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The One About Wildstar

I should start off by warning you, this post will be picture intensive.

Wildstar. I pre-ordered it months ago and participated in the beta weekends and the open beta. I have been tweeting about it quite a bit but I haven’t talked about it here on this blog yet. Until today, obviously. I don’t foresee this space becoming a Wildstar blog but because it is titled Elfi’s World and my world involves Wildstar at the moment, there may be the occasional post.

I’m excited for early launch to start because during the beta I experienced a lot of performance issues with my pc. Turns out my dual core processor just wasn’t happy with running the game and things were really getting throttled down. It affected my leveling during beta because of framerate issues and trouble jumping, fighting, etc. I finally got a new cpu ordered and upgraded my graphics card while I was at it and now that beta is over, I should be able to run the game great.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy beta quite enough to make a solid decision on what I want my main class to be. I think it’s between Esper and Medic, but it was a Spellslinger I leveled the highest. Still, I’m not super quick to react so I think Spellslinger may be too mobile for my reflexes. I liked Medic because I could cast while moving, wore medium armour and the telescopes seemed a bit wider so easier to hit multiple mobs. I liked Esper because they seem to do higher dps and have a longer range on their telescopes. I don’t like that Esper has to be standing completely still to cast almost everything and wears light armour. But I only got each of those toons up to around level 8 so there’s no way to know which one will be better in the end. /sigh. It’s stressing me out because I know what I want my main character to be named (my alter ego when there are no elves is Kristalys) and I’m afraid I’ll pick a class I end up hating and then have to reroll with a different name. First World Problems, I know.

Anyway, enough blabbering. This post is for the purpose of sharing screenshots I took of the beta close event and to share the screenshots of all the Wildstar mounts I got to play with thanks to the devs sharing a code during the beta close event which unlocked all mounts for us. For the record, I simply checked out each one and wrote down their name as I saw it in-game during the event which closed out beta. I’m not making any statements on whether or not all of these mounts are available when the game goes live or if these names will remain the same, etc. So let the massive amount of screenshots begin. I’ve actually created a couple of galleries to make this a little easier, so click on the first image in each of the two galleries to see them full size and navigate through them.

Event Screenshots

Mount Screenshots: My favorite mounts are the Velocirex and the Hot Rod Uniblade