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Elfi’s Treasured Tuesday

It’s no secret that content’s been a little light around here. And I’m not sure when that will change because, well because life is unpredictable. So in an effort to keep some activity going here and entertain you all at the same time, I’ve decided to try some new things. Welcome to the first installment of Elfi’s Treasured Tuesday. This is where I dig up a truly great WoW post from days gone by and shine the spotlight on it all over again. Now, I follow a lot of WoW bloggers and have read many, many amazing posts. So I believe this feature will stick around a while, though I can’t promise it will be every Tuesday.

We’re going to kick the first one off right with a post that I believe is from October, 2009. It was written by Mortigan The Warlock and while the page it used to appear on no longer exists, by the miracle of internet magic, I still have a copy of it.

I now proudly present, for the first ever Elfi’s Treasured Tuesday, Single Set Of Rules On How To Raid Anything, by Mortigan

I find it terribly hard to remember all the nuances of each boss fight. Sorry, but I’m just not hard-core enough to memorize who casts what, and I really don’t care if Pixie McNixie in the bottom of some hole is planning to fear me, sheep me, or chop me in half with a big heavy axe. Why? Because overall things are pretty much the same from one boss to the next, so I figured I could come up with a single set of rules on how to raid ANYTHING. I’ve appropriately named these rules “A Single Set Of Rules On How To Raid ANYTHING.”

Getting Ready:
Many people go to YouTube and watch Tankspot videos to familiarize themselves with the fights. This is a waste of time, because all you really need are my simple rules. Not 100% sure? Here are some additional reasons for skipping the videos:1. Those people in the videos are ELITE WIZARDS and your raid team is not going to do anywhere near as well as them. It’s like watching an Olympic gold medalist do the ski jump and then trying it yourself. Forget about it.2. There are less steps to preparing your taxes than there are to fights like Freya. Watching Tankspot explain it on YouTube will only give you a headache. Your guild is going to wipe on it anyway, so no need to give yourself a migraine. Skip the video and use my rules below!

Let’s Raid!
Ok, so here is my Single Set Of Rules On How To Raid ANYTHING:
1. DO NOT stand in anything that wasn’t there before the fight started, if it visually looks dangerous. This includes fire, black steaming circles of nastiness, green slimy stuff, purple ooze, etc. If you are not sure, stand in it for a second and see if your health goes down. If it does, MOVE.
2. DEFINITELY DO stand in anything that wasn’t there before the fight started, if it visually looks beneficial. This includes pleasant rays of fairy moonlight, air with lightning bug / glittery things in it, shiny sparkly spots on the floor, or anything else that a 3 year old girl might want to color. If you are not sure, stand in it for a second. If nothing bad happens, definitely keep standing it it because it MUST be doing something good.
3. Do the following based on your function:
Tank: Attack the boss with everything you got. Keep doing this and don’t stop until your healer drags you away screaming at you, “STOP! STOP! HE’S DEAD ALREADY!”
Heal: Keep healing until everyone is either dead and blaming you, or the boss is dead. In the latter case, it is your job to drag the tank away from the bloody corpse.
DPS: Do the same as the tank, but wait a fraction of a second before doing so. This way, if you get aggro, you can blame the Tank. Otherwise, he will blame you. That fraction of a second makes all the difference on who gets blamed for the wipe. Use it wisely. Now this next part is important: If adds arrive, you need to make a visual check of how dangerous they look. If they look like they can be ignored, stay on the boss. If they look really nasty, switch to the add. Simple! Or you can always fall back on the “watch what everyone else is doing and copy them” strategy, but I’m training you to be a trailblazer, so get in there and blaze that trail!
Off Tank: You’re on the adds. Someday, if you ever become cool enough or geared enough, the guild might let you be a REAL tank. But probably not anytime soon. So stick to adds. And if you run like a madman all over the map with a trail of adds behind you, creating a hellish conga-line of death, all the DPSers are going to HATE YOU. So keep your butt in one spot, take your beating, and suck it up.
4. DO NOT stand in a Boss’ AOE. The crap raining down on your head should be an obvious sign that it’s time to pack up and move.
5. Should a boss fight require you to operate some sort of vehicle, land mount, or drake, randomly mash buttons as fast as the cool-downs allow. Generally, Button 1 is the biggie one to mash, so mash it more than the others. No one’s really going to notice if you did well or not, so just mash, mash, mash! You’re a pro!
6. If you get aggro, run TOWARD your teammates, not away from them. It’s the surest way to get rid of that unwanted boss who’s taken serious notice of you. Ideally, run toward (and right through) a mage. Mages are a big, big help with getting rid of aggro. If you’re cool enough to be a warlock like me, you can even strategically position yourself right next to a mage throughout the fight, and Soulshatter as needed. Be sure to turn toward the mage when Soulshattering, so that you can watch the look on his face when the boss 1-shots him. If you’re a mage, disregard everything I’ve just said, and take one for the team.
7. The laws of the universe that govern comic books, video games, and science fiction in general require that twins ALWAYS have some sort of symbiotic relationship, and a special power will CERTAINLY exist between them. Therefore, any time there are twin bosses (or even twin adds if they’re extremely dangerous looking), they MUST be killed simultaneously. Very bad things happen when one twin witnesses the death of the other. Heed my warning, and kill any and all twins at the same time. Further, they cannot be allowed to touch each other or send each other any kind of glowing orb, ray beam, soothing rainbow, etc. You don’t want the wonder-twins activating ANYTHING. So keep them apart, kill them apart, and do it at the same time.

If you follow these simple rules, you’re sure to be a success at your next raid. I advise you to print this out and keep it handy. Review it during the boring buff periods before raiding, or when the tank if off in Dalaran begging for another healer. And be sure to stop back by and let me know how it went! Happy raiding!Your buddy,
Mortigan the Lock .

The One Where I Want To Update My Blogroll

See my blogroll over there on the right side? It’s been pretty ignored for quite some time and I’d like to update it. Just this morning I edited the entry for Resto Is Epic to the new link and added The Sisterhood of Kia to the list; but I know there is much more to do. So I am begging you guys to please let me know of any links over yonder that need to be updated, deleted or new ones that I’m totally missing. I already know of a few in my feed reader that are not yet on the blogroll, so I will be updating those later tonight at work.

And that’s that. Another lazy post. Gawd, I’m horrible.

(p.s. – plz send me links so i can read all the things i am missing)

Friday Link List: Special “News” Edition

There are, as we all know by now, so many excellent WoW bloggers writing so many excellent WoW posts this week, last week and for many, many weeks before now. But this post isn’t about them. This post highlights some of the things that can be found when you type “World of Warcraft” into Google search and then choose the News option to see what’s new. Most of the time, it doesn’t really turn up anything interesting at all. But sometimes, it will blow your mind.

Let’s just start right off with an online commercial featuring Lou Ferrigno (of The Incredible Hulk fame) and what I guess you could call a PSA wherein he says you should play WoW to get all the sex. Well, he sorta says that. Actually I can’t really understand anything he’s fucking saying. But… here, just check it out for yourself. And after you watch the video, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page. It doesn’t look like there is any more page there, but there is:

There’s a new short documentary that has just been released that features some really fabulous video and images from the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) it’s a documentary about how the filmmaker’s addiction to WoW was ruining his life. At a little over 7 minutes long it’s worth a watch. He just tells his story and there’s not any WoW bashing or anything so it shouldn’t cause anyone to go in any rages to defend the game. Find the article and video here:

Always a big topic, a University of Minnesota student journalist looks into girls who are hard-core gamers in a world where most people believe gaming is for guys. Article is here:

For those of you who live for the funny, you may want to consider playing the Family Guy Online MMO. According to this article, it’s like World of Warcraft except way funnier (uh.. I think I’ll pass). Read their reasons for the statement here:

And finally, in what may actually be sorta old news for some of you, I just discovered there will soon be a line of World of Warcraft MegaBloks. You can totally learn more about that here:

Winter Squid And Other Blasts From The Past

I don’t watch them very regularly, but every once in a while I like to glance through the search engine terms that result in hits on my blog just to see where some of the traffic is coming from. So far, the strangest ones have all involved the word “pedo” thanks to this post which subsequently led me to making it an actual song only because I must fulfill all of Alas’ wishes.

My top 5 search terms, however, are Firelands (likely because of this lame attempt at humor), bunny with a pancake on it’s head (i didn’t actually write a post about this, but I did use the image), the word Elfi (go figure), elementium hammer (i haz one) and rounding out the top 5 – winter squid. Although this top 5 list isn’t truly accurate because most of my search term hits revolve around the mysterious floating cat head in Uldum. It’s just that the phrase is typed in so many different ways, it doesn’t all get counted together.

Back on point, my previous winter squid post is basically still very accurate. I think the only thing that has changed is there are now 2 less fish required for The Oceanographer achievement. But because it’s heavily searched for and because it’s that time of year where winter squid are getting ready to vanish, I wanted to bring attention to it once again.

Sidebar: Going through my search terms got me started reading through some of my old posts. Reading through some of my old posts resulted in following pingbacks to other blogs. Revisiting this post really struck a nerve with me and briefly brought back the memory of how horrible all that drama was. But the pingback on that post led me to this post. I can’t decide if these types of posts are on the pro list or the con list for having a blog. Reading the whole thing now just makes me sad. It’d be nice if there were no record of these types of things. But at the same time I am reading these posts over a year later and not only have Alas and I remained friends, we are even better friends. I would even go so far as to call her one of my bestest friends (I don’t require much :P) and certainly one of my all-time favorite people. So in that respect, it’s kind of cool to have this documented. But it still makes me sad. I think we awkwardly worked through everything at the time it was all happening because it was important we remained friends, but I will be the first to admit I carried some hurt feelings with me for a while and I wish I hadn’t. It’s all gone now, of course. But even leaving me out of the equation, I am sad that any of this happened to Alas. Why am I pointing it out and bringing it all up again? I have no idea. Like I said, I accidentally stumbled across it and it made me very melancholy. I guess I’m putting a spotlight on it here because it’s something she and I have sort of gotten past without revisiting and I would like to just make sure she’s officially aware that I am sorry if any of my words or actions added to the stress and the mess. Alas, you’re the best and I ❤ you. And hopefully bringing this all back to the surface and me being all publicly mushy hasn't embarrassed you.

The One Where I Share Cool Things

Things have been kind of quiet around here AND I TOTALLY HATE THAT so I thought I’d make myself feel a tiny bit useful by sharing some recently discovered links to some really cool things.

Let’s just start right off with an absolutely perfect new WoW parody video Rolling With Mad Deeps (Adele Cover). Seriously very funny. It’s brand new, it needs the exposure, share this shit with your friends.

Beyond Bloody Rare: A Guide To All Rares – this is a great guide and I actually learned about some NPC spawns I didn’t even know existed. It tells you what loot they drop, what spells they cast, etc. A word of advice in case you’re a dork like me – there are tabs to click on to view the list for other zones. For example, directly underneath where it says Cataclysm Rares you will need to click on the zone name to view the list. Includes information about the Northrend and Outlands achievements and also rare spawns from classic instances. Check it out!

The new Disciplinary Action comic Episode #28: One Of These Things Is Just Like The Other will really strike a chord with anyone who has ever ran a random pug. Absolutely brilliant.

And last but not least, it’s story time – World Of Warcraft GMs Have A Sense Of Humor. Funny stuff right there folks.

The One With Some Retro Link Love

I’m feeling a little nostalgic these days, game-wise. After being so pumped up and excited for Cataclysm and getting myself ready to attack the expansion and work my way up into doing some raiding, things haven’t quite turned out the way I expected. I love the content, I love all the new stuff and all the changes. I love this expansion way more than I loved WoTLK. I feel love from my guild, and I love my guild and my friends. Still something just isn’t quite right. And while I know what that something is, I’m still unsure what the best answer is. So I find myself logging in just to farm herbs, or just wandering around aimlessly for an hour. I’m not going to say I’m dissatisfied with the game in any way, because I’m not. I guess you could say I am struggling to figure out where I belong. Does that make sense? And while I’m feeling these things, I’m thinking of the good old days. The days where I knew for sure I was in the right place. It’s made me nostalgic.

So since I’m in that state of mind, I thought I’d go back through some of my favorite blogs and revive some of my old favorite posts. Below you will find some retro link love. If you have seen these before, I hope you remember them as fondly as I do. If you find some stuff below that’s new to you, I hope you enjoy them. I have many more favorite posts from many more favorite blogs but since I’m writing this while on break at work, I just don’t have much time. If I left you out, please know that I’m sorry and I do still love you.

In completely random order:
Tree Form Cooldowns by Jasyla at Cannot Be Tamed.

Enough 5’s To Make You Reach For A Six Killer by Alas at Kiss My Alas. Quick question for Alas:: What the hell does the title of this post even mean?

Flowchart Fridayby Amber at I Like Bubbles.

WoW On The First Date? A Geeky Chick’s Take by Ophelie at The Bossy Pally.

How To Piss Off Your Healer by Kae at Dreambound.

Banging Your Heart Against Some Mad Bugger’s Wall by Tamarind at the no longer active Righteous Orbs.