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Ice, Ice, Baby

It’s not what you think. I am simply announcing that I now have an ice baby pet. After my post about the Frostscythe’s on Monday, good ole Frost Lord Ahune coughed up… well, he coughed up another Frostscythe for Elfi actually. On Monday night, that is. Yep, I went in there wearing one and came out and sold my new, extra one. But then on Tuesday night, I pulled Ice Chip out of my bag of goodies. It took me all of 3 seconds to name him and drag him to Stormwind for screenshots. Then I got to work many hours of overtime yesterday and didn’t get around to posting about it.

By now you may be wondering why I said I dragged my pet to Stormwind for screenshots. Or, more accurately, by now you may be bored. But I won’t let that stop me from explaining why so many of my screenshots are taken in Stormwind. Please do try to keep up with the process I am about to explain and feel free to look up any technical terms I may use which you may not be familiar with. You see, the reason I take so many screenshots in Stormwind is … well, it’s because … the light there is pretty good and there are plenty of white flat-topped, square-shaped things you can stand on the top of so there’s not much in the background to make my shots look poopy.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email. I’ve taken the liberty of saving a .txt file with this valuable information and I would be more than happy to send you one for only $5.

ice chip

The One With All The Frostscythe Frenzy

Last year, I got the Frostscythe on Elfi when it was a slight upgrade for her so I wore it for a few weeks just to make people jealous and then I threw it in the bank. But of course, now that the Midsummer Fire Festival is upon us again I totally dug it out of the bank, brushed it off and transmogged that bitch faster than you can say “wow, she really transmogged that bitch fast”. While I do think it looks pretty cool, it’s not my preferred weapon transmog and I’ll likely change back in a few weeks. Until then, I’m going to do nothing but stand in Stormwind and make sure everyone that walks by without one gets a good eyeful. 😛

nelf scythe

Obviously I’m just joking (totally not joking) about that because I am not the type of person who spends a lot of time bragging and trying to make people feel bad. By the way, have I mentioned yet that my Death Knight got the Frostscythe Saturday night on her very first Ahune kill ever? Yep. There won’t be any pictures of her like the one above though, because she couldn’t equip it. That’s right, most people can’t get one to drop and I’m vendoring mine. Kinda sad.

Really the only reason I am even running the holiday dungeon every day is for the chance at the Ice Chip pet. I already had my Frostscythe from last year and while the Valor Points are nice I could always get them elsewhere. I just like collecting pets. I realized this morning I have a level 90 druid on the Horde side who’s never killed Ahune and I should totally be doing that fight on all 3 of my level 90 toons if I wanted to maximize my chances. (Yes, I’m a dork and rarely think to have my other toons do stuff). It was a painful 28 minute queue, but the fight itself went pretty quick. My Troll doesn’t get played very much so she has pretty crappy gear still and her dps isn’t anything to write home about. Which is why I was excited the cloak in the chest was an upgrade for me and I was the only one who selected “need”. So my gear improved. I didn’t get the pet, but I’ve still got plenty of time to run ALL THREE toons through every day for a while. Oh, and did I mention that Kristalys also received a Frostscythe? Hahahahahaha. It’s like a Frostscythe Frenzy up in my world. The good news is, unlike the DK, my Troll Druid can and will actually use it. In fact, it was a pretty significant weapon upgrade for her. Check out the bling.

troll scythe

The One Where All I Do Is Mining and Herbing

Now that I finally have my second level 90 in the same faction and on the same server as my main, I’m starting to realize how useful it is to have more than 2 maxxed professions. Not only does Morrissa now supply Elfi with ghost iron bars to be transmuted into Living Steel, but she gathers extra ghost iron ore and kyparite to sell on the AH. I am starting to get addicted to this making money thing. So about all I’ve been doing for the past week when I’ve been in game is gathering and selling herbs and ores.

I was actually offline all of Friday & Saturday and most of Sunday because I was camping with my brother and his family. As children we put in plenty of time doing the whole primitive camping thing, so now we enjoy a camping trailer with a slide out for the living room, a full size bathroom and shower, mobile satellite tv and most importantly, air conditioning. Yes, we spend more time outside than inside and we still light campfires and cook outdoors, etc. But it’s nice to have the best of both worlds. It’s also nice to know you can sleep inside comfortably and not outside where you find things like scorpions.


That’s actually the first ever scorpion I’ve seen out in the wilds, so it’s not something to really be concerned about here while camping. Now copperheads? That’s another story. Lol. But actually at the campground we were in I was more concerned about what type of people frequented the place once I saw who some of the playground equipment was reserved for.

ho rod

The One Where I Never Have To DK Again

So the reason for the title of this post is because I have been slowly leveling up a Death Knight for the purpose of mining ore for my main to use for transmuting. Obviously I chose a DK because you get to skip ahead 55 levels. I made her a Night Elf so I could have pink hair. These things are important. Months ago I had worked pretty steadily at getting her into Pandaria so I could get my grubby hands on ghost iron ore. But then I got lazy with her and my leveling slowed way down. Finally I realized I could gather more ore quicker if I’d just buckle down and get to level 90 so I could fly in the new zones. Last night was the magic moment. I finally hit 90 AND I got the Dynamic Duo achievement – which I didn’t even realize existed until last night. I mean, I already had two level 90 characters so I didn’t realize. Obviously the other two level 90s are both the same class so of course I didn’t get the achievement previously.


But the point is, now I don’t ever have to DK again. I can just fly around and gather ore and cut jewels. Though to be honest, I may at some point decide to do more with her. I started off hating melee fighting. I like to stand back and throw things from a distance so I can see more of what’s going on instead of having my face in someone’s crotch all the time. But I will admit after actually running a few dungeons on her to make 88 – 90 go by faster, I got to where I kind of liked my face in someone’s crotch. Errr… wait… you know what I mean. So maybe one day I will decide to do more end-game stuff with her. But for now it is time to work on another lowbie alt. I think I’ll start on my baby Shaman.

In other good news, being done leveling and getting new gear constantly meant I could finally assemble the transmog outfit I gathered while questing in the Outlands. It’s red … SURPRISE!


My New Favorite Thing

I’ve been mounting a lot of things lately but I have one more screenshot I just had to share. It’s no secret that red is my favorite color so of course I’ve been lusting after the Ruby Panther for the longest time now. Thanks to my dear friend, Grace, I now have one of my very own. The poor dear sent it to me from a toon she doesn’t even play anymore after farming all the mats and making it specifically for me. She doesn’t even own one herself. This is on top of the Sapphire Cub and Jade Owl pets she had previously sent me. All without taking any money or mats from me. Isn’t that ridiculous???? Seriously, she’s so freaking amazing; I don’t deserve her. But you better believe I’m keeping all the shit she sends me.

Thanks, Grace. For the pets, the mount and the friendship. And thanks also to our friend More, who entertains Grace and I in vent and in game. He actually spoiled me with a Cinder Kitty several months back. You guys rock! Your generosity and the fun we have ALMOST makes up for the fact that you’re filthy hordies. ALMOST.

ruby panther

The One Where I Mount Multiple Things

Wait, maybe that came out wrong. Oh well. It really happened. Since mentioning how I wasn’t yet exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpents the other day, I decided to buckle down and do those dailies every day I logged in until I finished that rep. 3 days worth of quests and a few random onyx eggs and I finally got my very own Cloud Serpent. I immediately mounted it. That’s 1. Then I ran over to the quartermaster and bought the other two colors of Cloud Serpents and I mounted them too. That’s 2 and 3. Here’s a picture of me and the happy serpent I raised from a baby with my own hands (even though I neglected him for months at a time).

my serpent

I had also been recently working on finishing all the Lorewalker stuff and I knew I only had like 3 scrolls left to find so I tabbed out to WoWhead, looked up the coordinates of the ones I was missing and took off to finish that up and get my Red Flying Cloud. A few short minutes later, I finally hit exalted with The Lorewalkers and purchased another mount. I immediately mounted it. That’s 4.

flying cloud

As you can see, I got very busy last night. I mean was very busy. I mean …. nevermind.

Sidenote: I love screenshots and when I know that I will be getting an achievement I usually get the camera adjusted and get the scene all prettied so I’ll get a great screenshot when the achievement pops. Unfortunately, for the achievements I got last night (Note: The Lorewalkers exalted also caused me to get 30 exalted reputations), I took the time to set up the shots and then got photobombed both times. Sigh.

cloud serpent


The One Where I Finally Got My Crawdad

Mr Pinchy

Last Friday morning as I was derping around in game, two of my guildies asked me if I would join them for a Heroic Scenario. I hadn’t ran one yet because, as usual, I was convinced I would fail. But there was no one else logged in and they were willing to drag me along so I let them. I died once because I didn’t move out of bad fast enough, but other than that I don’t think I dragged them down too much. Luckily I had the quest to complete a heroic scenario in my quest log so as soon as we finished it, I got to go turn it in and get some 517 shoulders. Woot. Plus, we all looked really cute as goblins.

Now that I had new shoulders, I needed to enchant them and once again my guildies were there for me and I was immediately sent the enchant I needed. Being in a great guild makes all the difference, I tell ya. I tried to insist on paying and was denied, but I finally got him to admit he would allow me to send him some Outland herbs to help him level up an alt in alchemy. Me being me, I immediately went to the Outlands and started flying around all the zones picking up all the herbs. While in Terrokar Forest I decided to stop and fish from the Highland Mixed schools of fish for a few minutes because I had never gotten the Magical Crawdad box from Mr. Pinchy. In fact, I believe I had only caught Mr. Pinchy once in all my years and he didn’t give me no damn crawdad. But lo and behold, in less than 5 minutes I had fished up a Mr. Pinchy. My first use was just the health increase blessing. Then I had to wait 4 hours to make another wish. I finished up gathering herbs and mailed them to my guildie, then I logged out and took a nap. Obviously, when I logged back in later, I got my Magical Crawdad. It was a damn good day.

yay guildies

goblin elfi