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The One With The Slot Machine Fucking Yaks

There will be no pictures of slot machines doing naughty things to yaks in this post or vice versa, so if that’s why you clicked this link please know I’ve wasted your time.

My last post here is dated 5/26/14 and it was all about Wildstar. Until tonight, the last time I logged into WoW was just a few days after that post. So it has been roughly 6 weeks since I last spent 2 or 3 hours riding around in a circle on the Timeless Isle and watching for the Ironfur Steelhorn yak to appear. Because that’s all I had been doing in WoW for quite some time. That fucking yak is the last rare I need to complete the Timeless Champion achievement and HAS been the last rare I’ve needed for a long time. I had slowly gotten obsessed.

It started innocently enough. I’d login to Elfi, harvest & replant my garden, fly out to the Isle and spend 30ish minutes killing shit and gathering coins. Then I’d either do some LFR with Elfi or I’d switch over to one of my alts and do some stuff. A few months back I realized I was close to finishing the legendary cloak quest line & I stopped spending time on alts and spent most of my time logged into Elfi on the Timeless Isle waiting for the LFR queue. I had always been on the lookout for the Ironfur Steelhorn, but at this point I started hunting him more seriously. I’d use the windfeather buff and run circles around the Celestial Court killing all the yaks, even the babies. By the time I finally did get my cloak & didn’t have to do any of that anymore, I had become addicted to the hunt.

I’m a gambler. Not in general; I don’t flip coins with friends to see who pays for dinner or take a chance on getting through stop lights that have been yellow for a few seconds. I mean I love me a fucking slot machine. Or anything fairly close to a slot machine – like those games at the fair where you drop a quarter in and hope it pushes more quarters off the edge for you. My eyes glaze over and I become irrational. It’s not that I go insane and start betting large amounts of money; I totally prefer penny slots because if you go to the casino with $100 you can play longer on penny slots. It’s amount of time played that’s my issue. I can’t quit playing. I don’t want to quit playing. I have gone on a spontaneous trip to the casino at like 11pm on a Friday night after working all day and will sit there blankly staring at a slot machine until 6am. There’s no way I could have stayed up that long doing anything else.

Lucky for me, I don’t live in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The closest casinos to me are about an hour away, located on Indian land in Oklahoma. Not something I can just pop by on my way home from work. Also lucky for me, I love spending money. Which means I probably put more money into slot machines every couple of months than most people would, but also means when I set myself a limit of how much I’m going to spend I usually only hit the ATM once for an extra $80. 😛 [edited to clarify: I love spending money on all sorts of silly toys and games and trips and food, so I know better than to waste all of my extra income on the slots]

Restraint. I almost haz it.

Okay, do you see the connection here between the yak and the slot machine story? After I finished the legendary questline and didn’t need to queue LFR to get specific drops I started spending 4 or 5 hours a night doing nothing more than riding that same circle and killing those same yaks, even the babies. I quit gardening, I quit doing dailies, I quit logging into my alts. Never saw the bitch once – not even it’s corpse.

Queue recent 6 week(ish) absence from WoW. Tonight I had some extra time and was excited to be able to login to Elfi and spend some time in this game I love so much. Hey guess what? I’ve done nothing other than hunt the yak. Right back into the same pattern EXCEPT TONIGHT SOMETHING DIFFERENT HAPPENED as you can see by the below image.

twiter feed

Obviously that’s from my Twitter feed so you read bottom to top. You know the drill. Yep, that totally happened. In minutes. But did it make me want to rage quit? Nope. At this point, the Ironfur Steelhorn is like a slot machine to me. I might as well start calling it my Brokeback Mountain because I can’t fucking quit it. Just like when I’m playing the slots I can’t help but think the next push of the button may be the big one. The next yak I see may be the one I need. The next $0.40 bet I make may win me $500. The next loop I make around the Celestial Court may put me face to face with him.

That’s what WoW has been reduced to for me. I can’t imagine doing anything else in game until this achievement is complete.


IntPiPoMo 2012: Day 25 – The One Guy I Kill The Most

And still no damn mount

The One Where I’m In A Quandary

As you guys know, I recently created a Blood Elf mage on a random server and named her Elfindale, which is the same name as my Night Elf druid. I decided to name the mage Elfi because she’s temporarily my main character and Elfi is just who I am. It’s my identity. The two toons are on different servers, so it shouldn’t ever cause a problem, right? Wrong. I have been searching for a new server to transfer my Alliance side Elfindale to so I can try and rebuild my relationship with her. She’s the very first character I ever rolled. In fact, when I first began playing I didn’t understand how realms worked and even though my brother told me what realm he was on and that I should choose that one, I didn’t. I let it pick a random server for me not knowing that meant I couldn’t talk to him in-game at all and not realizing it wasn’t free to transfer. I figured it out after only a few days and approximately 8 levels. This was over 4 years ago so lowbie levels weren’t as fast as they are now… and I had never before played an mmo or rpg game. It took me a lot of work and learning to get a few days in. So by then I was stubbornly attached to Elfi and I actually paid to server transfer a level 8 character to my brother’s realm.

I’m still stubbornly attached to her. I have loved / do love this game so much and it’s all tied in with my silly Night Elf druid. The friends I’ve made, the adventures I’ve been on.. it’s all so freaking priceless. Needless to say, even though I’m a bit disenchanted with Elfi right now, I would never dream of deleting her or abandoning her completely. Which is why I’ve been rolling alts on different servers and hanging out with people I know from blogs and from twitter and a few irl. I’ve enjoyed my time on several different servers and I appreciate everyone who suggested their realm and spent a little bit of time with me there. I recently made my decision, I want to transfer Elfindale to Whisperwind and hang out with a couple of my friends on the Alliance side there.

I was getting ready to process the transfer today when it suddenly dawned on me … that is the same server my Horde character named Elfindale resides. So if I transfer my first-born Elfi there I will have to change her name. Hence the quandary. I seriously don’t know if I’m okay with changing her name. I realize that probably sounds so trivial to some people but it’s really freaking me out. And I’ll feel silly if I suddenly change my mind and tell my friends I won’t be joining them on Whisperwind after all because of my name. The Blood Elf is up to level 28 (considering SWTOR is my main game, I’ve done this fairly quickly over the past couple of months) and she’s in a great guild that I’m really enjoying so I don’t want to delete her and re-roll with a different name. I’m trying to convince myself that it will be okay if I change original Elfindale to something like Elfindell or Elfindalle or some sort of variation like that. But I also cringe when I think of changing it.

So, I’m not looking for anyone to make the decision for me but I am curious as to what you guys would do in this situation. How important should this name be to me? It’s not like this is the only server option I have, it just happens to be the one I had decided on based on friends that I actually work with being there. Would you pay to change the name of the level 28 Horde toon, since she’s just an Elfi junior and is only a couple of months old? Would you just slightly change original Elfi’s name because it’s no big deal? Or would you keep looking for a server where you could keep both names the way they are?

The One Where My Co-Workers Disappoint Me

As I’ve mentioned previously, Halloween is my favorite holiday. One of the biggest reasons that is true is because I love Halloween decorations and making things look creepy. So I was very excited to learn a few weeks ago that there was a Halloween decorating contest going on at work this month. Each department was to decorate their area and then we will all be voting on which one is decorated the best. Below are a few random cell phone shots I took last night of some of the other departments near my area. They’ve all been doing some really cool things.

Now I have all sorts of decorations that would be perfect for bringing in to work, but since I work 3rd shift with only 2 other people here at that time, I don’t have much interaction with the rest of my team. So I emailed everyone 2 weeks back and asked them if they had a theme in mind and what type of stuff they would like me to bring in for them to use. I never got a response from anyone. And here’s a picture of how my department looks right now. They make me really sad.

I’ve Got Good News, I’ve Got Bad News

You guys, guess what? No more crappy, shared internet for me; I now have my very own dsl pro connection at my apartment. I am finally back to living life in the fast lane and I could not be more excited. I can actually watch videos again, I can stream music, and I can finally play the game without constant lag. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, I’ve got a lot of projects around the web I need to catch up on, such as uploading and editing photos from the past couple of months (I use as my photo editor and was having trouble uploading the raw images with bad internet), a personal blog that’s been basically abandoned, an image-heavy message board I love but got frustrated with after having such slow load times, etc. And I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me with my brother’s wedding and rehearsal. So even though I’m itching to get logged into Elfi and finally spend some time seriously earning valor points, I’m just too busy for the next 4 or 5 days.

I’m also stressing out over a decision I had to make this week. Well, maybe not stressing out as much as just feeling really guilty and struggling to hold my ground and not let the guilt make me hesitate. If I block out all of the emotions and just look at my decision on paper, I see that it’s the best thing for me at this point. But there are emotions surrounding it and I can’t block them out. It sucks. I will stick with the decision I have made and I’m confident that my friend who I feel guilty about will remain my friend. I’m just afraid things might be a touch strained at first and I hate thinking about how my decision has hurt her feelings. Yes, this is related to WoW but I think I will refrain from going into any details for now. I promise to revisit it soon though.

And that’s about it. There’s good news and bad news and busy days and sad friends.

And here’s a bunny with a pancake on it’s head

The One Where I Look At The Bright Side

You all know about the troubles I’ve been having for the past 2 months, so I’m not even going to say the words. I’m sick of saying the words. I’m sick of the whole situation. For the past couple of weeks logging in has been more depressing than exciting. I’m missing out on dungeon runs, I’m missing out on guild chat, I feel like a stranger when I log in. I can do Hyjal dailies, but once those are done I spend my few precious hours per week in-game just standing around Stormwind trying to reconnect with my guild in chat.

In an effort to turn my increasingly negative thoughts around, I decided to start paying more attention to my surroundings and look at the bright side of things. I may not be able to play as often as I’d like or at the capacity I’d like, but unlike so many others I haven’t burned out on the game. I still love it, I still want to play it. And there are still really cool things to experience even if you’re stuck standing in Stormwind trying to participate in lagged out guild chat. Like super cute gnomes named Liaree. I love the outfit, love the shoes, she’s adorable. And very friendly. And an example of why I keep hanging in there and not giving up.

The One Where It’s Really Getting To Me

I hate that this blog has turned into a place where I do a lot of whining, but the things I’ve been whining about haven’t gone away so how can I quit whining about them? This whole internet situation is really bringing me down fast. I had initially thought I would be able to just deal with it for a month or two before I was able to drop money on service from another ISP. But I am not dealing with it very well at all. I keep trying to convince myself that it’s summer and since I’m not able to play WoW through no fault of my own, I should just go out and enjoy the summer; get started on a a gym routine, be active and spend time outside. But I haven’t been able to make myself do that yet. I find myself sitting on the couch, flipping through my basic cable channels, watching reality TV and becoming depressed. And don’t get me wrong, I do realize how ridiculous it is to be depressed about not having internet. It’s not like I have serious problems like so many other people unfortunately do. I should be using my new spare time to catch up on my reading, do all those crafty things I’ve been wanting to do, etc. I need an intervention.

I think the reason I’m letting it upset me so is because I’m just getting so far behind. I am still able to read my blogs intermittently and everyone’s is getting ready for The Firelands, everyone is making huge progress on raiding, ZG and ZA are becoming old news. I, on the other hand, have never completed StoneCore (normal or heroic), I got pulled into one ZG group by friends when a healer dropped and after I helped them with the boss they were working on, they called it a night. I haven’t seen ZA at all. I only have 116 Tol Borad commendations. I only have a small handful of Valor Points. And I’m just getting left further behind in the dust. I think that’s why I’m so upset about this. I feel like by the time this internet situation is resolved I will be so far behind I’ll be useless.

To make matters worse, I decided to start researching my alternate ISP options here and it’s amazing how much is not available to me. I moved 2 miles away from where I had lived, but it did cause a zip code change and the AT&T dsl we had at my previous address is not available here. Mediacom cable internet is available here, but I’ve been all over their website and can’t figure out how to subscribe to internet only instead of a bundled pack of cable, internet and phone for a large monthly payment. Knowing that this may not get fixed after all is not helping. I realize it’s ridiculous to be upset over something as silly as not having internet, but I can’t help finding myself upset about it.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll wrap up this session of feeling sorry for myself and see if I can force myself off the couch to get something accomplished this evening. Wish me luck.

The One Where I Say FML

Okay, here’s the latest update on my recent move – I love my new place. I’m thrilled to have a master bathroom. I’ve got so much storage space that several kitchen cabinets are just completely empty. There’s no cat hair anywhere (but I do miss the cat). For an apartment, I’ve got a great view. Life is peachy… almost.

What I dont have is good internet. Or even decent internet. In fact, the longer I live here the worse it becomes. I am posting this from my phone because currently I am not able to get any pages to pull up at all. I’m getting a great connection to the router and I’ve changed router channels, turned off the router firewall, restarted everything several times, etc. And yes, I’ve hardwired directly in. That does technically make a difference but it’s so minor it doesn’t count.

Although I’m very upset about not being able to access the game, I have been a fairly casual player throughout most of my WoW life so I’m used to being away from the game for days and sometimes weeks at a time. But when I’m being forced out of the game and it’s not my decision, it just isn’t the same. It sucks ass. But then, nothing has been easy for me since this latest expansion launched. Back in October and November I got really excited about Cata and decided I didn’t want to be a casual player any longer. Then my guild fell apart. Now this. FML.

I was counting on my guildmates and other WoW friends to keep me from feeling lonely now that I live alone. Obviously that isn’t happening. Not only can I not spend time in game, I can barely use the internet at all. And since everything got blocked at work I’m going batshit insane from withdrawal. I’m lucky to have a smartphone which I can use to blog, read facebook and twitter, and do important google searches. But it’s not the same. I guess this means I need to stop by the managers office and complain but man I hate doing that. I’ve already had to turn in a small maintenance list and I don’t want them to view me as a troublemaker. But surely this entire complex doesn’t put up with this kind of service. There are a million young couples around here, I know I’m not the only person addicted to the internet. It’s gotta be something that can be fixed.

Until then, bear with me here. I’m not planning on taking a break from the blog, I will still have opinions and thoughts about the game. But things might be a little intermittent around here for an undetermined amount of time. And in the meantime please feel free to hit me up with an email or google talk me to keep me from going even further into depression. You can see my email address in the right hand column over there and you can find me on google talk with that same ID. Keep in mind I may be responding with my phone, so my typing may be a bit slower than normal. Luckily I use Swype on my phone, so it’s not that bad.

Later homies.