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Friday Link List: Special “News” Edition

There are, as we all know by now, so many excellent WoW bloggers writing so many excellent WoW posts this week, last week and for many, many weeks before now. But this post isn’t about them. This post highlights some of the things that can be found when you type “World of Warcraft” into Google search and then choose the News option to see what’s new. Most of the time, it doesn’t really turn up anything interesting at all. But sometimes, it will blow your mind.

Let’s just start right off with an online commercial featuring Lou Ferrigno (of The Incredible Hulk fame) and what I guess you could call a PSA wherein he says you should play WoW to get all the sex. Well, he sorta says that. Actually I can’t really understand anything he’s fucking saying. But… here, just check it out for yourself. And after you watch the video, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page. It doesn’t look like there is any more page there, but there is:

There’s a new short documentary that has just been released that features some really fabulous video and images from the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) it’s a documentary about how the filmmaker’s addiction to WoW was ruining his life. At a little over 7 minutes long it’s worth a watch. He just tells his story and there’s not any WoW bashing or anything so it shouldn’t cause anyone to go in any rages to defend the game. Find the article and video here:

Always a big topic, a University of Minnesota student journalist looks into girls who are hard-core gamers in a world where most people believe gaming is for guys. Article is here:

For those of you who live for the funny, you may want to consider playing the Family Guy Online MMO. According to this article, it’s like World of Warcraft except way funnier (uh.. I think I’ll pass). Read their reasons for the statement here:

And finally, in what may actually be sorta old news for some of you, I just discovered there will soon be a line of World of Warcraft MegaBloks. You can totally learn more about that here: