After taking most of the summer away from video games (simply because there are way too many outdoor activities which draw my attention – ie. barbecues most importantly) I realized only a few short weeks ago that when patch 6.0.2 drops players are no longer able to get the achievement and mount that comes with getting a Garrosh kill on Normal mode. I assumed that would happen in November when the expansion actually goes live. I didn’t even think about the pre-expac patch. Now that it was almost too late, I realized I really wanted to try and get it accomplished.

I’m not going to make this a long post and talk about all the different groups and attempts that I’ve been involved in the past 2 weeks. Basically, my guildies immediately offered to help but the majority of the raiding team was still afk and taking a break before the next tier comes out and they go back to the hard work of full time raiding again. Combine that with the fact that I felt like I was imposing for even asking them in the first place and the fact that I’m a terrible organizer who scheduled things way too late in the evening without paying any attention to the fact most of them were in EST time zone and that really didn’t work out too well.

Next, a couple of co-workers who play said they might be able to find a group to help me get it because they pug on their server all the time. This is the first lesson I learned: Cross Realm raiding is a thing now! I am terrible at reading patch notes and keeping up with changes in the game, so I had no idea. The messaged me a few days later that they had found someone with a lock at Garrosh so I quickly joined and then promptly waited the next hour or so trying to find a few more people to join us. And again the next day. And again the next day. Then we lost our Garrosh lock and started over with help from some of their guildies who had been raiding earlier in the year but had just returned from their own summer hiatus. We had to pug 3 dps, but we cleared 4 bosses on Tuesday, 4 more on Wednesday and progress was being made. Here’s the second lesson I learned: I’m not the worst player in the history of players. I don’t know why I have no confidence in myself as a player. I’m totally afraid of doing something stupid but there’s no reason to be. I also learned that even though my dps isn’t at the top of the charts I do have good raid awareness (as long as the fight’s been explained and I know what to watch for) and I’m not one of the ones who’s going to die first by standing in shit.

Sidenote: I used to be that person who would sometimes die by standing in shit and never did understand it because on my screen I wouldn’t see myself standing in shit. Then over the summer I bought a new processor and a new video card and I truly believe I now see shit faster than I used to and I hop out of shit pretty quickly these days.

Then on Thursday I got some news that affected the amount of time I would be able to be online over the weekend. I had some family business to attend to out of town back and forth over several days. So my coworkers became more determined to get me the kill. We had managed to get up to Thok over the past week, but now that time was limited, they went out and found someone with a lock at Garrosh and we went for it. Again, it was a pugged group. We needed bodies and weren’t getting volunteers with huge ilvls, but we took what we could get. We wiped on Garrosh over 15 times Thursday night. In total, in 2 weeks, I was now up to 24 wipes on him. We tried our little hearts out but we just couldn’t make it happen. The fact that we did clear to Thok and I wasn’t carried by a raid team does mean something to me. I feel like I earned those bosses. I feel good about them.

Vidyala had told me about a guild who was offering to run people through before the patch and I did put my name down there, but since I was already saved up to Thok this week and since they are planning on doing the run tonight and I have to go back out of town in an hour for visitation tonight and a funeral tomorrow, it didn’t work out for me. I had another guild offer to run me through on the Horde side tonight, but again I won’t be home tonight and while I do have a level 90 horde toon, she’s never even been to the Timeless Isle so that’d be quite a carry. Lol. But these things lead to the fourth lesson I’ve learned… I keep playing this game because of people like this. People who are willing to spend their evenings dragging me towards an achievement I haven’t truly earned even though they’ve already earned it and don’t need to be in there spending their time and energy doing it again. My guildies, my friends from work, my twitter friends, new friends I’ve made while pugging these past 2 weeks – this is the beauty of the game. This is why I can never truly leave.

So to recap, these are the lessons I’ve learned in my last minute chase for Ahead of the Curve:
1. Cross Realm raiding is a thing now! If I’m interested in doing more than flex during the expansion, I can. And I can do it in my free time with other people who aren’t quite committed to full time raiding but do want to accomplish these things the same way I do.

2. I’m not the worst player in the history of players. I’m too hard on myself and I worry about what others think of me more than I worry about doing the things I want to do. I’ve got to relax and not be afraid of trying new things. There are lots of in-game goals I am interested in but never even bother trying. That’s going to change.

3. I may not top the charts on dps, but I have really good raid awareness and that’s important. High dps doesn’t mean much if that person dies to fire on the ground 4 minutes in. Slow and steady and still alive can be a good thing.

4. I play this game because of friendship and amazing people. To expand on this, I am going to be paying more attention to people I get grouped with and strike up more conversations with people I meet. I need to expand my list of bnet friends and immerse myself into the community while actually in the game, not just while on Twitter.

While I am sad I didn’t get the achievement, I am not upset about it. I am fully aware I waited way too late to decide to try for it. I am so grateful to everyone who did join me and helped me and those who offered help I wasn’t able to take. I am upset there’s been a death in my family, because I will miss my Aunt and it was quite a shock, but I’m certainly not upset that something has taken away time I might have used to finish this up. I am getting ready to head down to my parent’s house and will not be back until Wednesday but I can’t wait to see what the patch has in store for us and I can’t wait to get started on the next big thing I decide to do in game.

Whew. So happy this OCD chapter of my life is done. The elusive Ironfur Steelhorn is finally dead. No more slot machine fucking yaks. Now, I can get back to circling the valley for herbs and ore. Ooooh, or maybe finally login to the Beta. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

 Ironfur Steelhorn

There will be no pictures of slot machines doing naughty things to yaks in this post or vice versa, so if that’s why you clicked this link please know I’ve wasted your time.

My last post here is dated 5/26/14 and it was all about Wildstar. Until tonight, the last time I logged into WoW was just a few days after that post. So it has been roughly 6 weeks since I last spent 2 or 3 hours riding around in a circle on the Timeless Isle and watching for the Ironfur Steelhorn yak to appear. Because that’s all I had been doing in WoW for quite some time. That fucking yak is the last rare I need to complete the Timeless Champion achievement and HAS been the last rare I’ve needed for a long time. I had slowly gotten obsessed.

It started innocently enough. I’d login to Elfi, harvest & replant my garden, fly out to the Isle and spend 30ish minutes killing shit and gathering coins. Then I’d either do some LFR with Elfi or I’d switch over to one of my alts and do some stuff. A few months back I realized I was close to finishing the legendary cloak quest line & I stopped spending time on alts and spent most of my time logged into Elfi on the Timeless Isle waiting for the LFR queue. I had always been on the lookout for the Ironfur Steelhorn, but at this point I started hunting him more seriously. I’d use the windfeather buff and run circles around the Celestial Court killing all the yaks, even the babies. By the time I finally did get my cloak & didn’t have to do any of that anymore, I had become addicted to the hunt.

I’m a gambler. Not in general; I don’t flip coins with friends to see who pays for dinner or take a chance on getting through stop lights that have been yellow for a few seconds. I mean I love me a fucking slot machine. Or anything fairly close to a slot machine – like those games at the fair where you drop a quarter in and hope it pushes more quarters off the edge for you. My eyes glaze over and I become irrational. It’s not that I go insane and start betting large amounts of money; I totally prefer penny slots because if you go to the casino with $100 you can play longer on penny slots. It’s amount of time played that’s my issue. I can’t quit playing. I don’t want to quit playing. I have gone on a spontaneous trip to the casino at like 11pm on a Friday night after working all day and will sit there blankly staring at a slot machine until 6am. There’s no way I could have stayed up that long doing anything else.

Lucky for me, I don’t live in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The closest casinos to me are about an hour away, located on Indian land in Oklahoma. Not something I can just pop by on my way home from work. Also lucky for me, I love spending money. Which means I probably put more money into slot machines every couple of months than most people would, but also means when I set myself a limit of how much I’m going to spend I usually only hit the ATM once for an extra $80. :P [edited to clarify: I love spending money on all sorts of silly toys and games and trips and food, so I know better than to waste all of my extra income on the slots]

Restraint. I almost haz it.

Okay, do you see the connection here between the yak and the slot machine story? After I finished the legendary questline and didn’t need to queue LFR to get specific drops I started spending 4 or 5 hours a night doing nothing more than riding that same circle and killing those same yaks, even the babies. I quit gardening, I quit doing dailies, I quit logging into my alts. Never saw the bitch once – not even it’s corpse.

Queue recent 6 week(ish) absence from WoW. Tonight I had some extra time and was excited to be able to login to Elfi and spend some time in this game I love so much. Hey guess what? I’ve done nothing other than hunt the yak. Right back into the same pattern EXCEPT TONIGHT SOMETHING DIFFERENT HAPPENED as you can see by the below image.

twiter feed

Obviously that’s from my Twitter feed so you read bottom to top. You know the drill. Yep, that totally happened. In minutes. But did it make me want to rage quit? Nope. At this point, the Ironfur Steelhorn is like a slot machine to me. I might as well start calling it my Brokeback Mountain because I can’t fucking quit it. Just like when I’m playing the slots I can’t help but think the next push of the button may be the big one. The next yak I see may be the one I need. The next $0.40 bet I make may win me $500. The next loop I make around the Celestial Court may put me face to face with him.

That’s what WoW has been reduced to for me. I can’t imagine doing anything else in game until this achievement is complete.


I should start off by warning you, this post will be picture intensive.

Wildstar. I pre-ordered it months ago and participated in the beta weekends and the open beta. I have been tweeting about it quite a bit but I haven’t talked about it here on this blog yet. Until today, obviously. I don’t foresee this space becoming a Wildstar blog but because it is titled Elfi’s World and my world involves Wildstar at the moment, there may be the occasional post.

I’m excited for early launch to start because during the beta I experienced a lot of performance issues with my pc. Turns out my dual core processor just wasn’t happy with running the game and things were really getting throttled down. It affected my leveling during beta because of framerate issues and trouble jumping, fighting, etc. I finally got a new cpu ordered and upgraded my graphics card while I was at it and now that beta is over, I should be able to run the game great.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy beta quite enough to make a solid decision on what I want my main class to be. I think it’s between Esper and Medic, but it was a Spellslinger I leveled the highest. Still, I’m not super quick to react so I think Spellslinger may be too mobile for my reflexes. I liked Medic because I could cast while moving, wore medium armour and the telescopes seemed a bit wider so easier to hit multiple mobs. I liked Esper because they seem to do higher dps and have a longer range on their telescopes. I don’t like that Esper has to be standing completely still to cast almost everything and wears light armour. But I only got each of those toons up to around level 8 so there’s no way to know which one will be better in the end. /sigh. It’s stressing me out because I know what I want my main character to be named (my alter ego when there are no elves is Kristalys) and I’m afraid I’ll pick a class I end up hating and then have to reroll with a different name. First World Problems, I know.

Anyway, enough blabbering. This post is for the purpose of sharing screenshots I took of the beta close event and to share the screenshots of all the Wildstar mounts I got to play with thanks to the devs sharing a code during the beta close event which unlocked all mounts for us. For the record, I simply checked out each one and wrote down their name as I saw it in-game during the event which closed out beta. I’m not making any statements on whether or not all of these mounts are available when the game goes live or if these names will remain the same, etc. So let the massive amount of screenshots begin. I’ve actually created a couple of galleries to make this a little easier, so click on the first image in each of the two galleries to see them full size and navigate through them.

Event Screenshots

Mount Screenshots: My favorite mounts are the Velocirex and the Hot Rod Uniblade

Liebster Award
In the comments of my last blog post, the kind-hearted Anou from Diary of a Gnome Spy nominated me for a Liebster Award. I have not been blogging much lately at all but I have been reading Liebster Award posts all over my favorite blogs, so I was completely familiar with it but never expected to see myself nominated. Also very happy that I was introduced to a new blog in the process, as I had not read Diary of a Gnome Spy before but have now added it to my feed. Thanks, Anou.

So the rules are (in addition to my paragraph above) I’m supposed to answer the 11 questions Anou provided me with, provide 11 random facts about myself and then nominate 5 bloggers and write questions for them. Well, I hate to be that person, but I am choosing not to nominate 5 other blogs. I apologize. It’s just that I feel it’s been spread through the community really well by now and one of the reasons my blog posts have diminished is due to time constraints so I am selfishly choosing not to take the time to write 11 new questions and find 5 blogs that haven’t been nominated yet. It’s nothing personal.

My answer to Anou’s questions:

1. Which is your favorite in-game quest line? Like, one you don’t want to miss on any alts as you level up?
Hands down, it’s Gnomebliteration

2. Have you ever just spontaneously started to role play; for example, stood around some tables in an inn and offered to take peoples’ order?
I haven’t ever actually role played in a traditional sense, but I certainly try to avoid running into people or standing on top of people at all. Additionally, all of my different characters do have their own personalities and each dress a certain way and ride specific mounts, etc. That’s probably not typical of people who don’t rp at all, so it makes me think it’s a tiny bit of rp I do.

3. What music do you chose to listen to, to accompany you in your epic battles? Do you play with the game music on? Or do you mute music and play your own in the background?
Weirdly enough, I’m a huge music lover but I don’t play any music while gaming. When I’m at the computer I am usually gaming on one monitor and trying to keep up with Twitter on the other monitor as well as catch up on blogs and news.

4.Were you a gaming virgin before your adventures in WoW, like me? Or had you already played other games, or MMO’s previously?
I was not a gaming virgin as I had played years of console games and I had played a few pc games such as Myst and The Dagger of Amon Ra. WoW was my first ever mmo (because I’m not counting 2 weeks of Runescape).

5. In your opinion, should Worgens have been added to the Horde’s races, or are they suited to be Alliance?
Of course they’re suited for the Alliance… they’re werewolves which means they are humans who become / shape-shift into wolves. The legend of the werewolf is clearly what Blizzard based Worgens off of, further evident in the fact that you can choose to shift to your human form when not in combat. I never have understood why people think they should be Horde. They have to be the same faction as humans

6. If you were brave enough to display your colors publicly, what symbol or quote could someone see stuck to your car’s bumper?
I actually already have an Alliance symbol, a bumper sticker that says “My other car is an EPIC mount” and a bumper sticker that says “My <3 belongs to Stormwind"

7. Say you were an über rogue and could stealth past anything, what would you do/where would you go first?
I’m not certain if this means in game or outside of game, but I’m going to answer it outside of game. I would say I’d use my stealth ability to sneak into Blizzcon because going last year was totally amazing and I’d love to be able to get back there again.

8. Do you have a favorite companion pet out at all times? If so, is it always the same one? How do you choose?
I switch my pets out quite often and each toon will use different pets because of different personalities. Some of my favorites are a sapphire cub given to me by a friend, the cynder kitty given to me by a friend, my sewer rat from Dalaran named Chewie, my Netherwhelp Hatchling because they’re rare, my vampiric batling named Vinnie from Prince Tenris MirkBlood in Karazan

9. What is your #1 in-game pass-time? Auction farming? Transmogs? Being trendy in Trade chat? Exploring old zones? (etc.)
Either herbing or mining while just enjoying chatting with my guildies and friends

10. Is there a piece of art somewhere in game, a sculpture, a painting, that caught your interest and opened your eyes to the tiny details of WoW?
I suppose it would have to be the Darnassus bank since Elfi was my first ever character and that’s the first major city she came to. Once the tree that contains the bank came into view and I noticed it was shaped as a bear and bird, I was totally awed.

11. What real life thing do you tend to set aside for WoW?

Now it’s time for 11 random facts about me:

1. I am left handed but I wear my watch on my left wrist (and I wear it with the watch face turned to the bottom of my wrist). For some reason people think this is weird. Apparently you’re supposed to wear your watch on the opposite hand because it gets in the way while writing. Even weirder that I wear my watch basically upside down. But here’s something you should know … when you’re left handed the fact that you live in a right handed world and you have to sit in school desks built to support your right hand and use a spiral notebook that’s spiraled on the left side already make it fucking difficult to write. My watch isn’t making it any harder.

I’m glad we could have this talk. Moving on.

2. I’ve been dragged from my house in my pajamas, handcuffed, read my rights, shoved into a cop car and hauled to jail. When I got there I was fingerprinted, mugshotted and actually handcuffed to a concrete bench. If you’re interested in finding out why, you can read the whole story HERE

3. I spent several years in my 20’s writing dark, twisted poetry. It’s probably stuff that everyone else would think is stupid, but I’ve kept them all and I still enjoy reading them.

4. While pregnant with me my mom craved watermelon and ate it constantly. While I do like watermelon flavoring in candy, I do not ever have any desire to eat watermelon

5. Had I been born a boy, my first and middle name were going to be John Denver because those were the first names of both grandfathers. Thankfully I am a girl.

6. In high school I was voted “Most Intelligent”. Hahahahaha. Not nearly as impressive when you learn my graduating class consisted of a whopping 33 people.

7. I cry more for pride than I do for sadness. I can see a dead rabbit on the road and forget about it in seconds but I cry like a baby every time the National Anthem is played or when I watch 1st graders sing a Christmas program, etc. And anything military related? Forget about it, I’m sobbing.

8. I tend to be overly wordy in written forms of communication (not that you guys could tell, right?) but in person I’m pretty quiet and don’t say much. Unless I’m zinging someone with some quick sarcasm.

9. My eyes have changed colors and still do sort of change colors. I was born with blue eyes and had bright blue eyes until my early 20’s when they changed to grey eyes with dark blue around the outside edges. In my 30’s they shifted from grey lined in blue to a sort of hazel. Except mine are flecked with green, gray and blue instead of green, gray and brown like typical hazel eyes. The dominant color seems to depend on what shirt I’m wearing.

10. I’ve never once solved a Rubik’s cube without taking it apart and rebuilding it solved

11. My favorite food is ice cream. Oh, and donuts. Also hamburgers.

Between Wildstar betas and general life busyness, I haven’t been playing as much WoW lately as I’ve wanted to. I still have a whole list of things I want to get done on Elfi and other toons before WoD and while we certainly aren’t getting WoD anytime soon, I’m never going to get my list done at the rate I’ve been going lately. Then there’s the fact that the when I was logged in this weekend, I decided to randomly work on something that wasn’t on my list. I don’t even understand me.

Actually, I do understand me. I’m addicted to finding dark soil. I’ve talked about this before. So even though Morissa only exists to farm ore and make gems for Elfi, I decided she needed to finally become best friends with the Tillers. I popped down to the Darkmoon Faire for my xp buff and spent a few hours happily digging up ruby shards and lovely apples.

Jogu the Drunk was the last one I finished up and once he and I were best friends I accidentally asked him if he wanted to stay at the pond on my farm. I knew it would be horribly rude to immediately change my mind, so I decided to let him go ahead and wander over and I’d tell him later he couldn’t stay. Apparently it’s a good thing I had already planned on asking him to leave because I soon discovered that Suess (my funicular goat mount I won from a contest) did not think too much of having this drunk dude wallowing around in our pond.

embiggen to see the goat’s look of disgust
Jogu the drunk

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it also makes a screenshot addict very rusty when it comes to capturing achievements. Yesterday I finally dinged 90 on my Night Elf Monk, making her my 4th level 90 (3rd as a Night Elf). I also got “Terrific Trio” because one of my 90’s is a dirty Horde toon. :P

Normally I would have taken the time to zoom in the camera and angle it just right so that the minute the achievement popped, I’d have a nice clear screenshot of the moment to share. But I have gotten so out of the habit of blogging that even though I knew the quest turn in would cause me to ding, I didn’t give a single thought about the screenshot. This crappy screenshot you see here is apparently what happens when I stop considering myself a blogger (multi-shot addon automatically captures achievements for me).


Thing is, immediately afterwards I wanted to tweet about the ding and when I dug through the folder to grab the achievement picture it made me sad to realize I hadn’t put any effort into it and didn’t have a great photo to share. I knew I needed to sit down, write a post and remember how much I used to enjoy rambling about every silly little thing that happened in Elfi’s world.

I have not yet used my free boost to 90. My plan is to use it on my Dwarf Shaman once she hits 60 to take advantage of maxxed out professions on her. Currently she’s at 55 & now that the Monk’s journey has been completed, I should have a few hours this week to spend running her through LFD to get her to 60 and boost her. I’ve made a promise to myself to be able to share good screenshots of this when it happens. We’ll see if I can be bothered to follow through.


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