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Screenshot Saturday: Extended IntPiPoMo Edition

When I first read Angelya’s post about IntPiPoMo, I knew it was a brilliant idea. I hoped it would catch on and other people would participate. I wished I could participate, since I am such a screenshot addict, but I was several days late reading her post and I misunderstood it to be a daily screenshot post every day in November. I knew I was already behind and I knew there were other things going on in my life that would likely cause me to be unable to publish daily posts, so I knew I couldn’t participate. Luckily, this week some Twitter conversations kindly informed me I was silly and I had read the IntPiPoMo rules completely wrong. It is simply 50 screenshots posted during November. It does not require a daily post. I still have plenty of time to participate.

The premise is, a picture is worth a thousand words so 50 screenshots would equal 50,000 words – the same as the amount of words required for NaNoWriMo. While posting 50 screenshots isn’t anywhere near as difficult as writing 50k words, it doesn’t mean I’m taking it any less serious. Today I begin my IntPiPoMo journey by chronicling a story told in-game by Lady Sylvanas. I hope you enjoy.

Screenshot Saturday

Because I’m not a huge altoholic, I am just now on my second time through Northrend. The outhouse quest in Grizzly Hills usually makes everyone giggle, so I decided to grab a screenie while completing it and just archive it for fun. But then I noticed my player icon in the upper left-hand corner. Yep, it’s a closeup of me gritting my teeth. I never noticed that when Elfi went through this area. Did you guys realize it did this?

How I Handle The Daily Hallow’s End Quests Involving Undercity

I know I am not the first person to have figured this out, but since I died like 5 times at the hands of an Undead Mage before I realized what I should do differently, I thought I’d go ahead and post it just in case someone else is having trouble. I am of course referring to the Alliance version of the daily quest from the Hallow’s End holiday event currently ongoing. The quest A Time To Lose is picked up right outside the gates of Stormwind and requires you to travel to the Ruins of Lordaeron (courtyard in front of Undercity) to douse the Horde’s Wickerman. The quickest flight path is to go from Stormwind to Androhal, Western Plaugelands and then fly over to Undercity from there. Of course, if you’re all about the hax, you can actually cheat on getting to Undercity by accepting and completing the Stink Bombs Away quest which instantly places you inside Undercity on the back of a broom dropping stink bombs. Once you’ve dropped all 25, instead of telling the broom to return you to Stormwind, just log out of the game real quick. When you log back in you will find yourself at the graveyard near the Scarlet Monestary just a hop, skip and jump away from where the wickerman is.

But I don’t want you to hop, skip and jump your way there. I want you to fly. The easiest way I’ve found for dousing the Wickerman is to fly up on the backside of him, look around to make sure no Horde are camping there on the top of the wall, and then actually land on the wickerman’s shoulder and quickly cast the dousing agent. If you’re a druid you can really get away with one here because with flight form it’s easier to land on his shoulder and then once you’ve got him doused you can immediately shadowmeld and then instant flight form up and away. Once you’re outside of the city just land and hearth and you’ve just completed 2 dailies with minimal effort.

Sometimes It’s Good To Have A Plan Fall Apart.

My favorite WoW holiday kicked off last night and I made sure to get all of my housework done quickly and get things prepared for work in advance so I could settle in at my desk and spend a few hours before work posing with pumpkins, puking up candy and putting out fires. That didn’t happen (I’ll explain why in a minute) exactly as I had planned, but I did get a chance to heal the Headless Horseman fight (no mount yet again, but I’m still hopeful) and I did do a couple of quests. I also made my way to Goldshire to help put out some fires and it was there I realized that thanks to old world flying, I now have the ability to chase that pesky headless horseman around in the air. Being able to fly over a bunch of places we weren’t able to last year is also really gonna get me some new screenshot angles of all the decorations. I am so glad this is a 2 week celebration because I am going to have me some major fun.

The reason I didn’t get much holiday stuff in last night is because I logged in just in time to luck out with an invite to help Alas complete part of the quest line for the legendary staff, Dragonwrath. I was so freaking excited and thrilled and honored that I got to be even a tiny part of it all. What we accomplished last night was completing the 8th part of the chain, the quest Nordrassil’s Bough. It was a lot of fun. We started the whole adventure off by meeting up with Shannox, Beth’tilac, Rhyolith, and Alysrazor so that Alas could get some sort of charged fragment loot that was required from each of these bosses. Once all of those had been collected, she was able to activate a special portal (the name escapes me) to get us access to the Anvil of Conflagration where we fought Volcanus so that she could gain the Branch of Nordrassil. Near the very end of the fight with Volcanus I decided to stop healing and do some floor tanking. And while I was doing that, I grabbed a screenshot of Alas in pedo tree form fighting for the branch. Just seconds after this shot was taken, it was all over and victory was ours.

The One With All Of The Leveling

I have been playing WoW since January, 2008. Over 3 years. Don’t believe me? It says so right in the header image of this blog, so it must be true. In that 3 1/2 years I have accomplished … well, I’ve had a lot of fun. I can’t really say I’ve accomplished much though because I only have 1 level 85 character. And while she does have the Loremaster Title and earned the Violet-Proto drake from the holiday meta-achievement over 2 years ago, she hasn’t done much else. She’s not even a Kingslayer. I really don’t have any one good excuse for my lack of multiple high-level characters. It’s been everything from summer slump to crazy busy social life to needing a break from the game to working hours a bit off from everyone else in my guild and finally to having internet issues. But something weird seems to be happening lately. I am actually getting close to having another level 85 toon.

My worgen, Morena, went from 68 to 71 this weekend and it really was sorta fun. She’s in Northrend so the random dungeons can be ran quickly and without too much trouble. Since I’m just pugging with strangers the whole time, I queue up as dps and if I lag then I type it into party chat. If I disconnect I just reconnect and tell them I’m sorry. I’m not stressing about being a burden to my friends or causing a wipe with a disconnect. These aren’t troll heroics, they’re the 20 minute dungeon runs that are solely responsible for the creation of the term “wrath baby”. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. And holy shit at the experience I am gaining. I was excited to be logged in all weekend instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am not doing all the big boy runs with the rest of the guild. Morena has brought some joy back into my life. She actually has some decent gear now thanks to running Utgarde Keep and the Nexxus dozens of times each and a generous soul even donated some JP BOE sandals for me to throw in the bank until I can use them. The current plan is to keep leveling her until it’s no longer any fun and then when I reach that point, start leveling someone else. I may not be able to raid right now, but I can at least work on getting several different characters established so I have more choices later.

Screenshot Saturday

One of my favorite things to do in WoW EVER is back as a daily. I’m so excited.

The One With The 5 Things

When I’m lucky enough to get logged in these days, I typically spend my time in Tol Borad. I know I don’t usually get much time before the lag gets too severe, so this is a place where I can quickly get some dailies done to make some gold and gather some herbs along the way. Plus, I really want the spectral steed mount. So here’s my thoughts about Tol Borad.

5 Things I Love About Tol Borad

5. making gold doing dailies
4. Cinderbloom
3. Whiptail
2. Azshara’s Veil
1. mounts for sale

5 Things I Hate About Tol Borad

5. seeing the Darkwood Forest
4. running through the Darkwood Forest
3. questing in the Darkwood Forest
2. Darkwood Lurkers
1. Darkwood Broodmothers

The One Where I Offer Excuses and Random Screenshots

I am stuck in a vicious cycle… I am stressed out and my game time is becoming very limited which stresses me out and causes my game time to become very limited which stresses me out and…. you get the idea. The big move to a new apartment is quickly approaching and yet, not approaching quickly enough. So much stuff is packed up, my life is in disarray currently. I’m still working overtime AND for some damn reason (I’m gonna blame stupid co-workers who dare to watch Netflix all night long) the internet at work has been locked down since last Friday. So, no more blogging at work like I like to do. And even though I can view my favorite blogs through Google Reader, the images that are in posts are blocked and it’s not very enjoyable to read posts that way. Grumble.

Things around this blog had already slowed down a bit over the past few weeks, but I’m here to tell ya – it’s going to slow down even more for the next little bit. I already screwed up and didn’t get a Screenshot Saturday post up over the weekend. And what little content may see the light of day here, will probably be fairly boring. Not having much time to log in and play means I don’t have anything real interesting to talk about. Be prepared to see a lot of screenshots. And probably mostly old screenshots from my older, crappier pc. Hooray!

I am also open to accepting guest posts if anyone out there has too many for their own blog and wants to share. I am moving during Memorial Day Weekend and I cannot wait to get everything settled, get my pc set up on my new desk and get right back to some serious work on my reps and my gear.

Now here are some completely unrelated screenshots:

Here’s some old guild chat fun with WWAB…

Riding Kim’s rocket through Tol Borad…

My goblin having a Space Balls moment…

Some fun, exploding sheep….

Killing King Krush….