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The One With The 5 Things

When I’m lucky enough to get logged in these days, I typically spend my time in Tol Borad. I know I don’t usually get much time before the lag gets too severe, so this is a place where I can quickly get some dailies done to make some gold and gather some herbs along the way. Plus, I really want the spectral steed mount. So here’s my thoughts about Tol Borad.

5 Things I Love About Tol Borad

5. making gold doing dailies
4. Cinderbloom
3. Whiptail
2. Azshara’s Veil
1. mounts for sale

5 Things I Hate About Tol Borad

5. seeing the Darkwood Forest
4. running through the Darkwood Forest
3. questing in the Darkwood Forest
2. Darkwood Lurkers
1. Darkwood Broodmothers


The One With Some Retro Link Love

I’m feeling a little nostalgic these days, game-wise. After being so pumped up and excited for Cataclysm and getting myself ready to attack the expansion and work my way up into doing some raiding, things haven’t quite turned out the way I expected. I love the content, I love all the new stuff and all the changes. I love this expansion way more than I loved WoTLK. I feel love from my guild, and I love my guild and my friends. Still something just isn’t quite right. And while I know what that something is, I’m still unsure what the best answer is. So I find myself logging in just to farm herbs, or just wandering around aimlessly for an hour. I’m not going to say I’m dissatisfied with the game in any way, because I’m not. I guess you could say I am struggling to figure out where I belong. Does that make sense? And while I’m feeling these things, I’m thinking of the good old days. The days where I knew for sure I was in the right place. It’s made me nostalgic.

So since I’m in that state of mind, I thought I’d go back through some of my favorite blogs and revive some of my old favorite posts. Below you will find some retro link love. If you have seen these before, I hope you remember them as fondly as I do. If you find some stuff below that’s new to you, I hope you enjoy them. I have many more favorite posts from many more favorite blogs but since I’m writing this while on break at work, I just don’t have much time. If I left you out, please know that I’m sorry and I do still love you.

In completely random order:
Tree Form Cooldowns by Jasyla at Cannot Be Tamed.

Enough 5’s To Make You Reach For A Six Killer by Alas at Kiss My Alas. Quick question for Alas:: What the hell does the title of this post even mean?

Flowchart Fridayby Amber at I Like Bubbles.

WoW On The First Date? A Geeky Chick’s Take by Ophelie at The Bossy Pally.

How To Piss Off Your Healer by Kae at Dreambound.

Banging Your Heart Against Some Mad Bugger’s Wall by Tamarind at the no longer active Righteous Orbs.

Sometimes I Try To Rotate The Internet

Sometimes I launch the game, select a character to login and then instantly develop ADHD and either tab out or simply wander away from the computer for several minutes, leaving all the “hello Elfi’s” just hanging there with no response. Okay, I do this most of the time.

Sometimes I spend hours doing nothing but taking screenshots of myself in game. I’m addicted to screenshots.

Sometimes I login just because I want to chat with my friends. I don’t do anything with my character other than check my mail.

Sometimes I forget what I wanted to do when I log in.

Sometimes I want nothing more than for Kimber to be online, then when she arrives… she doesn’t play with me.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have Real ID. Not because I don’t want to see when my friends are online, but because every once in a while I’d like to hide out.

Sometimes I remember the good old days in my guild and wish those would return. Okay, I do this most of the time.

Sometimes I kick myself in the ass for not starting a journal/blog when I first discovered the game and started leveling Elfi. I didn’t know ANYTHING. Those stories would have been hilarious.

Sometimes I wish I would talk more in vent. Then I remember I always say dorky things.

Sometimes I wish I had all the items and materials and gear levels, etc. memorized. Then I remember ‘eh, that’s what google is for’.

Sometimes I get so involved in my questing/dailies/etc. that I forget to pay any attention to my chat windows.

Sometimes I wish I had the spare money to buy a fancy gaming mouse.

Sometimes I really crack myself up in guild chat and no one else laughs. Okay, I do this most of the time.

Sometimes I wish I had a huge WoW setup with two 22″ widescreen monitors.

Sometimes I am glad I play on a 17″ widescreen laptop because I can take it anywhere.

Sometimes I wish I had never started playing WoW.

Sometimes I wish I had been playing since Vanilla instead of halfway through TBC.

Sometimes when I’m logged in, I wish I were out somewhere with friends.

Sometimes when I’m out somewhere with friends, I wish I were logged in.

Sometimes I am so used to rotating the screen with my mouse that when I’m not even in-game, I try to rotate the internet. Okay, I do this ALL THE TIME.

Things I Have Learned About WoW This Weekend

Anyone who knows me can verify I am a total dork, a noob, and one of the spaciest smart people you’ll ever meet. I’m really not sure how people can put up with me. It’s not that I don’t care or don’t pay attention, it’s just that I have my hands in so many things at once (while wanting to do even more) that I can’t fully focus on any of them. So things get half-assed. Like playing WoW. Would you believe when I type /played the results are only 98 days, 20 hours and some-odd minutes? After 3 years of gameplay. And over 5 days of those have been since Cataclysm launched. That’s not a lot of average playing time per year. Combine that with the knowledge that I’m a dorky, nooby, space cadet and it’s a wonder I have managed to get Elfindale to level 85. Just offering you a little explanation for the below list. Do not judge me.

1. GatherMate2 exists and is a wonderful add-on to use in conjunction with Sexy Map. Now all I wanna do is farm herbs. I had no idea there were farming add-ons out there.

2. Scrolls of Intellect / Scrolls of Spirit are still valuable to me at this level and should be used for heroics and raids. I have been throwing those away and vendoring them since about level 50. Don’t yell at me, I said I’m a noob.

3. It’s completely possible to kill a random mob while questing and find an epic world drop. Early this morning, I killed a humanoid in Tol Borad and received Dorian’s Lost Necklace. It’s my first ever random epic loot. As soon as I put it on, I reached ilvl 330 and I am now able to do heroics. Woot!

4. There’s a roller coaster in Azshara. Freaking cool.

5. While Archaeology is a cool profession and I am excited about the rare finds… it is a bitch to grind up when you’re already level 85. I totally think I would love it if I started out with it on a new character; one that is already travelling all over the world and can split their time between Archaeology and questing. But for me, flying all over the freaking map just to be able to dig 3 times is killing me. Seriously, I’m dying a slow and painful death while playing Bejeweled during flight paths. And Elfi has so many other things she needs to be doing. Dailies, farming, grinding rep with the Cataclysm factions, preparing for a chance to raid. Etc. You can’t even buy your way to the next level. I started off the weekend determined to grind my Archaeology up from the measly 90 it had been sitting at, all the way through 525. Well I am sick to death of it and I’m only 225. I realize it’s just me, not mouthing the profession. I just think it’s boring if that’s all you’re doing.

6. I don’t pay enough attention to loot rewards from quests. I always do a quick glance, but I learned this weekend a couple of gear items I could be benefiting from right now were quest rewards for quests I clearly remember doing. I obviously just didn’t realize I needed them. When I complete a quest and don’t need the rewards, I just pick the one that’s worth the most at the vendor. Obviously I do this way too hastily. I have got to break that habit.

7. I don’t pay enough attention to loot drops from bosses in dungeons. I always do a quick glance, but I learned this weekend a couple of gear items I could be benefiting from right now were lost to other party members because I passed on them too quickly. I obviously just didn’t realize I needed them. I have got to break that habit.

8. You guys are really gonna groan over this one… I’m almost afraid to admit it. As a druid, I had no idea what Hibernate did. I had never used it before. Or even looked at it, apparently. While healing Grim Batol with some friends one of them suggested I help with CC by using my Hibernate. I admitted that I didn’t have it included in any of my action bars and we proceeded without me using it. I did not admit to them that I had no idea it was even an option. We didn’t even need it, turns out. But how horrifyingly embarrassing. Once I looked it up and realized it was an amazing CC option, I was mortified by my own stupidity. And to answer your question, yes I did add it to my action bar.

9. I am not a bad healer, but I am not a great healer either. Because I know I need a few seconds to recover between each pull (not getting Elfi’s mana back up… I literally mean me, the girl behind the keyboard) I expect that to be normal for everyone else and often find myself looking at shiny things while the rest of the group is just out of range and engaged in a fight. I’m not saying this happens all the time, don’t be scared. I do have an attention span. Sort of. But these things do happen on occasion. Im gonna blame it on the fact that I play on a laptop so I have to be more hunched over (because it’s not a 24 inch monitor I can move around) and when you use the keyboard on a laptop, it doesn’t exactly slope down towards your wrists like a desk keyboard does. My wrists, elbows and hunched shoulders need a chance to straighten out. Like so many other things on this list, this is also my own fault. As soon as I win the lottery, I’m buying a desktop pc. Of course, the laptop will be handy when I get invited to Utah for a LAN party.

Well, I believe I’ve humiliated myself enough for one day. I’m just gonna stop here.

/ abrupt end