE toons through every day for a while. Oh, and did I mention that Kristalys also received a Frostscythe? Hahahahahaha. It’s like a Frostscythe Frenzy up in my world. The good news is, unlike the DK, my Troll Druid can and will actually use it. In fact, it was a pretty significant weapon upgrade for her. Check out the bling.

troll scythe

The One Where I Got An Amazing Surprise!

Okay, the most amazing thing happened on Saturday. Well, I suppose technically it happened on Thursday, but since I didn’t login to Elfindale on Thursday or Friday, I didn’t know about it until Saturday. However, none of the technical details are important. What is important is that when I did login to Elfi on Saturday and checked my mail, I found an in-game mail had been sent to me from someone named Keevy and attached was a Festival Lantern, the Horde side version of the Lunar Festival pet. Squeee! How freaking cool is that. It had been sent on Thursday, but I had been so busy running alts around all over the land to collect coins and gain experience from the elders, I just hadn’t been logged in on Elfi for a couple of days. The letter accompanying the pet simply said “From someone who has read your blog. <3" and of course, when I looked up the toon name Keevy with the armory, it was a level 2 toon. So I have no way of knowing who sent me such an amazing gift.

I had mentioned in my last post that I wasn't enjoying tracking down the elders very much, but trying to get the pet was why I kept going. Then I closed with a mild, mostly sarcastic complaint that I would also have to repeat the painful process on the Horde side so I could get that version of the pet too. I had no idea such a silly little statement would prompt someone to actually purchase the Horde pet for me and roll an alt on my server to get it to me. What a great bunch of people we have in this community. I am so shocked/flattered/excited and very appreciative of such a gesture. I do wish I knew who the anonymous gift-giver was, but if they don't want to reveal themselves then that's their prerogative. But whoever you are, Keevy, you should know 3 very important things:

1). I am very, very excitedly appreciative of your kind gesture and I thank you very much
2). I have replied to your in-game mail and attached a Lunar Lantern (Alliance side version of the Lunar Festival pet) for you to have. If you already have one, you're welcome to sell this one for money or send it to someone else as a gift and make them as happy as you made me.
3). I named my lantern Keevy in your honor and if you wish to reveal yourself to me by another name, I will gladly rename it to that.

Festival Lantern

Lunar Festival Madness: Why Am I Doing This Again?

In-game holidays are fun, right? (Sidenote: how the hell is that dude riding his wind serpent upside down? [not an innuendo])


When the achievement “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” went live in September 2009 I immediately began doing all the things. I actually got the achievement pretty quick, though if I remember right I had to wait for the second Love Is In The Air to roll around because I missed one of the elements the first time. I was actually trying to verify the dates a few minutes ago by viewing my achievements, but I don’t believe they’re displaying correctly. If they are, then I actually completed this the first time through each event.

EITHER WAY, the point is I haven’t done the Lunar Festival in it’s entirety since then. I mean, if I happen across an Elder I will stop and get free xp or gold depending on my character, but I haven’t bothered to fly all the places and track them all down in years. However this year the Lunar Festival happens to coincide with me making a big effort to level up my DK. She’s around the lvl 64, 65 mark so when the event began I thought to myself “self, you should fly around the lands and get that free xp. It will be easier than leveling and will fit right in to your lazy lifestyle.” Of course, I still have other toons to take care of, so I’m not devoting all of my time to it but I’ve been chasing down Elders for a few hours a day the past 3 days and I’m really starting to question if it’s worth it. I mean, I’m not max level so in enemy territory the NPCs are kicking my ass. In the higher level Northrend and Cataclysm zones, any old regular mob I get too close to is kicking my ass. As a DK I basically went from Eastern Plaguelands to Hellfire Peninsula so even though we start off with a lot of flight paths already known to us, most of my maps aren’t opened up to show location names. This means I’m spending a lot of time tabbed out to look up coordinates for the majority of the elders. So between the repair bills and all the wasted time running back to my body, flying across the land and tabbing out every 3 minutes I’m beginning to wonder why I’m doing this. I am pretty sure if I had stayed in Nagrand and continued questing this entire time, I’d be leveling much faster. Although I will say I am enjoying grabbing all of the mining nodes I come across.


Oh that’s right. I’m doing it for the Lunar Lantern. Never mind the rant, totally worth it.

Also, I am now realizing I should do this on one of my Horde toons to get that pet as well. But I can guarantee I will use the level 90 for that adventure.

My WoW Secret Santa Gift Has Arrived

Hooray for getting packages in the mail! Granted, I only check my mail about once a week so it’s very likely this package had arrived days earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. On Monday I got my WoW Secret Santa gift! I have no idea who it’s from AT ALL. Either it’s someone on Twitter I’ve not yet stumbled across or it’s someone who I do follow but clearly have no clue where they live because the return address didn’t ring a bell to me. In fact, the return address thoroughly confused me because it only listed a first name and an address and the first name was the exact same as mine. Even spelled the same, which is not the most common spelling. So I don’t know if my Secret Santa shares a first name with me, or just threw mine in there to stay a secret for a while longer. I didn’t spend too much time pondering about the address though, I jumped right in and started ripping it open.

Once unwrapped I quickly discovered I had NOT been sent a cake:

But the box was filled with goodies much better than a coffee cake:

Aside from the adorable, glittery mouse on the Christmas card, I got a handmade SpongeBob SquarePants ornament. Because he’s my fave cartoon ever. Here’s the front and the back:

And I got two AMAZING origami ornaments. I am so impressed with people who can do this. I love them so much. One is Alliance colors (awesome!), the other is my favorite color (even awesomer!) and I suppose Horde colors 😀

And here’s the whole bundle of wonderful all together. Thank you Secret Santa! I love the gifts so much. I can’t wait to learn who they’re from.

IntPiPoMo 2012: Day 22 – Happy Thanksgiving

May your day of feasting go better than my did, and may you not be interrupted by undead priests dancing on the table and slobbering on the turkey.

Happy Halloween

Nothing WoW related here today, just an epic video. If you’ve never actually watched the Thriller video in it’s entirety, or simply haven’t seen it in years, you should take 14 minutes to do so now. It keeps going even after the credits start rolling. It’s a truly big deal.