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Showing Some DK Love for Death Knight Week

Laeleiweyn, from World of Lae, recently came up with the brilliant idea of everyone showing their alts some appreciation by showing some love to the classes 1 week at a time for the next 11 weeks. She has kicked it off with Death Knight week and since I have a level 90 Night Elf DK that I love, I am happy to participate.

The story of my Death Knight, Morrissa, began with the color pink. I really wanted a toon with pink hair but I just couldn’t get into the few gnomes I rolled and I always ended up deleting them. Night Elf’s are my favorite race on the Alliance side so I finally decided to roll a Death Knight just for the purpose of having a Night Elf with pretty pink hair. Originally I had intended to use her simply as a bank mule and to gather herbs and ore for some extra money, which I did for a month or two. But not too long after MoP released I decided I needed to be able to get my hands on Ghost Iron Ore and Golden Lotus to make even more money, so I started slowly leveling her as a side project.

I didn’t have a lot of love for Morrissa for a long time because most of my in-game time had been spent on my druid either healing or doing Boomkin dps and this made me hate the thought of melee. I had no desire to stand right in front of a mob and let it beat on me the entire time I was beating on it; I liked the long distance spell casting type of play. But even though I didn’t enjoy melee, it was hard to ignore how quickly I could kill shit while I was questing my way slowly up the levels. Then one day, I won a contest and received a Swift Windsteed mount as my prize. A few days after I got the mount I logged into Morrissa and decided to take her for a spin on it and somehow it just seemed to fit her perfectly. The Swift Windsteed became my mount of choice for my little DK while she made her way through the Outlands and amazingly enough it somehow triggered me to start enjoying her a bit more and spending more time with her. So I started leveling a bit faster.

Morrissa Mount

I had decided when I first started leveling her that I would not do any instances or scenarios because I’m such a noob at melee it would be ridiculous. But by the time I got her to Pandaria I really started itching to hit 90 as fast as possible so I did actually take her through some lfd runs. Turns out DK’s are good even if the person behind the keyboard is not. Lol. She’s Frost 2H spec, btw. I chose that spec based off of Twitter advice and I’m very happy I did. But finally I hit 90 and Morrissa is very happily serving as a farming toon for me; complete with an appropriate title. Every day I login to the game, I spend at least a few minutes with her. She’s not only great at supplying ghost iron ore to Elfindale for the making of living steel ….

Farmer Morrissa

…. she’s outstanding in her field.

Farmer Morrissa field

The One Where It’s Overtime Season At Work Again

It’s that time of year where things at work have gotten out of control again, so my greedy ass has been volunteering for overtime to get some extra money. Which means not only is my time in game somewhat limited, my brain power and energy are limited too. This results in me doing even less of the important things I didn’t do before. However, I am off work all next week on vacation and although I won’t be home every day, I am certainly hoping to spend a day or two doing some LFR or something equally exciting. Do not fret, of course I will share any mundane cool details.

In the meantime, you get to see my latest exciting (not) achievement wherein I ate 91 chocolate cookies. Followed by a fascinating look at the mossy boulder being removed from my DK alt’s farm. Please, try to contain yourselves.



IntPiPoMo 2012: Day 21 – Bad Sign

You never want to see this when plowing your fields.

IntPiPoMo 2012: Day 13 – The Terrible Turnip

YES! My horde alt managed to get lucky and harvested herself a Terrible Turnip pet. I love him so much.

IntPiPoMo 2012 Day 6: Random Pretty

This is a view of the Shrine of Seven Stars, the main Alliance hub on the continent of Pandaria. My hearth is set here because I like to pretend I live in the center of all Alliance activity and do important things and hang with important people. In reality, I spend most of my nights in Halfhill … because I’m out standing in my field.

Bahahaha. I am my biggest fan. True story.

The One Where … Hold On, Time To Circle The Heartland

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I want to do differently this expansion is try and stay as current as (casually) possible with content. This means actually memorizing dungeons and heroics by repeatedly running them and even getting a look at raids when I get the chance. Since I leveled to 90 fairly quickly and started doing the Golden Lotus dailies pretty steadily the first several days afterwards, you’d think I’d be well on my way to making some progress towards this goal. You would be wrong. Instead, I spend hours a day like this:

Why? Because about 2 weeks ago, after doing my Golden Lotus dailies and planting my 4 crops, I was flying around gathering herbs to sell and discovered Dark Soil. My life has not been the same since. Hello, my name is Elfi and I am addicted to Dark Soil. I don’t know what it is about these random, EVIL piles of dirt that allowed them to dig their way right into the mostly tiny spot of OCD I possess, but they arrived there quickly and entrenched themselves firmly. I simply cannot NOT look for them. Some nights I find several dozen, some nights I only find a few. Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck; some nights I call it a draw. Okay, you can ignore that last sentence. I was just having some FUN.

Yes, they are useful in helping me increase my friendships with some of the Tiller members so it’s not like it’s a total waste of time to search for Dark Soil. If you find one and manage to loot it before another player finds it and loots it (I was so excited the first night I found 2 or 3 spawns in a matter of minutes, I paused next to one and whispered one of my friends to share the news of my good fortune. The 10 seconds it took me to type the sentence was just enough time for another player to land beside my dirt pile and grab the loot for himself. Sad face.) then you get a gift which you can present to one of the Tiller members to gain friendship with them. There are achievements for gaining Best Friend status with any one member and an achievement for gaining Best Friend status with all 10 members. Once you become Best Friends, there are rewards to be had. For an excellent guide to the Tillers Farming in general, as well as more information about gaining friendships with these 10 members, their locations, and subsequent rewards, I recommend using the Tillers Farming guide from El’s Extreme Anglin’. The stuff related to Dark Soil gifts is located a little over halfway down the page under the header Tillers Friendship. I’m nearly to Good Friend with 5 of them just from giving them the gifts I have been finding. Once I get those 5 convinced to be my Best Friend, I will start giving gifts to the other five.

My concern is, once I have all 10 members convinced that I’m their Best Friend will I be able to give up looking for Dark Soil? The gifts you loot are soulbound, so they cannot be traded or sold. And if I don’t need to turn them in to anyone any longer then there’s no point in getting them. But there is something so satisfying to me about finding these stupid dirt piles. I can’t explain it. They don’t appear on your mini-map (though a gathering add-on will continue to show you where you have found one before so you can see the general areas to search), they don’t sparkle or make themselves noticeable in any way. They just randomly appear; under buildings, next to rocks, in the shadow of giant carrots. I guess it’s the thrill of the hunt. I imagine it’s probably the same sort of way hunters feel about deer season. You have to be alert, carefully scanning your surroundings, watching other hunters in the area to make sure you find the elusive prey before they do. Strike quickly (druid flight-form looting ftw), get your loot and move on in search of the next one. It’s a game within a game within a game to me. I love it. I hate that I love it. I am sort of hoping after all 10 members are at Best Friend status some sort of phasing takes place so I no longer even see Dark Soil spawn. Then maybe I’ll get back to the business of seeing all the content.

For reference, here’s a picture of the evil: